Best Dungeons and Dragons Classes

Ever wanted to know which classes are the best to play in D&D?
The Top Ten
1 Rogue

Heres what its like being a rogue.

Rogue-stab the evil,greedy king.
DM-a level 100 royal guard charges at you.
DM-he calls every soldier in the city bonderies.
Rogue- I just need to sneak past them.
DM-10,000 more level 100 royal gaurds surround you. Theres no escape.
royal gaurd- Use greatsword.
DM-you have died.
Rogue- This game is impossible.

Rouge: *hits a boss* Now I roll to use my hide ability
DM: Roll stealth
Rogue: *rolls a nat 20 with +15 modifiers* 35!
DM: So you stab the Giant Barbarian in the stomach and then just vanish from exsistance

2 Bard

Heres what its like being a bard.

Bard- Start the ritual of the stars.
DM-are you sure. enemies are nearby and it takes an hour to complete.
Bard-I'm sure.
Dm-5 minutes pass than a trio of hellhounds spot you.
Bard- Spears shooting from ground spell.
Hell hounds-Dodge and bite bards face off.
DM-you have died.
Bard- hellhound can't use dodge!
DM-Mayne you forgot the recent update.
Bard-*throws computer on ground*

Fighter: I use my combat prowess to overpower my enemies.

Wizard: I tap into the untold power of magic to leave a trail of corpses on the battlefield.

Rogue: My stealth makes me unbeatable in a one-on-one.

Bard: Hey guys, I can shoot fireballs from my bongos!

3 Wizard

Heres what Its like being a waizard.

Wizard-shoot fireball at zombie.
DM-The hot and bright fireball attracts 25 more zombies.
Wizard-Earthquake spell. That was easy.
DM- The loud earthquake lets a sinister demilich no where you are.
Demilich-spell of ultimate destruction.
DM-you have died
Wizard-What the heck!

It is not so great at the beginning but soon you gain the most powerful spells which do not even specifically deal damage the best class because of it's wide control powers.

The spells are really helpful... assuming they don't backfire on you or your team

4 Cleric

Here is what its like being a cleric.

DM-evil water elementals are approuching the remote temple.
Cleric- Use summon demi-god.
Dm- a couple of water elementals approach.
Demi-god- use forcefield.
DM-The water elemantals turn into gas and float over the forcefield.
Water elementals-Use drown on cleric and demi-god.
DM-you have died.
Cleric- Aww, shucks.

Oh yeah I'm just a weak healer. I made my own armor and I pray to Regulus. I can one shot almost everything and can endlessly heal my party. Now come get me

Never played as one, but they can save multiple NPCs and PCs from dying in the same round. They need more respect for their hard work.

5 Warlock
6 Paladin

Heres what its like to be a paladin.

Paladin- Use shortsword on evil druid.
Evil druid-Multiply myself by 100,000,000,000. *dies*.
DM- 100,000,000,000 evil druid appear.
Evil druids-Use lightning.
Paladin-use temporary lightning protection.
DM- Temporary lightning protection will not defend against 100,000,000,000 lightning bolts. You have died.
Paladin- I think we should get rid of the multiplication spell.

Oh you want to kill my wizard? Try to hit past my 26 armor class before I deal 40+ damage to you.

If you level up enough, you can bring back the dead with this class.

7 Druid

The wild shape feature is the main thing I like about this class.

8 Sorcerer

Wizard but stronger, with less spells. Also, wild magic creates fun situations to roleplay.

9 Ranger

Heres what its like being a ranger.

Ranger- shoot arrow through skelotons head
Dm- a couple hours later a skeloton master appears examining the skeloton who has been defeated.
Skeloton master- use find all lifeforms.
Dm- The skeloton master sees you.
Ranger-Shoot arrow at skeloton master.
Skeloton master- Disinagrate ranger and magic sheild spell.
DM-you have died
ranger- how do you beat the skeloton master.

10 Fighter

Heres what its like being a fighter.

Fighter- slice dragonet sneakily.
DM-the dragonet shreiks. elerting a nearby ancient dragon.
Ancient dragon- rips fighters head off.
Dm-You have died (faster than I thought too).

The Contenders
11 Warlord
12 Samurai
13 Monk
14 Juggernaut

You get a maxed composite suit of armor that protects against almost anything. If that is not awesome I do not know what is.

15 Engineer

Got the ability to develop advanced technologies.

16 General
17 Barbarian
18 Assassin
19 Gunslinger
20 Mercenary

Best weapons money can buy. Also professional and rich.

21 Psion
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