Top 10 Hardest Enemies in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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1 Dragon Priests

Now that I've taken on a couple of dragon priests, I finally felt the thrill of battle again. The two that I faced (from the Dragonborn DLC), the jailer and the one from the dig site quest, both managed to kill me.

The second one basically forced me to use Dragon Aspect Stage Two since I didn't have the third word of power for it, but even if I did, I would have needed it. Miraak, however, was actually a really disappointing fight. I used Dragon Aspect only because I thought it would be cool for two Dragonborns to fight to the death in their ultimate form, but Miraak was just all talk.

It only took me about 20 seconds to finish him, and I didn't even make an attempt to dodge any attack. Even when the dragon you have to use Bend Will on came, I decided to take a breath attack to see how strong it was. Even though the final part of the Miraak quest was pretty easy, the seekers and lurkers made it a bit fun.

I wish I had a gaming computer so I could use commands to spawn in an army to test what I can take on.

2 Karstaag

Karstaag was the hardest at higher levels (252) with the best possible One-Handed Build/EQ. He was the only enemy who could get my health to half in less than 5 seconds. It might be because he has a snowstorm phase at the start of his fight.

Nonetheless, no other boss could do that to me. Not that it mattered because he was dead very soon after that phase.

By far the most powerful enemy in the game. He has a Wolverine-humbling healing factor, godlike hit points and punching power, countless immunities and resistances, can ragdoll you at will, and on top of that, he can summon ice wraiths.

Not that he really needs them.

3 Ancient Dragons

These guys have an 80% chance to kill me. I am level 30 and full Daedric everything! But I use glass arrows.

I have been shouted off a cliff while fighting one, and I didn't save for like 25 minutes.

4 Falmer

Easily the most difficult "regular" enemy in the game. At low levels, they are a joke and easily picked off using a bow, but at level 70 and above, they will swarm you in well-organized packs.

Hardened "tanks" come at you head-on, blocking you (like offensive linemen in American football), while archers and mages hammer you from afar. Individually, they are probably not any worse than Draugr Deathlords, but they are almost always in much larger packs. Also, the way they work together is an example of some of the best NPC combat AI I have seen.

5 Ebony Warrior

I haven't fought the Ebony Warrior yet, but I've heard he is the toughest enemy in the game. I've seen video gameplays and walkthroughs of people fighting him on Legendary. It was insane, and I'm not sure if I even want to fight him.

There's also video proof that the Ebony Warrior can kill anything, including Karstaag, Miraak, and a Legendary Dragon.

I am currently level 145, with maxed-out Daedric armor and legendary dragonborn swords with OP enchants. I had a very hard time beating this guy (I pushed him off the cliff, to be honest).

If you don't have a tank build, you will spend a long time killing him. The good part is that the equipment is OK, and the feeling once you defeat him is great.

6 Miraak

This guy is a beast at higher levels. His insane sword damage and his unparalleled variety of shouts (in NPCs, that is) make him a force to be reckoned with.

That's not even mentioning the dragons supporting him and his four-time full heal.

A very hard boss for those who want a good challenge. He heals three times through the fight and in the end gets impaled by an angry Hermaeus Mora.

I beat him on my first try (but of course I did wait until I was over level 120 to do the Dawnguard quest line). It seems strange he is even on the list.

7 Legendary Dragon

With the combination of shouts and the intensely high health, this is a very difficult enemy. I fought one at level 123 and died. I later got my revenge, though.

I faced one of these in Legendary mode, level 105, with all maxed armor. It still took me forever, and my butt hole was clenched enough to make a diamond!

Without a doubt, the hardest enemy you'll ever face in Skyrim.

8 Forsworn Briarhearts

I have been playing the same Skyrim game for literally years. I was amazed that after all my work, all the armor, and everything I had, I got killed in one hit by a Briarheart.

When I came back, it took me five tries to finally destroy him.

A pain in the butt with Red Eagle. One shot me twice at level 44 with 300 health.

9 Chaurus Reapers

I generally have fun fighting every enemy type in Skyrim, but I hate Chaurus. I would vote for Falmer, but these aren't too difficult if you have a helper.

