Top 10 Problems With Minecraft Story Mode

A list of the Top 10 problems with Minecraft Story Mode. Just so you know this is based on my opinion.
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1 The game isn't finished

For every chapter it costs more than the game Minecraft itself

You have to do this buy each episode

Why did they only make the first one free?! MAKE THE WHOLE THING FREE! I can’t buy the other episodes!

2 It doesn't feel like a Minecraft game

As much as I agree that there is so much wrong with this series. (Cringy plot line, predictability, glitches, Jesse being a Mary Sue, getting no backstory for anybody, bad language, etc. etc.) In the end, we all have our opinions. And there are things to like about it such as a gorgeous atmosphere that's just soothing, and I think Petra is best girl cause she's the only one with an actual completed arc, don't @ me. For me though, it's god awful, but it's at least hilariously awful. I just have so much fun laughing at glitches and pieces of dialogue and just having a good time laughing at how bad it is. Either way, the thing is, it had the potential to be a great series. The idea of creating a story in this beautiful world is already a compelling idea. I wouldn't mind if the series got sold by another company that wanted to remake it, as long as it's not Disney because they obviously don't know how to rewrite scripts. Who knows? My hope is that one day someone will step up to unleash ...more

Its more like beyond 2 souls, Mostly choices with the not so likely roam

First person is interesting but honestly it'd be the same dang thing as the original game.

At least it has a story.

3 Reuben dies

I Know How To Bring Him Back. First That Healing Thing In Episode One JUST DON'T THROW IT! Then When He Falls Out... The Game Will Give You A Option To Revive Him And Then Happy :D

Why would they let the cutest character die

I cried when it happened for 15 min and I was 9.

This game is evil, it made children cry

4 The characters are stupid

Can we just agree the game would have been better if we let smashbits make it. That way Jesse would be a sarcastic jerk who hates his friends and is actually funny.

Not really but every Minecraft thing has to involve Steve, Alex, and Herobrine (don't even get me started on 'the incident') and actually the characters are really like able.

I only like Lukas, Ivor and Jesse. Olivia and Axel are annoying and Petra is literally the worst character. Which sucks because the story forces you to interact with her when I'd rather not.

The characters are epic. Sure, Axel, Olivia and Lukas could have been better. But the order of the stone (including Ivor) are epic characters! Petra and Ruben are cool characets as well

5 The camera angles are just terrible

Really? Any examples please? No.

6 The puzzles are so easy

God, the puzzle with the switches at the end of episode 1 took me quite a while to figure out. In episode 2, if you go to redstoina, it does take a little working out if your gonna craft a repeater. Still waiting for the next episodes cause it seems like there's only 1 major puzzle in each chapter.

I haven't played but I watched youtube I think the temple puzzle is the hardest puzzle minus killing the witherstorm

7 The controls are completely broken

Episode 4 - at the beginning! Locks up by the fourth command.

8 Inappropriate language

OH WOW! Crap is a swear word ohmygosh yeah suck, damn, hell, freaking, and screw are such bad words omg! Jeez, everyone here is such a snowflake 🙄

It is bad for little kids

It’s not that bad.

I like how people are complaining about the swearing but are also complaining that it is targeted for kids

9 The game is targeted for younger kids

For gods sake, it says "crap" and "What the hell" a lot. I know some of the story s a little kiddish, but that was the beginning of episode 1. The end of episode 3, the wither storm is scarier than ever, Magnus/Ellegard dies and its creepy how gabriel/Petra (When you find that they are alive) look like a zombie and can't remember who they are. Still 2 more episodes...

Yeah they say crap and hell and the witherstorm could scare the life out of some kids. When gabriel/ petra comes out of it, they do look like zombies and have amnesia, and little kids would most likely not get it, so I dissagree

It says crap, hell, and curse words a lot. I don't know what the creator of this was thinking.

Ok, its says stupid, crap, damn and hell
Magnus/Ellegard dies
Gabriel/Petra look like a zombie

10 The game gets repetitive and really boring

How is it repetitive?

