Best Half-Life Characters

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1 Gordon Freeman Dr. Gordon Freeman is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Half-Life video game series, created by Gabe Newell and designed by Newell and Marc Laidlaw of Valve Corporation.

The best character out of the entire Half Life series! You play as him! If there was no Gordon Freeman, you wouldn't be playing any of that amazing Half Life 2! You wouldn't be able to play Half Life without him. Better than Barney, Alyx, or Dr. Breen, because they have their own problems! Alyx relies too much on the player (you, Gordon Freeman) to get things done "her way". Barney is mean and sarcastic, he acts like he knows everything. Dr. Breen is needy. He acts like he can't get anything done without you, or you are the key to all of his success. As if he has had any success...

The protagonist of the Half-Life video game series. Gordon, or you, the player, is a real cool guy. He fights soldiers, crazy alien monsters, and bacteria generated bugs. I vote for Gordon Freeman because he has the most background story in the entire game series.

Cool dude, I guess. He's stealthy, strong, smart, and quick. That's really all you need during a government collapse.

2 G-man

Who is he? Where did he come from? Where did he go?

He should be number 1

3 Barney Calhoun

I have reasons for Barney Calhoun being my favorite character. One, he is so sarcastic that he's funny! Two, he is an important character in the story of Half Life 2. Three, he is very smart and knows all about the lab that you start in. Four, he's the funnest person during the entire apocalypse! I mean, who would actually take their time during the apocalypse to be sarcastic, or even funny to someone! Five, he's pretty chill. I think that if smart people were to vote on this list, Barney Calhoun would be number one!

He's my favorite character! I love his sarcasm, unlike my friends who think he can be kind of mean. I think he is one of the more sophisticated secondary characters in Half Life 2.

When I think of Barney Calhoun, I think of a total jerk who has nothing better to do than make fun of you for being slow at doing things.

4 Alyx Vance

No.1 character in half life games

5 Dr. Breen
6 D0G
7 Adrian Shephard

He didn't cause the combine to come, Gordon did. Adrian did no wrong and saved the world from being terraformed. Gordon caused the Black Mesa disaster which led the combine to earth.

His survival skills, in my opinion, surpass those of Freeman or Calhoun, even though those two do not fall short either

8 Father Grigori

Very interesting character, seen all his friends and beloved ones turn into monsters and now he spends his last days giving them their peace.

Are you kidding me? He's like the best

Father grigori is the best most charismatic character and if you don't like him I WILL kill you

9 Lamarr

No one can hate this lovable head crab, she is so considerate and is aware of how great Half Life 2 was that she added extra game time through a whole chapter by breaking the teleporter.

10 Dr. Kleiner

Dr. Kleiner is a cool guy he scientist from black mesa and he survive and the story would not be the same without the guy

The Contenders
11 Eli Vance
12 Judith Mossman
13 Nihilanth
14 Scientist NPC
15 Dr. Rosenburg
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