Top 10 Best Pokemon GBA ROM Hack Games

The fan-made games are the next step for Pokemon fans and you'll be impressed by the high quality of some of the ROM hacks around the internet. Feel free to help this list grow by giving your opinion or adding any hacks you can't find here.
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1 Pokemon Light Platinum

It's idea of a world tournament was wonderful and the two regions introduced made it really interesting. TMs like Aerial Ace and Brick Break were made into Glide and Ice Break which could actually be used out of battle.
It offers starter Pokemon from all 5 regions and it has almost all the Pokemon from these generations.
Its evil team, Team Steam, is a good antagonist, though I think the name is a bit bad...
Try playing this game and I'm sure you'll love it!

This romhack is disgustingly awful. Within the first five minutes of the game I was so lost, I forgot if I were male or female.
My dog barfs more pleasant games than this, and I'd rather slam my hand into a door than try playing this piece of goat cheese cow fart of a game
But it can't be cow farts because cows don't exist

Anyway, Bush did my butthole and 9/11 was a lie
peace out

I've played through this rom hack around 200 times. I've really never had so much fun with a hack other than the shiny gold new rom, but even then, that's just a patch. This game includes Pokemon all the way up to sinnoh, and is extremely lengthy. Prepare for an amazing adventure!

If you are looking for a classic Pokemon game, Light Platinum is your ultimate choice. The graphics, plot line, and variety of Pokemon makes it, for sure, the best ROM Hack. It's a game every Pokemon fan should play at one point of their life.

2 Pokemon Cawps

Liked it. It's very different than what I previously played games where you just catch and level up and beat some trainers then become a champ while stopping a team who wants to destroy the world or somethin

This game is hilarious! I would only recommend it for ages 13 and up, though. You fight rapists, murderers, thiefs, etc. PLAY IT!

It's cool I guess

Very unique storyline!

3 Pokemon Korosu

Probably the best of Crizzle's games to date. If you want a darker, over realistic version of pokemon, then Crizzle might be your man. I would advice everyone to play Outlaw, CAWPS and Korosu in this order, but if you only want to play one, then this is the one to play!

Love the story line. Very different from anything I had ever played. Crizzle is an awesome game designer. Recommend this as well as his other two hacks, CAWPS and Outlaw

How to download

I like it very much

4 Pokemon Glazed

I bought this game a while ago and haven't played it since because at the very beginning once I got into the first forest I saved the game, and I tried to get out and those guys were blocking the way for me to get out and there was no way to go any farther, I was saving it just in case I didn't catch Mudkip. I saved again when I was right beside mudkip and I didn't catch him and I turned the game back on and it wouldn't let me click on him or battle him. I don't know if it was just the guy who made my hack but I was very dissatisfied with this game for saving reasons. If anybody else has these problems please share

Pokemon Glazed is one of the best rom hack games, sure there are several flaws, but I do like its features that try to reinvent the story from the Johto adventures. I have to admit it is much more challenging than Light Platinum, and the pacing does make you think. There is also such a rich story, the only complain I have is that several sounds of the pokemon doesn't match, I mean, I know it is hard, but come on, at least give the Red Scarf Pikachu its true voice.

Other than that, amazing game, cheers to Lucbui.

Among all Pokemon games I've ever played for gba emulator, this one is simply the best.

1. Its graphic is awesome that make us feels like its not a gba game but something with better graphic.

2. The storyline is almost perfect just like the Pokemon movie. New Island event to meet Mewtwo with dragonite sending the message simply put me in memory of the very 1st Pokemon movie. Rankor region obviously the second movie about articuno, zapdos, moltres and lugia. Its simply amazing storyline that make u immerse in the game.

3. We will never get boring. I had play the game 4 times with different set of starter because its offer to us 5 starter, so we will always have a different set of 6 main Pokemon.

4. To get the legendary beast, the quest making mind blowed. Ill never find all of them if not reviewing the walkthrough. Its not difficult but not easy either.

