Top Ten Easiest Demon Levels In Geometry Dash

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1 The Lightning Road

This was my second demon. There is a secret way you can take by going under a mirror portal, but it kills you at 81% saying, "haha no secret way for you." I agree this is is the easiest demon, I think it should be five stars. It is likely a demon only because is is in a demon pack.

I agree! It was my first demon to complete! Still I have gotten to 79% on the nightmare! Demon mix got to only 15%!
So I am so good at the lightning road! 100% on the lightning road!

Once I found a secret way but then it said "haha no secret way for you" and it killed me at 81% which was my new best at the time. This was my second demon.

Probably I'm dumb... But even is very easy for a demon, the memory part can kill you easily if you are a noob (Yes... I died a lot of time) for me is harder than "The Nightmare"

2 The Nightmare

Easy segments for the most part, the 50% ship can be confusing but other than that it should take no less than 300 attempts even for players without much experience.

'This was my third demon but it took me like 20 attempts to beat it and the other ones like the lighting tide toke me about 50 attempts ant the nightmare took me like 500 attempts lol. realize this is the easiest demon, right? Almost all of the ones on this list are easy, but everyone knows this is the easiest...

This is not the easiest demon rated level but it is great for starter. It gets you familiar with many demon mechanics that you will have to get used to

3 Demon Mixed

200 attempts on mobile. My first demon. The Sky Realm part sorta makes me mad but otherwise it's simple with very little memorization.

Mixes a bunch of parts from other levels, It's pretty easy overall. Some segments require some decent memory skills, but still exceedingly easy for a demon.

I beat The Nightmare and say that Demon Mixed is way, way, wayyy, easier than The Nightmare. Like, seriously, it is a mix of the easiest parts of other easiest demons. In that part where I usually fail on, after the Demon Park part, you basically hold after the first part.

I beat this in 150 attempts, which is pretty good, since it was only my 4th demon... that was the shortest amount of time it took me to complete a demon until I beat Monster City in 61 attempts.

4 Platinum Adventure

It is only 1 of 4 demons that I have over 30% and 4 coins?!? Comments say 5 so there's another but 1st coin is 2nd and 3rd is 4th they just move so while confusing with coins it's easy in the way so that's why it isn't easier than the lightning road, because of the coin confusion

The nightmare and this is a very close race, it's like comparing the golden and tartarus. This is like, 3 percent easier. Add 3 percent to this level and there'd be no difference in difficulty to the nightmare.

It's around the same difficulty as your typical 7 star level in my opinion. I would heavily recommend grinding this as a first demon.

While it can be confusing at times, this level has easy timings and easy memory, not the easiest demon, but close.

5 Blue Hell

It look hard but it's not when you know the level. I did it in 300 attempts on mobile.

Some harder 6 levels are more difficult than this.

6 Crescendo

This definitely merits the seventh place 'cause I think the ball part at 42% killed me very much times.

I'm currently trying to beat this one. I have 47% with 280 attempts on mobile.

Everything easy, maybe except Cancer mini ball part...

Crescendo is my next upcoming demon with 45%!

7 Speed Racer

My 10th demon, it was hard for me as a beginner, but that dropped A CRAP TON as I got better at gamemodes. Is around The Nightmare difficulty, but because of my beginner experience it is here. WOuld have been number 3, as no difficulty change to the nightmare is here.

Fun and easy when you know how to pass the repetitive ship part.

Good level. I don't know

8 Impulse

Don't know much, but first 14 is pretty easy. Probably would be higher if I had more experience.

My 4th demon. 500 attempts. Easy once you learn the 2 memory cube parts. Sjould be higher on the list

Personally the easiest on the list.

Easier than Crescendo :/

9 Demon Park

This is definitely the tenth place and also if was the first published and rated demon. I think this is the hardest of this ones because orb skips and memory parts( Ihate memory parts)

Has a lot of triples and tight ship. Hard compared to the rest.

This was the worlds first demon!

It's funny how this was once the hardest level in the game but now look where we are

10 Retro Circles
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11 Death Moon

Easiest, tied with nightmare and comodo.

A good introduction to XL demons. It is not very difficult gameplay wise and probably the easiest XL demon

This was so easy but it I think it is worthy of easy demon only because of how long it is

12 Problematic

316 attemps for 100 percent is just so awesome. That's lower than my practice on Sirius by Funnygame which took me 400+ attempts

13 Phobos
14 After Catabath
15 Ultra Paracosm

Ultra Paracosm is one of the most easiest circles level.

Can you circle?

This is honestly hard for me because of the wave section which for me is hard to see in

16 Uprise
17 Nine Circles

Yeah it should

18 Laser Room
19 Aftermath

Also an extreme demon

20 Zodiac
21 The Robotic Rush

I am a noob at this game and got 26 percent in 12 attempts. Then I had to go to the dentist. Andromeda's easiest level.

22 The Final Liar

Really easy hard demon.

23 Acid Rush II

Not too hard if you don't go for coins or are on PC. Mobile is really hard

24 Horizon
25 Blender
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