Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to the Game Tomodachi Life

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1 More family options

I had Ron and Ginny Weasley from "Harry Potter" (among other "Harry Potter" characters- and characters from many other sources) on my island, but could not set their relationship to brother and sister. For nearly an entire YEAR they did not even acknowledge each other's existence, and when they did finally meet every time I played I had to hope and pray they did not divorce the spouses they'd already married and try to pursue each other romantically. I finally had to boot them and most of their HP "co-stars" because it was becoming too much.

I have Reese and Cyrus, who are canonically married to each other, on my island. I should have been able to just set them as "married" from the get-go rather than spend every game session hoping no one else took an interest in either of them or vice versa before they finally met each other, Reese asked Cyrus out, and Cyrus proposed.

Back in April 2016 2 sibling islanders named Ceaser and Iroan were best friends and I noticed on about April 16, 2016, Ceased wanted Iroan to be his sweetheart and then I had no choice but to have them be sweethearts, and on April 23, 2016 I decided for a breakup to happen and they have been ex-sweethearts for almost 2 years and maybe I should get them to meet each other again as siblings.

Yes! This would be so helpful. It would also be cool if you could keep the kids for longer, make specificity a mii as a child, and have twins or triplets. It would also be cool if all the family members could go in the house, or have multiple children in the same house.

2 More than 100 apartments

Needed so bad. You want to do an island with only Harry Potter characters but you run out of room and have to throw away the characters you dislike.

250 apartments per save file, and let's add the ability to have 3 save files. This should be a thing on Tomodachi Life on the Switch.

3 Gay couples

In the meantime, nothing's stopping anyone from passing off one half of a gay couple as the opposite gender thus the couple can still happen. Sure that means the game uses the wrong pronouns, a lesbian who actually does wear dresses or a gay guy who actually doesn't wear women's clothing end up in suits and dresses respectively during certain scenes, and the resulting couple can still have babies, but small price to pay.

This is annoying as a bi player. I have many LGBT friends as well and I wish you could choose which genders they like, along with possibly adding an "other" gender option as I would like to add multiple non binary people to my game.

I just make my Miis the opposite gender, but that causes problems. I'm tired of lesbians showing their (ehem) when in a towel. This would be perfect!

They didn't remove it, it was never added.

4 Married couples can have more babies

That was already added but that can happen if the first child is grown up. The brothers and sisters won't live with each other

Yeah I would like twins too!

5 More than one save file

I'd love to see what it's like to start anew, but still have my old safe file.

I need this SO bad, sometimes having just one save file can get boring...

6 More outfits for miis

I'd also love more outfit customization, like choosing what pants, shoes, and shirt go together. and even though it is not on the list, I'd love more apartment customization and not just a set.

7 Odd hair colors that are permanent and get passed on to babies

We all love the hair color spray for giving Marth his blue hair, Lum her green hair, or even using the orange and yellow shades to make redheads and blondes respectively more accurate than the Mii Maker allows. However, you always have to re-spray Marth or whoever's hair after baths, and babies get whatever a parent's "natural" hair color was if one or both parents have dyed hair. That first one is very annoying in regular play, and that second one can only be dealt with if the child stays on as a resident.

I really wish they were permanent! It is really annoying how they aren't to common, so sometimes you have to wait to give a character you made the correct hair color. Also, it comes off if you give them a bath set, which is also annoying if someone with a hair color spray hair color wants a bath.

The next Tomodachi Life, if they make one, will probably be on the Switch, and the Switch lets your miis have odd hair colors, so this will probably be in Tomodachi Life 2.

8 Turn off relationships and break-ups

As with babies, it wouldn't effect any break-ups that have already occurred and any relationships (including marriages) already present won't be terminated. Meanwhile, no need to worry about characters you don't want hooking up (or third parties trying to play matchmaker) or any couples you want to stay together (mainly real-life- say, you and your actual spouse/significant other- or canon in the source material couples- say, Cosmo and Wanda- that haven't actually broken up) splitting up.

If they won't let us set family relationships, this would be helpful in that one need never worry about, say, Bart and Lisa Simpson or Ron and Ginny Weasley becoming romantically involved.

God, break-ups can be annoying. Alternatively, you can choose a Mii's friends when you create one (so that it's like they already know each other)

9 More hair and face options when you create a mii

Definitely! and I would say new hair colors, so we don't have to use the hair color spray

Yes diversity is key

10 Have your Mii go past level 99
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11 You get to choose their nationality

I'd love that! I made my british friend in my game, but the game will only let me have an american accent.

Kind of exists, the Mii Maker has skin colors.

My miis are supposed to be American so I want them to be American, and you can choose American, Australian, English, Canadian, Asian, African, and Scandinavian

12 Permanent pets

My real-life cat had to be put down recently, and if I could add a cat that looks like him for my Mii to just keep as a pet rather than have random cats occasionally show up in my apartment, I totally would; I miss him so much.

Not this rent a dog rent a cat nonsense currently in the game. Actually being able to give residents a dog or cat to keep, and one that you can interact with as well.

I would love this! It would also be cool if they added some Nintendo characters (such as Pikachu or toad) that could be your Mii's pet.

We need more pets

13 Ability to make anyone a traveler, not just raise babies to be travelers

If your island is full or almost full but you still want to add someone, having the option to have any current resident become a traveler is better than being forced to delete them.

14 Ability to turn off requests for new clothes/hats and new interiors

Even better, just take that out completely. Most of my Miis are of certain characters and I finally got them the outfits that most closely resemble what they actually wear, so of COURSE they keep telling me "I'd like some new clothes". Ugh!

Especially for Miis who already have one of the "hairstyles" with a hat attached. Stop asking for a hat to wear over the one you've got and in fact even wear to bed and during baths!

15 You get to record your own voice for your miis

You would have 2 options record your own voice, or just the main thing where you can change the pitch and all that other stuff.

You would then have to say every thing your mii would regularly say like "I want to take a picture" or I want to get to know (mii's name)."

16 The possibility for other people besides rival love interests to potentially interrupt love confessions

Like a disapproving parent or a best friend who isn't on great terms with the would-be sweetheart.

17 A royalty status for royal miis

I once made an island where all my miis were princesses, queens, and princes they should have an option if they are royal or not

18 Some acknowledgment of "pregnancy"

Not necessarily a noticeable belly, but once you've answered a baby request in the affirmative at least the random comments from mother or father should include something along the lines of how they're looking forward to the blessed event. There have been times I'd told a couple they could have a baby then forgotten I'd done so between then and when they announced the birth.

19 More prize options when miis level up

Right now I'm thinking T.V. should be added

20 Festivals and holidays

You know, like in Animal Crossing?

21 Greater variety of mii news reports

That would be cool. I'm sick of getting the same Mii News reports over and over again.

22 More fantasy

Miis can be fantasy characters like vampires, werewolves, fairies, superheros, mermaids, warriors, and monsters

23 Miis have their own social media page
24 Perform plays

In "Suikoden III" once certain conditions were met you could actually have the characters perform either scenes from a public domain source (e.g. "Romeo and Juliet", "The Little Match Girl") or from the first two games (provided you were using a memory card that also contained save files of those first two games). I'd love to be able to do that with my island residents like I can have them do concerts. As with "Suikoden", public domain plays and stories could be used as well as maybe a skit or more taken from other Nintendo games ("Mario, "Zelda", "Kid Icarus", "Metroid", "Fire Emblem", etc). Like the songs, these would be given as level-up rewards and anyone who had been given the script could be involved in that play.

25 More minigames
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