Top 10 Best Geometry Dash Custom Songs

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1 At the Speed of Light

This song is very nice. I don't know why Xtrullor never made a remix of this.

I love how fast it goes, perfect for demons!

Perfect transitions and dynamics.

2 Supernova (Xtrullor)

Nice song for a story level, used in some people's story levels like my story idol, CreatorMoldy!

3 Death Moon
4 Ludicrous Speed
5 Cosmic Dreamer

The song allows you to make really good gameplay, like in the beat drop you can add dashes every measure, and speed changes.

How is this not number one? Come on, people, this is like 100 times better than Windfall.

6 Sonic Blaster

WHAT? I do not think this music deserves 18th place. This deserves number 1. I don't see any other song better than this cool song. Plus, I really hate Cosmic Dreamer. Windfall is okay but not as good as this. I would really put this at number 1.

Please, this shouldn't be here. It should be at number 1, not number 18.

This song is not overrated. It is underrated. This song is cool, but people just say it is good. But actually, this is the best song ever in Geometry Dash.

This is the music of one of the hardest demons in the game. Move it up!

7 Cry
8 Figures

Best NK song in my opinion! The first drop is amazing, but the second is good too. I also love the buildup.

9 Windfall
10 Fairy Dust

I thought it was Fairydust not Fairy Dust. And that intro and outro, you have no idea how deaf I will be if I listen to that five times in a row.

The Contenders
11 Chaoz Fantasy
12 Freedom Dive

Probably one of the most underrated Newgrounds songs ever. I mean, come on! How is this not awesome?

13 Tetris Remix (Final)
14 Time Leaper

Overused song, but that's not what ruins the melody. The creator, whose name I forgot, is, in my opinion, a master at creating songs. Every song you'll find on his or her Newgrounds list is worth more than a few pages of GD levels because a lot of people love the songs!

15 Insomnia

This one is great. The bass drops harder than a rock, and it's pretty cool! Deserves 2nd place because At The Speed Of Light is overused in demons.

16 Endgame

This song is love. This song is life!

17 Dance of the Violins
18 Colors by Tobu

I really enjoy this song. It's catchy, and its catchiness literally tries to kill me when you hear it with earphones.

19 The Final Phase

By far the best, this is one of the reasons why TUP is my favorite level! Very underused!

20 Xenogenesis (Thefatrat)

This has some pretty savage music in the middle of it. Thanks for another hit, Mr. Buttner!

21 Infernoplex

This song gave me a weak heart attack at the beginning.

22 Idols (Virtual Riot EDM Remix)

The only reason this isn't number 1 is because it's technically not in the game anymore. I wish they could add it back. It's amazing.

23 Infinite Power

Never found it on Newgrounds, but it's like a buffed version of "no no no."

24 Nine Circles

I'm surprised this song is not in the top 5. This is the song I listen to every time I turn on YouTube.

25 Wobbly Tooth, Crunchy Apple

My favorite song by far gives me much nostalgia of when I could whistle and play keyboard at the same time. Great song.

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