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1 Metagross Metagross, known in Japan as Metagross, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Get it hammer arm, gyro ball, earthquake, and explosion. Get it a relaxed nature so it raises its defense and lowers its speed. It is normally slow and has a nature to make it slower. This means not only does gyro ball get STAB but it also has more effect when you are slower. You might need to use hammer arm on some enemies, but that would make you slower, which makes gyro ball even stronger. Earthquake is good for getting other steel types, and also poison types, not that either of those would be able to hurt U.steel is weak to fire, so earthquake can help with that too. Ground is super-effective on electric and rock, too. If a steel type can use magnet rise or has levitate, use hammer arm. Only use explosion in an emergency, or if you have like 20 health left. It would make you die, but also probably the opponent, and if you have 20 hp you are probably going to die soon anyways.

Arms that crush Pokemon skulls. Insane attacks that will tear bodies apart. Amazing resistances and high defenses. If this Pokemon sat next to Arceus, he would think twice before approaching our hero. A mega evolution that sweeps even the best teams. Surprising agility makes it kill faster than it's opponent. A glare that says, "Get out of my way, or I'll show you what I can do." The sanctum of steel. The maker of metal. The strength of psychic. Who is it that I am referring to? It's Metagross.

Long time favorite since RSE came out, with this bulky tank of a Steel type, a really great movepool and tm learnset, Metagross makes for a wonderful addition to any team. Trouble with Ground types? Move tutor can teach him Ice Punch, Fire Types? Earthquake. Slap on an Assault Vest to fix that average Spec. Def. and you can have a great defensive mon. Throw in Hammer Arm and Meteor Mash or even Zen Headbutt, all up to your preference, whatever it is you like Metagross can probably learn it. 10/10 best Steel type and best Mon

Metagross is the beststeel type ever! It's mega evolution looks epic, and it's move set is really awesome! Any steel type Pokémon trainer would HAVE to have this on their team. If you have learn these 4 moves, Meteor Mash, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact and finally Agility so you can raise your speed and dodge more attacks more often. With this move set, your Metagross should be almost unstoppable and can definitely blast your way to probably the first 2-3 Slite four members. That's how Overwhelming Metagross can be! This Pokémon definitely deserves top spot of the beat steel types list.

2 Lucario Lucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.

WHAT?! Strong, super popular, mega evolving and yet only SECOND PLACE?! You've got to give Lucario more credit than this for all THAT! Metagross is cool and and all but Lucario is my all time favourite Pokémon and totally deserves first place. Respect your opinion but you should think about how others would think about this list too.

Clearly best steel type they can kick ass if they know high jump kick, blaze kick, earthquake and extreme speed that is what I taught mine in a sword and shield nuzlock and I had mine the whole game he was the first Pokémon I ever caught.

Aura Sphere gonna kill you all. End of story.

Lucario got voted no. 1 fighting type, so let's make him no. 1 in steel, too. Although as good as Lucario is, Metagross is going to be some competition to outrank.

All of fighting's weaknesses got canceled out by his steel side, so he's got all the weaknesses of steel and that's it.

Hey, Lucario also has the best look. I mean, doesn't it look beast how he's kneeling down and is giving you a menacing stare (that's in heart gold/soul silver)?

Let's face it: Lucario is the best.

While Metagross is at the top of this list, and for good reason, we can't just ignore Lucario. Not only is he a Steel-Fighting, but is weak to almost nothing, spare... Steel. And while his stat totals are far inferior to Metagross, his moves are unique to Metagross'. Aura Sphere is something nobody should be ignoring.

And while Metagross is likely to be deserving of the number-one spot, and Aggron is by far one of the best Pokemon out there, I cannot argue with this system. And maybe Lucario too deserves more credit.

3 Aggron Aggron, known in Japan as Bossgodora, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I have to admit that Aggron is one of the best steel types. its ability is Rock Head, There fore it cannot take recoil damage, making its use of double-edge very effective. Aggron has a great move set, being able to learn electric, fighting, rock, and dark moves as well as its base types, steel and ground. His speed isn't very high, which is why his move autotomize is good, boosting his speed stat. It is also a massive tank. its defense is so high, not even a fighting move will one shot it. It can also mega-evolve in gen 6, making it even better.

Aggron is my favorite. When you combine it with Swampert in Emerald, the two are nearly unstoppable. The only downside is the fact that he is a steel- rock type and I think we all know how bad rock types are. Once he is in his mega evolution, Aggron drops the rock and becomes a pure steel type, which makes him even cooler than before. It also helps that he looks cool and even cooler in his mega evolution.

