Top Ten Best Fallout Series Quests

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1 Tranquility Lane (Fallout 3)

This quest not only shows how great of a series Fallout is but how creative the writers at Bethesda are. This quest is bizarre but well written and interesting, fun and enjoyable. To sum it up, it's the perfect Fallout quest. When I look back at Fallout 3 I will remember why I speak so highly of it is because of this quest and it will always remain at number one.

2 Come Fly With Me (Fallout NV)

This quest is just insane. The characters are so awesome I love the plot and story and the rocket launch is one of my favorite moments in the series. This is New Vegas at its finest.

3 Oasis (Fallout 3)

Fallout 3 is not only my favorite Fallout game but my favorite game of all time and this is a perfect example of how great this game is. Now Harold is without a doubt my favorite character in the series and this quest take a great character and gives him a great quest. This quest will always be a constant reminder of why I think Fallout 3 is the best game ever.

4 Power Of The Atom (Fallout 3)

Now this is probably the first side quest that you completed in Fallout 3 and you can tell from this one quest that this game will go down in the history books. No matter what you do in this quest you will always enjoy it and this quest paved the way for all other future quests to come.

5 The Replicated Man (Fallout 3)

Their is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the longest quests in the series. The quest is exactly like a job that a detective would be doing. This quest take a long time to complete but the pay off is worth it and shows how inovative Bethesdas writes can get.

6 The Superhuman Gambit (Fallout 3)

This is just something else. This is the most bizarre out of the box quest in any video ever. This quest is so fun and so interesting it's impossible not to have a good time

7 Last Voyage of the U.S.S Constitution (Fallout 4)

This is just a great quest and I know a lot of people would rank this higher but I have my reasons for ranking it down here. This quest is just like ever other Fallout quest, it's an experience. Now I ranked it down here because I thought I was very similar to Come Fly With Me, but that doesn't take anything away from this quest I still love it all the same and I highly recommend it.

8 I Forgot to Remember to Forget (Fallout NV)

Now I know a lot of people put Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog or For Auld Lang Syne here but I think this is a much better quest. It was really hard for my weather to chose this one or One For My Baby but I choose this one because I find it slightly better. Now I can't really say what this quest is about but I highly recommend it.

9 Those (Fallout 3)

Now you'll probably get this quest pretty early on in the game and this is another great example about how an early quest can set the stage for all those to follow. I just want to warn you guys to bring fire resistant stuff and a high damage weapon

10 The American Dream (Fallout 3)

This my be an odd choice to see this high on this list but I think it's one of the more overlooked quests. This quest really tests your abilities on what you've learn in the wasteland so be ready.

The Contenders
11 Reilly's Rangers (Fallout 3)
12 That Old Lucky Sun (Fallout NV)
13 All My Friends Have Switches (Fallout NV: Old World Blues)
14 Trouble at the Homefront (Fallout 3)
15 You Gotta Shoot em in the Head (Fallout 3)

This is a very underrated quest yet is one of my favorites in the series. I'm not going to spoil the quest but it's got one of the best quest rewards ever.

16 Who Dares Win (Fallout 3: Broken Steel)
17 Brain Dead (Fallout 4: Far Harbor)
18 Get The Vertibird Plans for the Brotherhood of Steel (Fallout 2)
19 Blood Ties (Fallout 3)

Now this quest is just keeps getting better and better as it goes along. This quest is so godanm out of the box it just makes it perfect. Highly recommend.

20 Cabot House (Fallout 4)

I'll be honest, I thought Fallout 4 was the worst game in the series and I didn't really like a lot of the quests and the ones I did like were copies of previous Fallout quests, But this is on of the quests in the series that had never been done before and I loved it. You can't call yourself a player of Fallout 4 without completing this quest.

21 Take it back (Fallout 3)
22 Walking With Spirits (Fallout 3 Point Lookout)
23 Kid in a Fridge (Fallout 4)
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