Top 10 Machines in F-Zero GX

I was feeling nostalgic lol. So here's a list of the best machines in F-Zero GX.
The Top Ten
1 Hyper Speeder

This machine is by far the most reliable (and if you're used to it, easy on top of that) machine to outperform everyone on any grand prix map, and on most time attacks as well. Its control and stability are probably the best in the game, and it can handle anything with its amazing quick turn.

Insane top speed and speed retention. Once you get a lead in this beast, game over.

2 Fat Shark

One of the best top speeds, very good acceleration for its weight, the best booster in the game, excellent snaking abilities, the heaviest machine which brings the best body as well. The handling isn't the best around, but if you learn to control it, you will become unstoppable.

One of the few non-custom machines that can consistently beat staff ghosts.

Fast and has all-around great stats, aside from handling.

3 Twin Noritta

Slow top speed and very light, but holy crap, this machine is like a speeding bullet with its boost.

It also looks amazing, and the fact that one engine is blue while the other is red (and the fact that they switch their colors when you boost) is a nice aesthetic touch.

4 Sonic Phantom

The Sonic Phantom is almost the same as Death Anchor, but in my opinion, Sonic Phantom is slightly better. Both have great top speed and booster. The major difference is the handling. Death Anchor feels unstable at times, while Sonic Phantom is easier to control and is more stable for the most part.

5 Black Bull

I have to put Black Bull at 5th. I love the machine and would give it a higher ranking, but I have a really difficult time controlling it. Still, that speed and durability are insane.

6 Big Fang

I'd say this machine feels the most "natural" out of every machine in the game, where you can turn and slide around with gentle acceleration without radical changes in speed. From what I can tell, this machine is a better Fire Stingray in every way except for its weight. It's faster, has a better boost, is more stable, and loses less speed on turns.

7 Death Anchor

Terrible body, turning could be better, but... Good top speed. Boost speed is good. Deceleration is fine. Acceleration is good enough.

8 Wild Boar
9 Fire Stingray

Great top speed (unboosted), but what an atrocious acceleration curve. Stability seems good, but once it loses stability, it seems to lose it completely, hurtling out of control. Boosts seem to be a bit weak. In courses with mostly straightaways, this machine shines.

Also, extra points for its cool design. I don't care if it's pink.

10 Dark Schneider

Handles like a charm, decent non-boost speed, average boost, and it's pretty heavy. A good choice on any track and performs better than most machines.

The Contenders
11 Blue Falcon

Overall great machine. It has a good grip and is easy to control. It behaves well with the graph console performance setting and is accurate to what you set it to.

12 Golden Fox
13 Little Wyvern
14 Rainbow Phoenix

Well-balanced (perhaps the most so in the game), but outclassed in most areas by several vehicles. I can't see much of a difference between it and the Blue Falcon. Overall, it seems that it trades some stability for slightly more speed. I would probably place it right at 11th, ahead of Mighty Typhoon and Blue Falcon.

The cool thing about this machine is that its wing blades fan out whenever you boost.

One of the best balanced machines. Good stability, decent armor, and a good amount of speed. It helped me win most of the Master cups. I also like to think of Phoenix as a Captain Falcon of the future.

15 Space Angler
16 Deep Claw

Good all-rounder, seems to never lose stability, which makes it quite easy to use.

17 Blood Hawk

A bit slippery in the turns, but great solid body and insanely fast boost.

18 Astro Robin
19 Night Thunder
20 Great Star
21 Spark Moon
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