Top Ten Worst Town of Salem Roles

We all have that one role that we hate. You know the one. And if you don't know what Town of Salem is, what are you doing here? Go play it!
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1 Vigilante

Too many evil roles are immune to bullets, and town rarely believes vigilante claims. So you're likely to be lynched.

Dying from guilt sucks, especially when you killed that one guy who is really annoying.

Most embarrassing town role to play with. If you don't shoot someone you're sus,if you do most likely will be a town member and people get salty for being idiot by random.

2 Framer

Framers just sit throughout the whole game. Most of the times the people being framed won't even get investigated or interrogated. Plus, the invest results for Framer is Framer/Vampire/Jester. When I play framer I claim jester a lot. That's really all I could do. Call me dumb if I could have claimed something else, but framer is a truly useless role

Only a vote to Mafia. Framing almost does nothing, and you can exist without Sheriff or Investigator in the game. You also visit people every night just to frame, and if you do, the Spy can deduce who the Mafia are, by checking who was not visited by them yet.

The most useless role ever. all you do is go to a person one night and make invest/sheriff think they are a evil role. but first you need to have a sheriff and invest, have one of them go to them at night, make sure they don't have a valid will, and make sure they won't be able to convince others to not hang them. the 2nd most boring role, after medium.

3 Mayor

You need to pray that you're gonna last till near the end of the game, where using a triple vote is actually useful. After that, you die the next night. Either that, or reveal earlier, and get protected by a bodyguard, and then get outvoted because triple is nothing compared to the sheer number of the town or there are no leads. Then die the next night

It's just such a boring role to play. Almost every role has a good quality. Mayor has none.

This role is boring to begin with.

4 Survivor

You get four nights of immunity, only four. Choose wrong, you're dead and no other way to win. Beyond that, town almost immediately lynches any survivor claim.

No one believes survivor claims, especially since a werewolf or a witch could claim survivor and the investigator wouldn't know the difference.

Annoying role to be. If someone attacks you with a vest on, you're screwed. People think you're immune and you end up being lynched.

5 Jester

It's almost impossible to get lynched, and when you do the person you wanted to haunt didn't vote guilty.

Jest is boring

6 Disguiser

Everyone puts their name in their will so it's throwing to even use his ability. Without janitor or forger it's just a vote for mafia.

I end up dying and become Tomas Onery or Pancakes or someting, and nobody knows!

This role is only useful when you die. And dying is no fun.

7 Amnesiac

"An Amnesiac remembered that they were an Amnesiac"

*Claps slowly*

100% depends on luck that a good role dies early or at all. If you choose town/maf/coven/vampires pray that there is more of them than just the person that just died.

8 Retributionist

Revive one person and your role is basically done.

9 Medium

There's the medium's curse, which is a real thing, then no one believes a medium claim, and you will most likely end up dead since the medium's curse can still extend further if the dead give you nothing good.

Meds usually die n1 if they're unlucky. It's easy to fake. It's hard to confirm yourself unless there is a confirmed abusher

10 Arsonist

HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1! It's an nk role in which you have to DOUSE targets before you can kill them. That is absolutely stupid. 1/1000 Times in arsonist games the arsonist will win. This is because when you douse one each night, MAFIA CAN STILL ATTACK TOO! Most of the people you doused will be picked off by the mafia. The people KNOW when they're doused, and won't hesitate to tell the rest of the town. If investigator investigates you, you're seen as either BG,girlfriend, or Arso. If you don't claim bodyguard, you're gonna get hanged. Reply if you agree with me.

The Contenders
11 Spy

Spy's info is pointless and points the obvious. Its only strength is to confirm if someone is framed, rbed, etc. Got nerfed to the ground. Good players defend this useless role. Its only good to support scumreading.

Even if mafia doesn't know you exist, they still don't say names, whats the most useful thing that happens? you can prove that someone is blackmailed or forged etc? useless otherwise.

Spy got totally nerfed now. Not only can you not be able to read whispers, but you can't even listen to the Mafia talking at night. What a waste of a good role BlankMediaGames.

12 Forger

That moment when you write something embarrassing and it's funny, but later you regret it. You can never be convincing.

