Top 10 Hardest Blacklist Members to Beat In Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Who was the hardest guy to beat in this great NFS game?
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1 Earl

This is so stupid. First Race, no problem. Second Race... I am extremely upset with EA that they did not put in a feature where you can disable catch up. It is rediculous. I have had my best times on the sprint, literally as fast as I can possibly go, yet, for some reason, this dude never runs out of NOS and has 5x more acceleration than me... I am furious just writing this

Being that Earl is #9, I usually smoke him. But, you have to be aggressive on the block against him more so than any of the other drivers before him. I agree with him being at #1. I've personally beat this game hundreds of times, and it still hasnt gotten old. Best game of all-time period.

Definitely, his ride was so fast when it came to acceleration. He handled it real good as well. I had a modified Mustang and he sweated me in the last race.

Those tricky corners at the end of the sprint race really made him diffecult. I remember smashing my controller/keyboard mutiple times because I lost to him at the end.

2 Ronnie

The worst part about it is the tracks. The shipyard can get REALLY tight and whenever you jump over the two ramps and get the action shot thing it just messes up everything. And then you have to navigate through the tricky streets of Camden, with the slope into the tunnel at the end of the shipyards and the hairpin. What's the worst is you have to do it TWICE, once forward, once in reverse. So you have to drive 5 laps of absolute torture. Sprint race was fine.

On one hand, he might be an idiot who crashes constantly on corners, but on the other, you may experience another rubber-banding.

This Dude becomes EXTREMELY difficult in the circuit racing. Especially near that wooden bridge turn where you have to get your braking right. I had to move my brake bias on the Lexus completely to the rear to get it right.

Hey everyone I agree that Ronnie was hard. But I discovered a trick to beat him in circuit races. When the countdown starts immediately keep steering left deliberately and slam his car into pillars or towards boundary as hard as possible. Of course your car will also get hit so quickly press R if it hit and boost your nitro. You will be at least 10 seconds ahead

3 Razor

It's DRAG race is hard if he get TOTALED then it's ok but if he not then F...

If you take of the Dragster race he's not THAT tough nut!

4 Webster

Defeated him easily with a Gallardo.

Defeating Webster is a easy job if you have lancer EVO or cayman s

I Beat him easily with lotus elise, The hard part is The Woods Only

5 Bull

If you beat him you have the chance to get the superb McLaren Mercedes SLR McLaren

6 Kaze

Meh. She's straight-up on the median. It really varies for me, sometimes she's a cake walk, sometimes she's another Earl. Just my personal thoughts.

This opponent's car is so fast than the one that you possess while challenging her. I used Supra to win the races against her.

Break the water tank pursuit breaker in the race. She gets stuck there the whole time. Then it is very easy to beat her

It is very very easy to beat her. She doesn't even know how to drive

7 Baron

Honestly at this point of the game, this guy probably has a better car than yours. Especially if you didn't get any other boss cars before.

Isn't it legit that he literally has a very fast car yet he's cake walk?

8 Big Lou

Bruh. This guy is literally the damn easiest out of everyone, the only problem is his circuits are HELL longer than a ruler.

1st Race is pretty easy, but 2nd race is pretty hard. 2nd race on the final lap, he goes through the whole race going 180 mph and doesn't slow down.

9 JV

The drag race took me 23 times to beat, no joke. JV definitely has the hardest single race in his series. Ronnie has him beat though, thanks to the damn circuits.

That drag race killed me... It was too long for a drag race and there was a lot of traffic... I got stuck here for a long time...

Because of that long and congested drag race. Its where most people get stuck, and I did too.

The second drag race is very hard. I think that, that is the hardest drag race in this game.

10 Vic

He is just the beginning of where things go a bit cheesy. He drives a Supra compared to Taz and Sonny's Lexus and Gold, so what do you expect?

He should be number 3

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11 Sonny
12 Ming

He is very good racer he not good for racer he cheats with other racers

13 Jewels

A big screw to that drag race, that van is absolutely infuriating.

The drag made me nuts

14 Izzy

Easy! Just use a supra with 1st level upgrades.

15 Taz

I'm surprised this is the first comment.
Also, the #14 guy is in the 14th place. Coincidence?
Anyway, he is actually just a piece of cake. Just install Nitro to Sonny's car (if you have it, otherwise apply that to your starter car).

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