Hardest Additions in the Legend of Dragoon

So I have just finished The Legend of Dragoon, an RPG that relies on additions to do, well, additional damage. Many of the additions in the game were tough to get right, and many had counters that were just unbelievably frustrating to get too. Here are the hardest additions to master in The Legend of Dragoon. (character names are in parantheses).
The Top Ten
1 Moon Strike (Dart)

For some reason, this is the one I had the most trouble with. Six presses. The timing is quite awkward and throws you off, especially since Dart's previous additions were all so easy until then. The counters are the real kicker, especially if one occurs on the third hit.

2 Hex Hammer (Haschel)

Six presses. This also has very brutal counterattack timing. I only mastered this one in the Death Frontier, where enemies never counter. Even without the counter, it's very quick. The fact that both this and Moon Strike aren't final additions makes them even worse, since you need to master both to get the final additions.

After beating this game 100 times, this is the only addition that I cannot land 100% of the time.

3 Demon's Dance (Rose)

In truth, this actually isn't that hard of a final addition to do. It's just where the counterattack can be placed that can really mess it up. The worst places are at the third and sixth hits, and the sixth one tends to show up as a counterattack just as you are about to hit the button.

4 Perky Step (Meru)

Very hard and also quite distracting, given Meru's movements. The timing is freaky, and there's a counterattack too.

5 Rod Typhoon (Lavitz)

Notice I have Rod Typhoon with Lavitz, and not Albert. That's because Lavitz's Rod Typhoon has a counter. Albert's doesn't and is actually easier to time. Lavitz has a counter for Rod Typhoon usually on the second or third hits, but there's not a lot of time between either of those, so it trips up most players. This is definitely the first addition of the game to do so, given how early Lavitz can learn Rod Typhoon.

6 Blazing Dynamo (Dart)

For a final addition, it doesn't have a counter, but its timing is really weird. I actually think the sounds Dart makes with this addition are out of sync with the button presses, which is usually the thing that throws me off.

7 Cat's Cradle (Meru)

A very quick addition. Sometimes has a counter in terrible spots.

8 Flower Storm (Albert)

Some people had trouble with this. I actually never did. Though a counter is easily anticipated, you have to be precise for the next hit. This is a problem with a few other additions too, like Cool Boogie.

9 Gust of Wind Dance (Albert)

I tend to get Albert's additions right, mostly because he learns them at early levels. This is still a tough one, though.

10 Summon 4 Gods (Haschel)

Only three hits, but the counter on the second hit usually comes abruptly, just before the button press.

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