This hack is just amazing compared to others. I would give 4 out of 5 star. That 1 missing star ...more

I could almost say this was a legit Pokemon game. I loved the game, found it better than Light Platinum. It's not as monotonous as Light Platinum, the pace is very good, you can actually get amazing Pokemon at the start of the game. The plot is very good and the people and setting is awesome. 5/5

5 Pokemon Adventures: Red Chapter

Great game, interesting story line and is filled with great lines and missions overall it's a unique game one which I surely would put number 1 in my top 10 game list. The game should continue its update and add more content and regions that would make the game twice as good. I'd like too see more of the game and I wish too see beta 12 resuming it's progress and fully completing the game. I love the idea of pokemons following yu and more region and etc, point is you should let the game resume it's great working progress I believe it'll be the greatest pokemon game of all time if it is completed. Great game, great story but there is always room for improvement.

The Best! Since I've read the manga I've felt that was how the anime should've been and this hack is just as entertaining.

Best. Hack. Ever. Better than the original Fire Red plot in my opinion, and it's still being updated which means that every now and then we have a new beta to test and play. Currently waiting fot beta 15 ♥

I read the manga. I loved it. Played this game. Loved it more.

6 Pokemon XYZ

How do download

It's so super duper game, I am a fan of this game.

I want to download that but where is the download button?

Its cool! I'm waiting gor cool updates

7 Pokemon Ash Gray

Best game ever. Avoid the bugs and enjoy the game. Took 3 tries to finish the game thanks to bugs. But, great game overall.

The developers pulled this off pretty well, the way it follows the story, and all the things you are able to do.

Well, after I come out from the ruins where you find aerodactyl the game freezes!

I'ts perfect! You can almost feel that you ARE Ash Ketchum! And also this hack is unbelievably, carefully done.

8 Pokemon Outlaw

Don't listen to these idiots who say it's stupid. It's a comedy game, get over yourselves.

What So Low it's A cool Game...Just Kidding It ain't Its just a cool boyfriend girlfriend game

I played it's awesome

Please remove this

9 Pokemon Omega Ruby (Gba)

How'd to download

Apparently does not exist. People just voting because they like the actual 3DS version._.

Its very great

How to download

10 Pokemon Eclipse

I have tried to download this GBA game but whenever I download it, my boy emulator always says unrecognized GBA file!
Can someone give me an idea that how should I download it?

Though I haven't played much of it, I can honestly say this is one of the best games I've played! I mean come on, you get a shinx as a starter! Who doesn't love Shinx?

Awesome game. 6 generations of Pokemon, and shinx as a starter! Too bad it isn't done yet.

Where to download?

The Contenders
11 Pokemon DarkCry

I love it because you get mew. and it has great graphics. Go, Pokemon Dark Cry!

If you want to begin playing rom hacks, begin with this one.

Good game mew wow hacked

Do you get a mew

12 Pokemon Dark Rising

How is this so low on the list? It's way harder to complete than light platinum, but even better than it. Dark rising is the Majora's Mask of pkmn rom hacks. It's storyline is so deep, dark, and extremely well thought out. I'd go so far as to say I like it even more than all of the original Pokemon games. Plus, your starters are either Dratini, Bagon, or Gible. Who wouldn't like that?

This should easily be number 1! I've played many other hacks and this one is by far the deepest story line with great graphics and its actually a challenge to beat. The second dark rising is just as great and I can't wait for the third. BEST HACK BY FAR!

The hardest gba hack Rom I have ever played
I even remember now, how hard it was too defeat adrian's dark Lugia
Great story
I was a bit disappointed for the past two games of this game trilogy

This is the best pokemon gba hack I've ever played! It has a great stoyline and you even get dragon pokemon for starter pokemons. It's challenging and interesting at the same time. This needs to be number 1! I already played all the DR hacks and I'm waiting for DR 3. This is the best hack ever.

13 Pokemon Liquid Crystal

This is my all time favourite Pokémon game. The longest gba game I have ever played.
It has regions Johto, Kanto half of orange Island
I wish the third region was also completed

Follows the plot of Pokemon crystal but what made me like this hack so much is that it still has the night and day system but in real time by that the time on the computer, phone, and etc.

This doesn't even feel like a hack while playing. It's actually that awesome! Game play and plot are the best I've seen in a hack and the unique features are great. Only problem is that it's not completed yet :/

A very good hack that I have truly had fun with! It add some cool things to the original and add the better motor from firered

14 Pokemon Dark Violet

Great hack, amazing story great music... Only bad thing is that it isn't finished but if it were it would definitely be number one

15 Pokemon Shiny Gold

A more proffesional feeling rom hack with great details, and just enough changes to keep the story interesting and feeling new without straying too far from the original storyline. Also has more of a nostalgic feel than the official Heartgold & Soulsilver games! Doesn't even feel like a hack!

