Top 10 Best Electronic Arts Games

Known to most by its two-letter moniker, EA, this gaming giant has been producing top-tier video games since the early 80s. With a catalog that spans across multiple platforms and genres, EA's influence on the gaming industry is undeniably massive.

From the adrenaline-packed action of Battlefield to the virtual life adventures in The Sims, EA's repertoire covers a wide array of gaming experiences. Whether you're tearing up the turf in FIFA or ruling an empire in Command & Conquer, these games have a knack for making hours feel like minutes. EA has continually pushed the boundaries of gaming, delivering immersive worlds, engaging storylines, and innovative gameplay that keeps us coming back for more.

But now, we're on a mission to decide the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the creme de la creme of EA's extensive library. And who better to make that decision than you, the gamers who've spent countless hours immersed in these virtual worlds?

This is your opportunity to vote for your favorite Electronic Arts games—the ones that gave you goosebumps, made you punch the air in victory, or perhaps even brought a tear to your eye. The power is in your hands to determine which games rise to the top of this list.

Maybe it's a classic that stole your heart years ago, or a recent release that's captured your imagination. Whatever your choices, it's time to show some love for the EA games that have provided you with unforgettable gaming experiences.
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1 Mass Effect 2

This games has awesome characters and storyline. It is like a movie but better because you choose how it goes and your actions have consequences on the game

2 Mass Effect 3
3 Dead Space
4 Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

Best street racing game there is. I love the idea of the Blacklist. It is very clever. Overall the game was really fun.

This is my Favorite, but it would be perfect if Crysis was ranked in top five.

Playing still from a long time..

5 Mass Effect
6 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
7 Battlefield 3

One of the best Battlefield games.

8 Titanfall 2

Titanfall 1 > Titanfall 2.
Titanfall 1 made me cry in the ONLINE CAMPAIGN. Titanfall 2, on the other hand, literally made me feel good about every kill...
Titanfall 1 also had good spectres and you could play as the IMC.

9 Battlefield 1

BEST GAME EVER tons of guns, skins, and vehicles to make you and your friends feel like a one-man army.

10 Dragon Age II
The Contenders
11 Dragon Age: Inquisition
12 The Sims 2

How isn't this game higher up? The sims had such a personality. I estimate I have used half a year playing this game

I Really want a family game to win this and the gba version of this game rocks!

13 Crysis

Honestly an underrated gem that'll leave you asking where Crysis went.

I'm surprised this is on 17 and not in the top 5. This is easily the best game EA has ever made!

14 Dragon Age: Origins

Bioware's crown jewel, and probably the best RPG of its decade. Eons above its sequels.

15 Mirror's Edge
16 The Sims 3

In my opinion, The Sims 3 is the best life simulation and probably best open world game. Not because I play it a lot, but because of the content it has: open world, Create-A-Style, cool expansion packs, and overall, no limitations!

The music and such is just so great. So much to explore. The expansion packs destroyed it a little, but else it's such a great game

17 Skate 3
18 SimCity 4

Amazing background music and fun building your own cities. You can even control the geography of your city region.

And it's the perfect city-building game with mods installed! I hope there's a 3D version of this!

Very fun! Great background music too!

19 Star Wars: Battlefront

I know it's not out, but I bet it will be good.

20 The Sims 4
21 Bulletstorm
22 A Way Out
23 FIFA 11
24 Need for Speed: Underground 2
25 Dead Space 2
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