It's frustrating that even though I can take down Chaurus and Fledgling quite easily now at level 35, there are occasionally Reapers, and these are like taking down Chaurus for the first time.

I hate these things! They're a nightmare to fight unless I use my high sneak skill and archery skill to take them down while Lydia goes in after them.

What? I can't believe that the chaurus reapers and their mama in Frostflow Lighthouse are not higher...

10 Giant

Everyone says your follower can use the giant club, but when I click it, it says search giant or nothing. Does anyone know what's going on?

Yes. Just yes. The first time I encountered one, I tried to steal a mammoth. When the giants started chasing me, I ran while crying all the way to Whiterun.

Giants can be killed with the Windshear. Also, my follower Mjoll the Lioness is pretty strong. I gave her Orcish armor, and she can go head to head with giants!

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11 Elder Dragons

Imagine stumbling along, just trying to get some places marked on your map. Then boom. It traps you in a cycle of running around a rock so you don't die.

12 Hagravens

Vampire Lord RKOs the Hagravens unless they are using fire magic.

As a Vampire Lord at a low level, you kill everything. I went to fight a Green Frost Dragon, and it didn't damage me much compared to when I was a medium-level High Elf.

I recommend a Dark Elf and Vampire Lord to avoid more fire damage.

Beasts with their powerful destruction magic can fight melee with their bare hands.

13 Blood Dragons

These are among the simplest dragons and have stupidly low health. I annihilated one at level 8.

14 Centurion Master

My sneak is 100, so I just crouch kind of far away and sneak attack them. They are pretty easy to kill.

15 The Dragonborn

The Dragonborn can master everything.

Higher powers can grant invulnerability, the means to walk through objects, and limitless resources.

All for the Dragonborn's benefit.

Overall, I believe that the Dragonborn can overcome any challenge.

16 Draugr Deathlord

While being level 128, these guys still tend to put up the best fights among all the humanoid enemies. I ended up waiting and doing the Companions storyline until I was around level 120, and these guys f me up.

These draugr are so overpowered. Two shots with the bow kill me as a level 60. I have to quicksave anytime I see them. I fear nothing in Skyrim more than them.

Fighting these requires lots of health potions and spells, arrows (or bolts), and running away.

17 Alduin

According to the wiki, Miraak tried to rebel against Alduin and his fellow dragons. So, if Alduin is so easy to defeat, why did Miraak's rebellion fail? Outside of Miraak's temple, the skeletons of at least twenty dragons can be found.

So, it couldn't have been the sheer numbers of the dragons. Miraak says himself he could have defeated Alduin, which I have no doubt of.

Alduin can be the most powerful. The thing is, he's as powerful as you are. He's easy to defeat at levels 10-15, but try to defeat him at level 50.

You want a better battle? Complete all the other missions aside from the main storyline so Alduin will be really powerful.

18 Wispmother

I don't see these very often, but they're really neat. I just can't stand that sometimes they drain my health faster than I can drain theirs.

19 The Children

I tried killing my children, then Lydia came down and also tried killing them. What an entertaining moment.

Sometimes I wonder if they're going to form an immortal army and take over Skyrim...

Damnit, Bethesda. If the children of Skyrim weren't so annoying, I wouldn't be mad that they can't be killed.

20 Dremora

I've been killed in one hit and two hits by these things.

21 Dwarven Centurion

Hard if level 20 or lower without good tools and a follower.

22 Trolls

I tried to kill one, although I'm only level 14. That thing jumped off the cliff and bashed my skull in. I don't see why they have so much health, except the troll I'm talking about was a frost troll.

Level 6. Use fire spells. By the way, I upgraded Destruction Spells, so it might just be me using upgrades.

23 Arch-Warlock
24 Draugr Death Overlord

These are hard and quite common at higher levels. Dangerous.

I think it's the most badass enemy.

25 Lord Harkon

He just pissed me off because he kept healing, running, and turning invisible like a coward.

He's literally weaker than Arch-Curate Vyrthur from earlier in the quest. But he heals three times just like Miraak, so he's a pain to fight, especially if you sold Auriel's Bow like me.

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