I heard this was the very first Pokemon hack ever... It's a remake of Pokemon gold in a firered rom. Before the HeartGold was made!

A brilliantly done ROM hack of FireRed that captures Johto rather well.
Only complaint is the poor translation at times.

One of my first hacks, I love my team and the gameplay is really great! Try playing the X version!

16 Pokemon Snakewood

This ROM hack is insane in a good way. It starts off with zombies, but then it gets weirder. Trust me, you will come out of this experience a changed person. Also, patience and calm is needed.

Pokemon snakewood is so creative! Like seriously who thinks of zombie pokemon! Also the three starters are secret you don't know until you pick it and one of them is the only real zombie pokemon Parasect

The only hack I've had interest in to play and finish multiple times! This hack is fare out great if you know what you're doing!

I didn't play all of this, but I played up to beating the Pokemon League. I cheated this too with save states. 9/10 is all I have to say about this. Like that's seriously it. I'm not saying anymo re. I ts just a 9/10. Azombarill is my favorite

17 Pokemon Fire Red

A funny parody of the FireRed version. Mostly it's script editing but there are several world changes as well.

Simply the best. Should at least have been in the top 10.

Sorry, this was supposed to be Pokemon M.Y.A.S.S. But they've censored it! I know fire red isn't a hack ok?

What a funny (albeit inappropriate) game!

18 Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians

I still don't understand why the heck this game is not considered top charts in all lists of top romhacks (at least is featured in bulbapedia), but still, amazing EVERYTHING, only game I have known to play more than three times.
It is also one of the rare games to contain most of my favorite pokemon, along with amazing storylines and music, and is not too hard. Also has so many fun events. People have complain that traveling so much was a problem, but I liked it, since there are 1% chance evolved pokemon in every map. Also cool way for hidden items, and quests, and much more, just play it. :D

Tons of new Pokemon, amazing storyline, a new map, and everything you could possibly want in a hack, as well as crazy legendaries and possibly the most difficult battles ever faced in Pokemon! (Battling Dark Lugia, the Ruby Destiny, and others are mind-boggling)

This should be the top game. It is so cool I highly recommend you get this. But warning if you play this game and then play part 1, part 1 will be so boring because this game is too cool, awesome, and much more.

New music (very good, some kingdom hearts/zelda music in there), new pokemon, new region, INCREDIBLE story, changeable plot (you can play for the evil team) and basically the perfect rom hack.

19 Pokemon Cloud White

This was the first rom hack I played and I loved it.

20 Pokemon Fusion

Pokemon fusion game is way cool game. And I don't have this game.

Its sounds interesting

This is best game

I love that game

21 Pokemon Victory Fire

Not really that good. doesn't allow catching any Pokemon for a long time, translation is quite a bit off, encounters with other trainers feel weird, and there's barely any information on the internet (movesets, evolutions, availability of Pokemon...) Its playable though.

While the language is a bit off, this is my favorite.

The first one of wind's trilogies
Great game
It forced me to play the next games of the trilogy

22 Pokemon Flora Sky

It's a must play, in my opinion, but the map is messed up, and there are just a couple of mistakes, but no bugs. Great game.

A really good hack, but sometimes you get lost and don't know where to go next.

Should be in top 10 at least... post game is one of the best I've ever played.

There are a lot of stuff to love about Pokémon Flora Sky. One of which is the storyline. It is like a breath of fresh air. Two thumbs up to Sky!

23 Pokemon Mega Power

This one is the best of Wind's gba hack rom trilogies
Being a Mewtwo fan, I loved this game.

This is my favorite rom hack and it has a great storyline.

Pokemon Mega Power has a great story line.

I've got the power

24 Pokemon Sweet

Amazing! It has pretty much infinite rare candies as well as new types and type advantages!

I love it's simply edible design, clever Poke Sweet names, and overall cuteness.

This is among the best games I have ever played! Hardly feels like a hack to me!

Literally the best pokemon hack I've ever played and I've played a lot of them!

25 Pokemon Rose Edition
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