Aggron is a huge defensive wall, and with Iron Defense he can easily become a Sp. definitely. Wall as well. His Mega forme capitalizes on his already apparent stats, the only stat taking a decrease being speed (but if you expect your Aggron to outrun a Garchomp at the same level then what are you playing for? ) and every other stat recieving a major increase.

Metagross is awesome, but no one has better defense in the steel category then Aggron. The fact that in third gen you can get Aron early on makes him the best investment you can get early game. Everyone sees Metagross coming, but when Aggron shows up the other team starts sweating bullets.

4 Scizor Scizor, known in Japan as Hassam, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I have him and he is a total beast. He has been a nothing more than a powerhouse in many battles. And with only one weakness compared to the 4 that Metagross has, the three Lucario has, the three Aggron has, three for Empoleon, 2 for skarmory, 4 for excadrill, and 4 for steelix, it kind of makes me mad he's not higher on this list. He has great stats, a solid move pool and a mega evolution to boot. It's speed is massive if trained right and if you give it a decent set of moves to work with it's speed, it can even deal with fire types before they have a chance to do anything. Scizor for the win!

He's so fun to use during battle and fairly easy to train. So people-try him out! To evolve Scyther you need to make it hold Metal Coat and then trade it. Metal Coats are easily aquired in oras by 1. Catching Skarmorys. There is a chance that they will be holding Metal Coat. Skarmorys are easier to catch then you think! 2. New Mauville also happens to have one within its walls. Metal Cost also has the same evolving system for Onix to Steelix. It also powers up steel type moves! Start catching those Skarmory's!


The best steel type resides at a puny place of 8-now why isn't it first?

It looks AWESOME!
It's a beast, capable of destroying legendaries-it defeated a Moltres in XY, and the whole elite four too!

AND it had a mega evolution! It's deadly pincers, intimidating looks and fearsome attacks get a massive boost!

It's so lethal, and has an excellent movepool, and is also the best bug type!

Metagross, Aggron, Lucario (somehow lucario got to 2... Wut? ) BEWARE, Scizor is coming

How is Aggron second? Mega Aggron is OP, but regular Aggron sucks. It's two slow and the weaknesses cripple it. Steel/Rock is crappy typing. Scizor on the other hand? Technician Scizor + Priority STAB Bullet Punch wrecks teams. Need convincing? One word: UBER.

GG Scizor, GG. Mega Scizor's tanky but not worth the Mega Evolution. Use an evo stone on a Pinsir or something if you're looking for a mega hyper bug of doom.

5 Steelix Steelix, known in Japan as Haganeil, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

If you teach him heavy slam, since steelix has a lot of weight it's does in my opinion more than gyroball. Earthquake is a good cover move and deals a good amount of damage. Ice fang also covers flying and ground types and also has a chance of freezing your opponent. Finaly I use stealth rock since it helps fight other Pokemon along the way. His defense is super high so fiscal attacks won't do much. Stellix is a force to be reckoned with and a very good Pokemon.

Althought steelix glory days are over he is still not bad in competitive he has a defense of a god and his design is cool he is a upgraded version of onix too bad steelix has a low special defense and that means moves like fflamethrower, surf, earth power, etc can easily shut it down but that wont stop me from ev training one. I still love steelix.

I don't understand why steelix is considered weak. It can learn earthquake which makes fire no threat. Teach it rock slide and fire types with levitate are done. After that it can also mega evolve.

Steelix = Super Powered Onix, I'm shocked its not higher up, its super massive and potentially super powerful, and it's the icon of what a Steel type Pokemon should be..

6 Dialga Dialga, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Look, competitive life orb dialga is just overpowered. This typing gives it coverage from fairy and ice, which are the usually dragon enemies. It has a moderately middle level speed, so screw you trick room steelix. Roar of time might not be the best move, but earth power can cover a lot of enemies for you, and for fighting dragon types, all you need to do is throw a few Draco meteor or dragon pulses at it

Dialga is a beast. One thing that I like about Dialga is the type combination. It is the only Steel/Dragon in the whole franchise (#I do not know how to spell it! ). I like Dialga over Palkia and Giratina (and Arceus! ). I say that Palkia should be Psychic/Dragon but were not in a Palkia conversation. I bet Dialga should get 1st place.

People must realize that dragon steel is the best typing ever, its resistant to 9 types and normally damaged by fairy and fire! Dialga is possibly the best Pokemon created. And did you miss that epic special attack roar of time?

