Top Ten God of War Bosses

These are the meanest, strongest, awesomest bosses of god of war
The Top Ten
1 Cronos - God of War 3

So cronos is the god of gods the father of Zeus with garage-sized fingernails this Is a truly epic boss to the point of where he eats you! Yeah, then you cut open his stomach disgusting but cool at the same time

I knew it would be number 1 as its on a large scale and the intestines are so graphic

2 Hades - God of War 3

Definitely one hell of a boss battle. No cheap shots like the other gods, just a proper one on one duel between Kratos and Hades. Amazing boss

No adds, just a good old fashioned duel.

3 Zeus - God of War 3
4 Hercules - God of War 3

Sibling rivalry to the extreme! Fighting Hercules is a blast!

Those punches though

5 Poseidon - God of War 3

All though this is more of a tutorial it's the best one you'll see with arguably the best death scene in gaming he is really this good while on a Titan.

6 Baldur - God of War

Great intro to a great game.

7 Statue of Colossus - God of War 2

This is how you start a God of war game. Best boos fight in the series. You get to go inside him to finish him from the inside. Also get to use the blades of Olympus, which is the coolest weapon in the franchise. Ps, it is the colossus of Rhodes not the statue of colossus.

Best boss in the series

8 Ares - God of War

This was the boss everyone waited for the ending to god of war the enemy the rival the main villain of the whole game and it did not disappoint with in the end crowning kratos, the god of war

Jeez he is so ugly in the GOW series,I prefer the normal one with the spartan armor.

9 Hydra - God of War

So #1 isn't a Titan, or a god, or a giant statue but it's a mythical beast but not just any mythical beast it's hydra the very first boss in god of war what started it all the 9 headed dragon tearing your boat apart while you have to brutally murder each head.

10 Sisters of Fate - God of War 2

First 2 sisters is a very strategic battle where players had to think and use a lot of patience.

The Contenders
11 Zeus - God of War 2
12 Kraken - God of War 2

Non stop action.

13 Sigrun - God of War

Not only the hardest boss in God of War, but the hardest boss ever! She has every Valkyrie attack that can come at you in a blink of an eye.

Any of the Valkyries turn God of War into Dark Souls pretty much (except Kara). But this one...boy she was hard!

14 Theseus - God of War 2
15 Aegaeon the Hecatonchires - God of War Ascension
16 Thanatos - God of War: Chains of Olympus

My favourite boss ever. He kills brother of kratos and almost wins on kratos, head keeps them both, a very powerful deity.

He is stronger than Zeus, Hades, Poseidon and Ares!

Thanatos isn't in god of war chains of olympus, he is in god of war ghost of sparta

17 Hermes - God of War 3
18 Perseus - God of War 2
19 Barbarian King - God of War 2
20 Scorpion - God Of War 3

He is terrible and shouldn't even be a boss. Don't just only focus on the giant scorpion and because the thousands of little scorpions will kill you. Kill the little scorpions and when they are gone attack the big scorpion until you can attack him.

21 Pandora's Guardian - God of War
22 Bug God - God of War: Ascension
23 Charon - God of War: Chains Of Olympus
24 Deimos - God of War: Ghost of Sparta
25 Perses - God Of War 3
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