The poor man's Janitor

13 Transporter

Only a good role if there is an experienced person playing it. Most of the time, though, people use it wrong, think they have to transport every night, or transport random people in the beginning (which is one of the WORST things you can do). It's not a bad role, just difficult to use.

This should be number 1, by far the worst role. It's a town role that screws up the town. Wot?

I hate this role so much. Probably because I don't know how to play it. And I suck at trans.

14 Executioner

If you claim sheriff, no one believes you, and if you claim any other role, that one investigator will find you, and will have you lynched. Even if you manage to get people to believe you, there's always the chance your target will die at night and you'll become a jester. Also, night immunity is useless because your going to be lynched anyway.

15 Mafioso

I hate having to be told what to do. I'm seen as mafia by sheriff, I have to risk being seen by lookout, and I have to risk being shot by veteran. Also, if investigator investigates you, you are seen as vigil, vet, or mafi. If tk is dead, you're screwed by investigator.

16 Vampire

A vamp game ends like this:

confirmed townies get converted and they kill you


a vamp bites you but you die the next night. town wins but you don't

17 Serial Killer

I know people like this role, but it is very luck based. You constantly get lynched when you are forced to kill the jailor or escort. Or you get attacked by the maf and they give you away in their death note.

As soon as an escort finds you it's game over, especially in the first night, it's pointless to even try to play the game at that point. SK needs to be able to wipe the will of someone who roleblocks them.

Because it's hard to win as Serial Killer if 1 SK.

18 Escort
19 Veteran

You go on alert and what happens. BANG BANG doctor is dead. The only way to prevent this is to tell everyone you are vet. And you know what happens when they know your vet and you don't alert. BANG BANG BANG. And now everyone hates you bcs that dang doctor healed you. And when they are mad that you killed town, The town will lynch you since you killed a town.

In my opinion this is the worst role because you have no control on who you are going to hit. It is also very boring to just alert every night and wait to maybe hit someone, maybe not, and most of the time you are going to kill town.

This role sucks. relies entirely on random chance to be effective

20 Jailor

While it's definitely one of (if not the) most useful roles in the game, I never have fun playing this role. The job is way too stressful and most of the time, your prisoners will not cooperate with you, even if they are part of the town. And when someone asks you for your role, you either have to:

A) Refuse to give your role and have everyone be suspicious of you.
B) Reveal yourself as the Jailor and become the immediate target of everyone who wants town dead.

I agree that the Jailor has a purpose, just as long as it's someone else.

It's so bad, I mean like, yeah... You're a target to the neutrals and the mafia. Everyone wants to kill you. You're basically a neon sign walking into the enemy's base.

Executes Town for fun.

21 Juggernaut

The full-moon restriction is dumb, and the first perk of being able to attack every night is even dumber, you only get a single extra attack. That's the only reason I'm voting against this because the snowballing concept is super interesting.

Juggernaut is useless, I nearly always die in the first 2 days.

22 Hex Master

Hex bombing is cool and all but like necro with necronomicon you're just a mafioso with astral visit. You can easily hit a immune role or you can easily die to any of the killing roles execluding vet and if you get forced into visting your own dusa (if they don't get forced into stoning you) without the necronomicon you're just a terrible arso since you can't nuke the town until the endgame

It's a nerfed arso for the first nights without the necronomicon, and after that it's just a serial killer, Killing things.

23 Werewolf

Easily the worst neutral killing role in the game. You don't have the unstoppable nature of an Arsonist attack (nor the stealth), and you don't have the immediacy of a Serial Killer attack. Also, there's no numbers game since you're unique. You're also prone to being a Cult Leader/Witch's plaything until the end of time. Not only that, every game the Werewolf is found by Mafia immediately and everyone just tunnel visions you. Horrible role to play as or against. Even with Juggernaut, they are detection immune and unstoppable. The worst aspect of every NK role. You're like a less consistent Arsonist with no control over who you douse, and also restricted to the full moon like a Juggernaut. I hate this role, hate it, hate it, hate it!

This isn't actually overpowered, you are 1v14 like sk is. Not really unstoppable either. Can't even be idle because if people hit you or go to you while you transform you are dead.

24 Sheriff

If the Town isn't dumb, you're a pretty good role to the Town. However, if they're dumb, the immediate second you say someone's suspicious, you'll be screamed at for being the Executioner.

25 Lookout
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