Alright, here is the thing. Dialga here is a massive steel type Pokemon and with roar of time move he is a mass murderer. I mean come on! He is a legendary Pokemon which control time and you let him down at the 9th on the list? You what m8?

7 Mawile

Well it's a fairy and steel type at the same time which is pretty cool, you gotta give Mawile that! Although it's not my favourite steel type, it's pretty awesome all in all.

Mega Mawile should honestly be #1. It has a 105 base attack stat, plus it's ability huge power gives it an attack stat of 210. From then on, you can give it swords dance, iron head, play rough, and knock off, and literally destroy everything. Hell, even Lugia and Deoxys-A will think twice about switching in to you. And that's without the swords dance. Also, knock off vs mega metagross equals rip metagross in spaghetti, never forgetti, never regretti

She is a textbook example of being so adorable, despite the jaw on her back. Prior to Gen 6, she was believed to be underloved because of her medicore base stats, with an average attack it's best stat. She becomes one of the best potential sweepers when she had huge power and a fairy typing, but it hasn't stopped the fire and ground type Pokemon, also spikes, and even strong choice scarf users from sweeping up on her sugary sweetness

I think mawile is a great pokemon especially in its design... I know there's less likes for this pokemon because honestly they never see it in the pokemon anime. Very Understandable but only if this great pokemon had one chance to just WHACK a very strong pokemon like EVERY OTHER POKEMON did we wouldn't have this issue? EHHH EHH?

8 Empoleon Empoleon, known in Japan as Emperte, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

No, Empoleon isn't the best steel type. It's in fact the best water type, the best steel type, the best starter and the best Pokemon. It has a great defensive AND offensive typing, it can roll with any item easily, it has a great movepool and it can counter all of its weaknesses easily. Fighting types? Drill Peck. Ground types? Ice Beam, Scald, Waterfall, Surf, Hydro Pump and Grass Knot. Electric types? Earthquake. It also has great base stats.

A unique combination of Steel and Water...which makes it vulnerable only to Electric type...
Empoleon has high attack stats and having a defensive type that is steel type...makes it more versatile...

Its attacks should be...
Hydro Pump
Flash Cannon
Ice Beam

I do think that empoleon is a really good Pokemon. On my x game I have a level 67 piplup. My problem is piplup is just so darn cute I don't want to evolve him. Empoleon's steel type gets rid of the electric weakness.

Empoleon rocks it should be in 2nd place I used empoleon and metagross only to beat the elite four and the champion.

9 Aegislash Aegislash is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Steel/Ghost Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Doublade, and the final evolve form of Honedge. Classified as the Royal Sword Pokemon, it is said to detect innate qualities of leadership. According to legend, anyone more.

Agrislash is one of the two non legendary, non mega Pokemon in the uber tier (the other being blaziken) and it is easy to see why. With its insane attack and defense stats that come along with its different formes, it is a powerhouse. My personal favourite set is kings shield, toxic, shadow ball (yes my aegislash is special) and flash cannon. Toxic the opponent then alternate between kings shield an your attacks. I sweeper an entire team with this strategy. For an item, I would go with leftovers to get health back. Next, its typing. Steel ghost gives it 3 immunities and 9 resistances. Finally it's design and shiny. A haunted sword? I want to give a medal to whoever thought up that concept. And don't get me started on the shiny. It's black and has a red outline. So damb cool. All in all aegislash is one great Pokémon!

There's just so much to love about this Pokémon. I've never met anyone who dislikes it, and even if I did, I don't think they'd be able to justify it. It's a royal sword with ghostly powers, and its ability gives you so many choices of how you can use this thing in competitive. It learns Swords Dance very early on, and it learns priority Shadow Sneak early on too. And shadow sneak being physical, and lots of other STAB moves of it being physical too, it leads to some pretty impressive sweeping capabilities. So it's great as a design, great as a battler, and overall, just a great Pokémon.

I still cannot grasp the fact that Aegislash isn't number one yet, or at least at the time of writing this. It is by far the best steel Pokemon, both defensively and offensively, as its attack AND defense match mega Metagross, yet does not take up the mega slot. It is also faster. It's signature move, kings shield, is just an enhanced protect! Not to mention its good typing.

This is probably one of my favorite Pokemon, It learns amazing moves, and before I knew it, it was 20 levels over everything I battled because of it's amazing level up speed. It can destroy everything with sacred sword, and if not, then he'll smash them apart with iron head. I couldn't believe how quickly the elite four got wrecked with this Pokemon. he is really one of the best.

