Best Characters to Play as in Castle Crashers

These are the best characters to play as in my new favorite game, Castle Crashers.
The Top Ten
1 The Industrialist

This is another great character. His magic is a sure-fire way to kill bosses. His saws are amazing and they are extremely reliable. You can't go wrong with the industrialist.

He is by far the best (along with the lancer because they have the same magic) because his magic saws are insane for juggling and destroying bosses within seconds, makes insane mode incredibly easy

Yes! This is why my sister has another save that's just all blue knight.

2 The Blue (Ice) Knight

Highly underestimated, this is by far the best knight. A LOT of people may disagree, but with the Xbox combo of X, X, X, Y, you are unstoppable. You do a fair amount of damage as the knight, and you can keep your enemies frozen long enough to wipe 'em out. This knight is very reliable in insane mode, because of its ability to freeze others.

3 The Red (Electric) Knight

There are few downsides to this shockingly powerful knight. The Y magic attack only runs out when your magic bar runs out, and the magic does lots of damage too. The only downside is that you can get attacked from behind while using your magic, and eventually will become less powerful on insane.

Oh wow. Even with red knight's huge boss disadvantage, he is ranked high. Good thing I play as red knight… with a good boss fighter to help me.

4 The Green (Poison) Knight

Although the attacks are weak, the poison is a great way to take down the weaker enemies with much ease. The damage over time is key to fighting large groups, and the poisonous explosion of RT and Y is extremely useful to fighting crowds of enemies.

5 The Wind Bear

He is very useful, especially for fighting hard bosses. His wind magic can escape hard attacks while damaging foes in the process. Definitely deserves a spot on the top 10.

Very useful for escaping close calls on insane mode of you have low agility and helps with juggling. Highly recommend this character

I play as red knight. I looked at the wiki, and I was like "I need the bear, NOW" so I have a goal to get it.

6 The Necromancer

His magic is by far, one of the best, and his undead skills are amazing. Hands gripping enemy feet, suicidal skeletons sprinting to foes, who doesn't think that is awesome?

He's Air Projectile and Magic Projectile when full Magic, can do an explosive damage!

7 The King

A very reliable character, The King can heal himself and others. He is very helpful in multiplayer, especially when fighting bosses.

8 The Pink (Love) Knight

Pink should be higher up! My sister got to level 30 VERY quickly using pink knight. When I play as a weak character(for fun) Pink knight is always the best to have as my companion.

He is a very joyful person who spreads love, rainbows, and peace all around, but is always ready to kick your butt.

9 The Orange (Fire) Knight

Probably the most overrated knight in the game, he is alright. I felt that I would get to much hate if I didn't put him on the top 10. Still, I wonder if he even belongs on the top 20... Anyway, his magic isn't very good, it just burns them, not much else, and he isn't a overall good character to play as. Everyone I know who has played it says so. I hope this doesn't get too much hate, but yes, we all have to agree on that he is a very overrated character, hands-down.

10 The Blacksmith

Very helpful, he does good damage and is great on multiplayer or singleplayer. Besides, who doesn't like flaming hammers crashing upon opponents, am I right?

The Contenders
11 Cult Minion

The Cult minion's starting weapon, the glowstick is extremely helpful because it really ups your magic. Also, he serves the evil wizard and will do any of his commands, even if it means kicking somebody's butt for his own risk.He also has the same magic as the skeleton and he is offenly mistaken for the evil wizard.

He is resistant to fire/poison/ice/electric damage. He is extremely good for pvp.

My best character! He is fun and good for levelling!

12 Ninja

The Ninja is an extremely helpful character, it has one of the best splash attacks in the game and is great for both bosses and normal enemies. The Ninja has a splash attack which hits enemies extremely fast and I think it is an awesome character!

A good bosslayer, and extra points for being able to block hits using a coffee cup.

13 Hatty Hattington

Hatty might not be a very good character in the game, but he is very useful because of three words: MAKE IT RAIN!

14 Barbarian

Really good overall

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