Top 10 Hardest Donkey Kong 64 Golden Bananas to Obtain

The golden bananas from Donkey Kong 64 that were the hardest to obtain.
The Top Ten
1 Lanky Kong Beetle Race - Crystal Caves

Oh god this one is by far the worst banana in the game! I lost hair to this one. I just wanna take my foot and smash that beetle to mush.

The second race is even more difficult for starters the beetle gets a head start and you have to use Lankys barrel to make him run fast and it takes of few seconds for you to break out of it, you also have to collect 50 coins on your way down and there are sections where you need to get a lot of speed to land safety on the slides if you slow down even a little or if the stupid beetle hits you as your jumping you'll fall into the lava and have to start the level all over again.

With a certain glitch you can get the banana easily but it's very hard to pull off.

If you run into the corner just right before Uhr first door you'll start falling, and if done right you'll land right on the banana

2 The Beaver Bother Mini Games

Perhaps the hardest mini game in the DK64 game its really frustrating getting the beavers into the hole a lot of times they just stop right in front of them and move around it.

For me, this is the worst mini game of DK. Sometime the beaver stop in front of the hole, sometime they are stock in the corners. Hate it

3 DK Rotating Maze - Crystal Caves

Now getting the golden banana when entering the igloo is a huge pain in the butt to get you have to navigate the rotating maze while being careful not to touch the maze itself, touching it cause you to lose one whole melon just 3 hits and your dead.

4 Diddy Kong Cabin Destroy All Enemies Time Limit - Crystal Caves

While it shouldn't be such a problem the problem is the short time limit obviously you can't simply use your instrument to kill enemies at one you have to defeat them all using your weapon, oranges and other moves, fail to beat them in the time limit and an enemy will attempt to blast you and you have to leave and enter again to try again.

This always gave me so much trouble even if you manage to kill the two fat orange Kremlings you have to wait for them to completely die if time runs out as their still dying you have to try again.

5 Donkey Kong DK Arcade - Frantic Factory

This took me several times to get this the first time after clearing the DK arcade game once you have to play again the challenge is only start with one life and its very easy to die.

6 Diddy Kong Spring Pad Bonus Barrel Challenge - Gloomy Galleon

For this challenge you have to sneak past several guards and make it to the finish line which is way more difficult than the first one from Angry Aztec and there are many dead ends that will cause you to waste time.

7 Diddy Kong Mechanical Fish - Gloomy Galleon

You have to reach the top of the lighthouse and play the guitar to make the mechanical fish appear then make your way there within the time limit and then have to shoot the 3 circles when they turn yellow.

8 Lanky Kong Race to the Banana inside the small house - Creepy Castle

What makes it hard is there's a time limit you can use the speed barrel but its very hard to see where you have to go.

9 Donkey Kong Barrel Blast Pad - Fungi Forest
10 Diddy Kong Owl's Ring challenge - Fungi Forrest

It can be really tricky using the jetpack to fly through the rings.

The Contenders
11 Rabbit Race with Lanky - Fungi Forest

This race is ridiculous harder then it needed to be he runs much faster and Lanky has to use the speed handstand barrel which requires crystals to use.

12 Beetle Race with Tiny - Angry Aztec
13 Krazy Kong Klamour - Fungi Forest
14 Target Shooting with Chunky - Gloomy Galleon
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