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11 Petra and Jesse should be together

I love Jetra as much as anyone, but I don't deny that the shipping of characters gets way out of hand. I'm not saying it's bad, but not everybody has to be shipped with each other, and it distracts from other elements like the horrible writing. The reason I love Jetra though is not just because it's cute, but I think their dynamic was the one well written sub plot in the series that actually has a beginning and end. If anybody says that 'it was a bad sub plot' or 'there's nothing to support them, a lot of people showed how that's really not true. Even if it wasn't romantic tension, the bond between Jesse and Petra has been stated over and over again on two adventurers who want attention and fame, one is a fanboy hero wannabe who's way over his head, and the other is an antisocial worker who spends her entire time helping others and lecturing them into becoming her idealized world so much that she lacks identity of her own. The two balance off each other beautifully, and aside from ...more

You know for people who chose the female Jesse, that would mean they would be gay. No offense to people who are gay, I completely respect your opinion.

Jetra is the best

No. Please not.

12 People shipping characters

Only one I agree with.

What? Jetra 4 life person here. Axlivia 4 life here too. Jetra is love. Jetra is life.

13 The first chapter is really short

Um... look on the Xbox achievements guide. episode 1 is at least half an hour longer than episode 2

I think it's too short

14 No Steve

Steve is one of the best video game characters and yet, the just put mr Jessi

Yeah you don't get to play as Steve in the game.

Steve should be in an episode of season 2

Idiot steve sucks

15 The giant boss

Yah it is easy

16 Crafting isn't used much in the game

Stop ragging on this game! Sure there's one or two problems, but jeez

17 Everyone is dying

Not that many important characters die.

18 Episode 3 is better than Episode 2

They both have their good and bad parts.

Episode 2: If you choose Boomtown, the WHOLE of that is fun and enjoyable. But Redstonia is a little boring since it is mainly puzzles. And the boss battle with Ivor at the end is EPIC!

Episode 3: Most of it wasn't too good. The beginning was alright, when your in the mob grinder. The middle of the episode when your in the end and other parts of Soren's lair are quite boring. But the end COMPLETELY makes up 4 it. The wither storm battle is epic, when you craft the Formidi-Bomb and blow it up. It is also cool when you find out that gabriel/Petra is alive.

I disagree, I thought Episode 3 was boring and the puzzles were pretty annoying, Episode 2 was in my opinion pretty fun, though not as good as other chapters.

The only episode that sucked was 4 (ending part)
Episode 1: 8.7/10
Episode 2: 10/10
Episode 3: 9.5/10
Episode 4: 6.1/10 (RIP Reuben you are going to be remembered :'-( )

Thanks an opinion and what’s wrong with that? Oh no! I like this more than that! Let’s hate on it! Mcsm for life.

19 They use the same music over and over again

Same as regular minecraft

20 It's boring

I agree, it gets super boring after awhile. People on YouTube pay to get Story Mode earlier. BadBoiDrummer, I think that you are just a critic. Inappropriate language is stuff like "crap" and stuff. I agree with you, but don't make it sound menacing. It's not 25$$ or whatever, buy it on! People viewing this, at least play it.

Yeah seriously. This category is already on here as "The game gets repetitive and really boring". What part of "My opinions" don't you understand. He's played the game, he knows what it's like.

[A message for the comment below] He is not a critic, this is all based on his opinion. He is just doing his thing on what it's like playing this game.


21 It is not a video game. It's an interactive movie.

There is literally no gameplay involved. it's all just quick time events and easy puzzles

I bought it for my kid, whose 7, thinking it would be a challenge for him! And what the hell! It is just a movie with a kind of “choose your own adventure “ theme! Hated it! And my kid also!

22 The sounds aren't matching up with the pictures and doesn't even play
23 The writing

I actually do like Story Mode. But that's just because it's fun for be to point out the bad stuff. I actually think there are good stuff as well like the atmosphere and the scenery, some designs, I personally think Lukas Reuben and Petra are the best characters, and Jesse while Mary Sue does improve by the second season. Not to mention I think Petra is da best and I love her chemistry with Jesse, (yes, I am a Jetra shipper, leave me alone. That does not mean I approve of the immature sexual fanfiction for these two) it's probably the best written arc in the series. But while I can have a lot of fun remembering this and consider it a guilty pleasure of mine, it is still not a good game series.

Writing is my biggest issue, even though I could place this essay anywhere. It does absolutely nothing new to it's script or story to be engaging for most people. They even go out of their way to reference everything as proof that this is unoriginal.

There are several glitches in ...more

24 The Android edition breaks when you try to download an episode

That really sucks

25 The story is lazy
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