10 Magnezone

Metagross is built for attack, but what about magnezone. Its sp. Attack is awesome plus with the right moves and items it can take one the most powerful of Pokemon. Teaching it thunder and flash cannon is a good idea because of STAB. Hyper beam is one of the most powerful special moves. If magnezone has the ability magnet pull give it a focus sash and teach it mirror coat for Pokemon who emphasis on special attack.

Why isn't Magnezone tied with Metagross? He is basically the special attack counterpart of Metagross. They should be a twin where they have same total base stats with Sp Atk be higher than Metagross, while Metagross's Atk is higher than Magnezone. But they end up having the same total base stats.

A special attack to rival the best of pokemon, an ability that is the nightmare of other steel types, and a decent all around tank makes Magnezone one of the best steel types in my mind.

Electric pokemon are all about special attack. And Magne zone has a wack ton of it. It has great stats in general and is a powerful opponent when fighting against. It even made it to OUR teir

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11 Skarmory Skarmory, known in Japan as Airmd, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Best physical wall in game, however very hard to use. My move set is "And to the best Physical wall in the game. Spikes to take a chunk out of each newcomer, Drill peck being surprisingly strong for a Defensive Pokemon, Roost to regain health consistently and Whirlwind to switch out a potential danger.

Combined, SkarmBliss can stall most attacking Pokemon in the whole game (exceptions do exist but can be handled)". This was a move set on Quora by Mihir Kulkarni.

Negates ground, fighting and rock. Can't be OHKO'd, decent attack, can use x-scissor, dark pulse, and toxic (duh) one of the highest base defense (if not the highest) among flying types, very hard to beat in doubles/triples when supported with mud/water sport which seem just built to help skarmory. Think about it. They cater to skarmory's weaknesses right?

You think you can beat mine? No you cannot. I hope for you that you got taunt on your team (but I will bounce it up with Espeon :-p).

Item: Rock Helmet
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Bold (to make Foul Play less effectice, so it's better than Impish)
Stealth Rock

And now you are dead.

It just rocks! It has only 2 weaknesses after countering both ground and fighting moves with it's type combination. Way high defense, awsaumn look and high attack. It should be number 1 on every flying or steel type pokemon list.

12 Excadrill

Wow. That's almost all I have to say. My favorite steel type and ground type. Grass won't do as much, due to it being a half steel type, and it has three obvious weaknesses water, fighting, and fire, which it being a part ground type, can cover with a move like bulldoze or earthquake. And the design is amazing. I mean, who doesn't want a pokemon with two weaknesses and is Edward scizorhands?

With an insane Attack stat and an awesome ability to boot, Excadrill can really tear up the battlefield. Either set up a sandstorm or get a Sand-Stream user to do it for you, it's game other. End of. On the other hand, its design screams badass.

Insanely high attack stats and with Sand Rush you get an incredible fast killing machine!

Not the best steel but certainly the best ground!

13 Bisharp

A sucker punch from this guy after a swords dance is DEVASTATING, having 4 times weakness to fighting means nothing if they can't survive a single round against him. Grab defiant, and an attack increasing nature and you're all set. For moves, I liked running swords dance, iron head, sucker punch, and knock off for the utility. As for looks, he has the color scheme that I oftentimes find myself wishing other Pokemon could have.

With better stats than most of the higher ups, and an awesome design, Swords dance/Night slash with a few attack bags on Super training and this thing is unbeatable.

This guy is terrifying, set him up with a few sword dances (2-3) then attack, he can nearly OHKO anyone. by the way, I have bisharp who is named Shogun and he has helped me beat so many competitive battles and is my 4th favourite Pokemon of all time

Just saying did you ever heard of move Guillotine because it has infinite power! And Bisharp learns it at level 71! It is the ultimate attack, over powered!

14 Jirachi Jirachi, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Oh my god. How is this 12th?! Jirachi is so cute and powerful! You must admit, it has good attacks. Jirachi is like, so underrated! Give Jirachi some love!

Jirachi is probably the only steel type I know that doesn't look angry. Or looks happy.

Jirachi can also heal itself with wish. This makes for a fun combo.

Jirachi is the best Pokemon and my sister favorite Pokemon.

15 Aron Aron, known in Japan as Cokodora, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Just because Aron one of my favorite Pokemon. And because I made list it gave some power to the order of it. Best doesn't always have to be best in battles.

Amazing, evolving into Aggron can take time but it's SO #WORTH. Aron is really cute and powerful in it's own sense too

Aron. What have people become? R.I.P in pieces.

