Top 10 Hardest Super Mario Maker Levels

Super Mario Maker has breathed new life into our cherished Italian plumber's universe, transforming players from mere spectators into creators, architects of their own Super Mario worlds. And what have we done with this power? We've crafted some of the most diabolically difficult levels in Mario history.

Now, difficulty in Super Mario Maker can take many forms, and the most challenging levels often blend these elements in heart-pounding, thumb-blistering ways. There's the precision platforming, of course, where a single mistimed jump can mean instant demise. Then, we have the notorious puzzle levels, where understanding what to do is as hard as doing it. Don't forget the troll levels, teeming with invisible blocks, unexpected enemies, and surprise pitfalls. And of course, there are those levels with punishing time limits that turn even the simplest tasks into stressful scrambles.

Whether it's a Kaizo-style gauntlet requiring pixel-perfect jumps, a labyrinthine puzzle that challenges your logic and understanding of game mechanics, or a troll level that feels more like navigating a minefield, Super Mario Maker is a testament to the creativity and, let's admit it, the slight sadism of the Mario community. These levels often require not only skill and precision, but also an immense amount of patience and persistence. The thrill of finally beating one of these levels, though, is a reward in itself.

So, go ahead and vote for the Super Mario Maker levels that made you pull your hair out, the ones that kept you up until 3 a.m. swearing that you'd beat it on the next try. Those levels that test not just your gaming skills, but your resolve. The beauty of this game, after all, is that the biggest challenges often lead to the most memorable victories. And remember, behind every tough level is a creator, possibly chuckling at our struggle, but also sharing in the triumph when we finally reach that elusive goal.
The Top Ten
1 Pit of Panga: U-Break

For all we know, there could be a level in the works called "A-Break" - but it's anything but a break.

You might as well play AVGNA on YOLO difficulty. You'll have a better chance winning that than this level.

Pretty much undisputably and such, but tis is what makes it good ho in my opinion though.

2 Val's Shellspace
3 Pit of Panga: P-Break

It was once the hardest level out there. Now, it's U-Break, where you essentially die to the first Firebar.

4 Super Meat Bros.
5 Pit of Panga: Grown Man's Garden

Why is this so hard? I'm trying to make a level even harder than this.

6 P is For Pain
7 YATTA Express of Doom

This one I can't beat because I won't dedicate myself to it because its just not fun its torture

8 Trick Cover: Renasu Memory Trial

How would you not think this is the hardest it combines all the hard levels into one! You people who vote for U-Break don't know anything about this crazy level!

Combining parts from U-Break, Shellspace, Airspace, and many more hard levels into one.

9 Swim: The Musical
10 Val's Airspace
The Contenders
11 Pit of Panga: Pang Pong

This level is hard to describe how to beat it. Though I have beaten it after lots of practice. I have also beaten shells suck but it was way harder in my opinion.

This one is probably pangas second hardest level. everyone knows the hardest

12 Trials of Death
13 Fail’s Flotilla: Final Flight

This level is so hard, it took the creator 480+ hours to create and beat it.

Not the hardest level, but the hardest on here.

14 Pit of Panga: The Cape Escape

How could only 0.8 percent of people think this is the hardest? It used to be the second hardest level.

Dear god, this one is impossible!

15 Saddest Level, Smallest Violin

I still have nightmares of this level. It's the only level on the list that I haven't beaten!

Believe it's from SpongeBob. Krabs's guitar was such a random scene.

- Oh, boo hoo, let me play you a song on the world's smallest violin.
- Mr Krabs, this is serious!
- I know. This really IS the world's smallest violin. See?

16 Panga's Revenge: Shell Shock
17 Tricky Mario: The Eternal Space
18 Pit of Panga: Bomb Voyage 2.0

Do I even need to explain why Panga levels are on here anymore? :P

19 Pit of Panga: Skyway to Shell
20 April Fools: It's Amazeing

Impossible to beat. Unless you are Panga or you took it to Editor Mode.

It is a maze that has block with stuff in them.

21 Super Seigens Magnum Opus

By GoSeigen, it took him over 450 hours to beat it, easily the hardest.

22 Pit of Panga: Propheller
23 Pit of Panga: Skyzo
24 Pit of Panga: Ultra Star 2.0

This Level took me forever to beat!

25 SMG4 Course
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