Top Ten Worst Types of Robloxians in Roblox

As we all know, Roblox is filled with types of Robloxians you like and the ones you don't like. Here is the list of the worst. If you don't agree and like something to be first. Then you must vote!
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1 Exploiters

They don't deserve number 1. They suck but at least they are not stupid since they have figured it out. But when they go too far, ruining games and not knowing when to stop, that's when I get mad.

Some are funny like Citizen, they died down but once when I was playing a hospital game they bypassed the filter and somehow KICKED ME FROM THE GAME! Why? Because I stood up for myself and told him to shut up and that he thought he was so cool even though he wasn't. And they weren't actual admins and this makes me so pissed off that they didn't get in trouble by the creator.

2 Cyber-Bullies

When people bully little kids, it breaks my heart. Don't they have ANYTHING else to do? Most of them are stupid, but someone who is going thru or has something going on in their life that is not good, Cyber Bullies make it way worse. Some other sites its not as bad but ROBLOX? It has kids!

I was playing flicker, and this girl kept accusing me and everybody obviously voted me out. Then this guy Dan was just bullying me while I was dead. He said the stupidest insults I ever seen. I could tell he was mad we voted him out, because he celebrated it. I changed my mind but he found it was worth being influenced by Flamingo.

3 Scammers

When I was little and dumb, I fell for a "free limited" scam. Changed my parent email and my password, making me premium, it's so bad that people have fun scamming kids like that!

This is a huge problem.
I remember back in 2012-13 there was a lot of scammers in the comment section of games, decals, and clothing.

But now, that's nothing because there's like x900 the amount of scammers of the ones in 2012-13, but this time, these are bots and are literally everywhere that has a comment section. I'm sorry, but I don't want to participate in your virus.

4 Online Daters

Once I was playing Brookhaven, and there were only two other people chatting it was a quiet server. The two were o'ders, and did an age reveal! One was 9, the other was 15! Go somewhere else like a o'der site! Stop making people so uncomfortable!

The Package 2.0 invented this new thing called "online dating", it could just be role-play, but people use animations to do inappropriate actions, online daters also could of invented "judging", for example, if one person has a type of default hair, they get called "noobs" by Online daters, these people ruined Roblox.

5 Cheaters

I would never treat the younger ones like average people because they randomly join just to aimbot or to shoot backwards.

Already on here exploiters are same thing.

6 Bullies
7 People Who Complain About Guests

Man, I would never treat guests like a bad guy. You know what I will do to them? I will welcome them and greet them "hi" and "welcome to the game hopefully you will enjoy and relax". Guests are nice but when it comes to bullies and etc. I will stay and not talk back. I will just ignore them.

I never hated guests. I always thought of them as people who just want to experience Roblox before buying it. Shame on everyone for being bullies.

What's so bad about them? I know that they can't talk, making them a perfect bully target. That's the only bad thing about it.

8 Spoiled Rich Kids

Ugh! Once a spoiled rich kid was playing shortest answer wins, which allows you to troll. He kept exploding blocks, and giving time just for us to wait! Once he saw it was getting on my nerves, he trolled ME even more than everyone else! They don't know when to stop!

Well they are children who believe such a thing haha, well maybe they don't know how to fight, maybe they are very small, but sometimes they bother me

My god yes. This needs to be higher up

9 Hackers

Some of them are cool. Some of them hack bad people like bullies, but most of them just since they can. For Little Timmy's sake, stop!

I hate those kinds of hackers who track private information,the internet is still dangerous until now, no one knows who we are Playing behind the screen.

10 People Who Keep Accusing Others with a Different Opinion to Them of Cyber Bullying.

I'm fine with others opinions as long as they aren't a jerk to others or can't find a good aspect to the thing they hate or a bad aspect to the thing they love. A person should be able to find the good and bad of all things

The Contenders
11 Chain Mailers / Spammers
12 Noobs

They are very important. They will get older and supply the future generations. The people who already have robux and have accessories were once noobs, and the noobs will eventually buy robux. It's a a cycle. They even make good memes.

13 Braggers
14 People Who Kick You Off for No Reason
15 Admin Abusers

They suck! I was once on a game called Nations Roleplay 2 and there was an admin in the game and all he did was turn the game into living hell! He would kill players for no reason (It is a roleplaying game, you shouldn't be able to kill other players), he would making announcements which made it hard to see and he would kick anyone out of the game if he didn't get his way, he legit kicked me out when I refused to give up my land to him and I got kicked from the server.

Moral of the story: Most Admins from small Roblox games are tyrants.

16 Forum Trolls
17 Children
18 Spawn Killers

one of Hackers end up Spawn Killing me by shooting me through the walls in 2v1 so I have to quit Arsenal due to Anyone shooting me through the walls.

19 Guests
20 Annoying People

The ones that bother me the most are those who don't know how to use words or arguments and are hypocrites, and Hackers.

21 Gloaters
22 Group Cafe Trolls
23 Fail Roleplayers

Baby Boo: *+* Does everything cutely *+*
Me: I can't adopt you I'm about go to out and eat
Baby Boo: You'sh no care for me! Woo are a meanie!
Me: Go away show off!
Baby Boo: WAAAAAAA *+*Dies cutely. *+*
Me: More like dies ugly

Fail roleplay part 3
Baby Boo: *+* Does everything cutely *+*
Me: I can't adopt you I'm about go to out and eat
Baby Boo: You'sh no care for me! Woo are a meanie!
Me: Go away show off!
Baby Boo: WAAAAAAA *+*Dies cutely. *+*
Me: More like dies ugly

Fail Roleplay part 2
U.S.A: I nots that it my teen titans go shirt will kill woo
Me: I quit Roblox

24 Stalkers
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