Top 10 Worst Types of Super Mario Maker Levels

Well, there's a list for the best. Now it's time for a list of the worst. There are a lot of shitty levels out there in the Super Mario Maker servers, and here they are. Also, yes, you can skip them, but still.
The Top Ten
1 (Japanese Title) (Can Be Found on Mario Maker Level Leaderboards)

This level is currently rated #1 on the leaderboards, but there was no effort put into this level. It's just a 2 block gap with the flagpole on the other side, and a bunch of stuff put into a box with springs! This just shows people have no taste in starring levels and can't tell a good level from a hole in the ground.

2 Auto-Mario Levels

Lame, boring, and unoriginal. And over half of the levels in the leaderboards is this kind of stupid level. It was once fun to look at the first few times. Now it's just overused.

These things make the 100 Mario Challenge expert mode, the opposite of what it is.

Some of these are really creative. Why this is higher then enemy spam or star begger levels?

3 "Underwater Spike" Levels

These are incredibly obnoxious! You have to do precise swimming or you die, and if you take this farther to a maze, please die.

They are very annoying!

4 "Doors that Kill You" Levels

Invisible blocks are even worse.

And pipes that kill you.

I Voted this one

5 "Enemy Spam" Levels

These are probably 20% of the easy and normal mode levels. Even Nintendo makes these crappy levels. If you want an idea of what I'm talking about, look at Cat Peach's Course in the Event Courses.

These are everywhere

6 Levels with "PLZ", "Please", or "PLS Star" in the Title or End of the Level

This is honestly slightly annoying. The only time I see that this is okay is if this is a parody level. If you want stars, then make a good level!

I can't stand it when people beg for stars. Can not stand it.

Most of these are nooby and should be deleted. Don't beg for stars, earn it!

7 Levels that Use Way Too Much SFX

SFX is kinda like salt. Add too much, and it's too salty. Add none, and often it's not quite as good. It's a fine balance, and a difficult one to get right.

Some of these are annoying, hurt your ears after hearing too much of them, etc. They are typically auto-Mario, though.

Levels like this make my ears bleed.

8 Levels Where You Just Walk to the Flagpole

This is mostly on Easy mode.

Are you even trying?

9 Amiibo Collections
10 Levels with Too Many Lakitus

I guess this is like the enemy spam levels, but with 10,000,000 Lakitus raining down hell on you. Some just have them throw power-ups, but they're still stupid.

The Contenders
11 Troll Levels

Actually Good Troll Levels have their rules, and are NOT the hot garbage, soft lock filled things that are sometimes considered troll levels. If you want to make a good, and legitimately funny troll level, then go check out defenders troll guide called trolling for dummies! (You'll find the link on the bottom of the Troll Level page in the "Kaizo Mario Maker Wiki")

I like them. They're often funny if done well. If not, then can it be considered a troll level? I mean, humor is one of the key things in a troll level. They are enjoyable to a certain type of person, like Carl or Juz, etc.

Troll levels are fun when you have your siblings or friends play it. But when they upload it to torture you, they can die in a hole.

This trend has to die. It was fun the first couple of times.

12 Copies of Real Mario Levels

I actually like them because think about it, what if you can't afford Mario bros or any of the games listed? Just play a copy of the level, simple!

They're Mario, so at least they're not terrible, but they're not original!

I like levels that FEEL like they belong in a Mario game, though.

13 Levels Where You are Forced to Kill Yoshi
14 Levels that Only the Creator Knows How to Finish

Needless to say, they're pretty bad.

15 Courses Where You Die Instantly

Well, if you die instantly, you'll die over and over and over, which will make you frustrated!

They're pretty bad.

16 Kaizo Levels

There to hard...

17 Actually Impossible Levels with Glitches
18 Luck-Based Levels

These are beyond infuriating, especially in 100MC. They can take loads of lives, and there's nothing you can do about it!

19 Story Levels

These can be really fun if done well, though they often need some imagination.

Lame. I play Mario Maker to play levels with actual skill involved, not this!

The only Story I like is Goomba Story. Goomba Story takes real talent and is just plain awesome

20 Star Runners
21 Levels Where They Turn You Into a Spring and Make You Enter a Box Full of Springs

It's impossible to see yourself, and you usually can't skip them because you're in the air.

These can be pretty annoying. Getting over it levels are still worse though.

These levels make me skip the next five levels after them too out of frustration

22 "Pick-A-Path" Levels

I hate these types of levels. They're one of the biggest signs of a hot garbage level. They're boring, tedious, and have no effort put into them. It makes me appreciate when I get an actual good level in a Super Expert run.

23 “Getting Over It” Levels

Like the game they took inspiration from, they are incredibly rage inducing. However, for a really good one, they should be consistent, as one of the things Bennett Foddy did in the original Getting Over It was make it so that the obstacles never change. This means that as players become more used to the level, it will become easier to get past previous sections.

24 Theme/Cantina Type Levels

You mean music levels?

These can be fun.

25 Mazes
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