I just loved catching my first Aron in hoenn! I couldn't wait for it to be an aggron

16 Registeel

Sure it has good defences and all, but its not that great to use. People think its amazing because a lot of people just think "Oh! It's a legend so it must be good! "

Registeel has amazing defenses and because of its pure steel type it has many resistances an immunity but only 3 weaknesses

17 Mega Aggron

210 defense. Heavy slam, sturdy + metal burst, iron tail, iron head, head smash + rock head, earthquake, and I could go on.

Umm wait... why is this lower than Aggron? It does everything Aggron does but better...

Rest/Sleep Talk/Substitute/Dragon Tail

Sweep half a team for an easy timeout win.

Best of the best

18 Mega Lucario
19 Mega Mawile

How is this unranked? one of the best pokemon. (By how cool it looks)

20 Lairon
21 Bastiodon

Surprised he wasn't anywhere on the list. I mean he's not incredible but I can see him taking the number 15 spot in exchange for excadrill.

How the hell is probopass beating this thing it is better than that piece of garbage and it is a dinosaur thing. VOTE BASTIODON!

Bastiodon is awesome enough said!

First of all it was my 1st Pokemon not including the starter and is pretty bulky

22 Genesect Genesect, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Really guys really this is a better version of scizor because of techno blast has one weakness and can learn ice beam discharge water techno blast fly signal beam flash cannon. A perfect partner for almost anything and is my tied favourite pokemon. It's so diverse with great ability amazing type coverage and has awesome all round stats with phenomenal speed and sp art.

Techno blast everyone!

Best Pokemon full stop

23 Ferrothorn

If it has 0 speed EVs, its gyro ball is devastating to fairies. Its spiky barbs hurt, and then you can just switch in heatran when your opponent puts in a fire type, and then bam, flash fire and magma storm the crap out of your opponent's Pokemon. My best monotype steel team always includes this guy, and with leech seed+leftovers, he restores like 10% of his hp every turn. My #1 fairy killer recommended to everyone. He works as a lead too with spikes, and as if that wasn't enough, he can sweep water and ground types with power whip. Grass normally has a bunch of weaknesses, but steel is immune to poison, and strong against ice, so that helps too. Steel is amazing defensively, and grass has great sp. at, so this guy is the perfect ferro-storm. (Get it)

Utility is this Pokemon's name and it can be near impossible to wear down at times. With typing that's exclusive to it's line and great defenses it already has many unique attributes and it's support movepool is one of the best there is. It's no slouch on the offense either and can dish out strong Gyro Balls and Power Whips if necessary. Steels are amazing as ever and Ferrothorn is one of the defining Pokemon's of it's typing as it constantly proves to be incredibly useful for the trainer in battle and pain for the opponent to beat.

Ferrothorn should be in the top 7 at least. It might be slow, but gyro ball makes up for its speed because lower speed makes gyro ball so OP + STAB makes it so good. Also, iron barbs is so good. When an opponent uses a move that attacks multiple times, that opponent dies if they use something like double slap.

Ferrothorn has a great defensive typing with great defenses and above average attack. Allowing it to be a wall and make use of high powered attacks. Gyro ball. Power whip, these two attacks are ridiculously powerful and youstill have two slits for two other moves.

24 Heatran

HEATRAN THE TANK (and steel types are made to TANK! ) - why this title? - This Pokemon, the only fire/steel type, has five resistances 25% damage, 2 immunities 0%, and four regular times 2 resistances 50%... Offensively this is the only Pokemon with Magma Storm, the only partial-trap move with 100+ which lets me switch and murder any Pokemon.
More facts- Learns Dragon Pulse for coverage. PERFECT STATS! 91 HP (386 life), 106 definitely (342), and 106 special definitely (342) makes his life to defense 1:1 which means it has the highest the potential of taking hits on both sides with its total stats.

Heatren is the best Pokemon anybody could get so you should really only vote for this guy me and him beat the Pokemon league alone and we did it with nothing to heal with. and he was only at level 50 and he did not ever go on Pokemon amy or super training and I am not lying. he is insanely inecredibley strong if anybody is reading this and they like heatmor they have a heck of some taste and if you don't know what that means it means you have a really good choice.

Duh, fire immunity. Heatran is mad ugly but it deserves a top 10 tier on a steel team!

This pokemon is ultimate fairy killer, fairy attacks tickle it. that's why I love it.

25 Probopass Probopass, known in Japan as Dainose, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

It looks like Jeromeasf

I like this Pokemon

This Pokemon is so good should at least be 8th just because of its awesome special defense

Awesome Pokemon this should be at least 8th because of its mad special defines

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