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1 Honey Badger

This was my FIRST gold gun in Call of Duty: Ghosts (took me three days to get gold). You'd think since it is silenced it would be horrible at range, right... WRONG! This gun just has amazing iron sights and somehow a good feel for long range. This gun with that perk that allows you to have three attachments to your gun (whatever it is called), well you can have FOUR attachments with the Honey Badger. Well, this has been my argument for why he 300 AAC Honey Badger is my favorite rifle in Call of Duty history, even more than the ACR 6.8 from MW3.

In Ghosts, a silenced weapon is very deadly. With the wide-open maps, an assault rifle does much better than an SMG, which is opposite of Black ops 2. The Honey Badger is an assault rifle, which has an integrated Silencer. This gives you room in your attachments for a fore grip, plus whatever floats your boat.

Honey badger has an integrated silencer and has no kick at all. It ranges from point blank kills to longshots with no trouble at all. the honey badger by far is the best gun in Call of Duty ghosts.

Probably the 2nd best AR in the game, I think that the Remmington R5 beats it by a little but still a great gun overall. It outbeats the AK-12 and all of the other ARs in the game though for sure.

2 AK-12

The AK-12 is a very nice weapon in every way. Low recoil, high damage, and a relatively high fire rate. When I play I always use this gun I recommend it best gun in Ghosts.

Put this gun with a silencer and extended mags and it is amazing.

This weapon although very good is overshadowed by the Remington and Hobey Badger the AK-12 is a very capable assault rifle has high damage and nice clean iron sights and since the health system in Call of Duty Ghosts is quite low this thing if used correctly can melt people.

Its an ak, enough said

3 Remington R5

The Remington R5 is amazing since it is both powerful and accurate. Long distance engagements even against opposing snipers can be won with a Remington since it's so steady when firing, and kills in usually 3 hits. And if your worried about the smaller mag capacity, don't be. The higher damage per round makes up for a little less ammo, and on top of that the reduced fire rate aids in limiting ammo consumption. This weapon is extremely useful when mastered, and is best in the hands of those who prefer accurate and reliable fire over spray and prey.

Now, this gun has its dis-advantages. It's a long weapon and is easier to spot by enemies if your around a corner or cover. Also the slower fire rate sometimes means that even if you aim down sights and injure an opponent, they can often still manage to kill you with a faster firing weapon if they in return also land their shots. To avoid this from happening however you can use the perk FOCUS which assist in less flinch when shot. All ...more

It's the best weapon in Call of Duty ghosts because good range, damage and accuracy and is the most versatile weapon in the game!

This isn't my favorite gun but out of all the guns on this list I think it is the most accurate and deadly.

I always like to use this gun because of it's awesome damage and it's cool and useful attachments!


Best SMG in its class. Comes with fantastic iron sights and looks great. Its bullpup design makes for faster reloads. Put a muzzle brake on it and it's great at long range, add a fore grip for less recoil. Overall great gun!

MTAR-X and Vector CRB are the best SMG in Ghosts. First of all, those are the guns pro players use and with the right perks it takes only 3-4 shots to kill.

My main player has classes with Bizon, MTAR-X, R5, Honey Badger, Vector, and a Sniper or a Riot Shield. It's so nice that you can have 36 different classes!

MTAR-X is the best! I use it in safeguard and I win everysingle time. If you put Holographic sight and muzzle break hen you are better off than a sniper rifle

5 SC-2010

I think this is the best gun in the whole game! I reccomend putting silencer and fore grip. SC!

This my favorite gun in the game because it's good for infected.

Best gun to start with in this game.

Low recoil equals good

6 FP6

This Shotgun is the most powerful shotgun in the game and does at max a brutal 800 damage up close and that's easily handy should there be any protest.

Great weapon all around

7 Vector CRB

The Vector is an amazing weapon. It provides a very high damage with a low recoil. I would say this weapon is better than the MTAR-X, as it does more damage and has far better handling. It may be so that an MTAR has rifle class range, but a Vector has more controllable fire and the accuracy makes up for a little less range.

Just take a look at competitive Call of Duty if you're looking for a reason why.

This gun is overpowered, I don't use it, nor is it my favorite gun but I know it is O.P!

Best SMG in the game without a doubt.

8 The Ripper

This weapon is really quite overpowered. You have an smg with a very high fire rate and controllable recoil, and then you can switch to an assault rifle for longer ranges instantaneously (yes, proven to have a 0.00 second change time). This means the Ripper has 2x the versitality of any other weapon in the game, as it can handle two times as many engagements, if not more. While neither the SMG or AR forms of the weapon are particularly the best of its respective class (although this can be argued) they are both more than good enough to get most jobs done. I believe that if they should balance the weapon, they should do so by making the SMG stats active only when the sight-change animation is complete, and vice-versa, so players will use the 2-in-1 feature to anticipate what engagements they will encounter and what is most likely to be helpful, rather than instantly switch to what they need when in a pinch. In addition, make the AR variant show less SMG traits (hipfire spread, ADS ...more

This gun should be in the top 3. The problem I had was the range was only decent, and the price 4.99 for a gun is a little excessive. For being able to switch to rifle it should have more range. That being said, it's my favorite gun in the game. Easy to get to gold.

The Ripper is a good damage and high fire rate gun. I use it all the time. I use it as my primary and I use the secondary as a sniper. It is great for all maps beecause if you need a sniper you have one or if you need a regular gun you have it.

Absolute beast when used correctly with not too much recoil for a high fire rate weapon. Accuracy is alright for the SMG considering it uses iron sights.

9 Riot Shield

Best weapon that isn't a gun!

10 SVU
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11 Chain S.A.W

What needs to be said. Its epic.

Depends on the perks

I like chainsaws.

12 L115

This is the most powerful Sniper rifle along side the lynx but it has better traits than the lynx and can do a lot of damage when annoying the enemy.

Best weapon in the game!


The MSBS is my favorite gun in Ghosts. I know it got nerfed, but it is still good. My favorite thing about it is the 2 shot power. It 2 shots up to 20 meters if you hit the body, neck, or head. It has 0.8x low damage multipliers on the arms, hands, legs, and feet resulting in a 3 shot kill if one bullet hits. Overall, this thing is still the fastest killing weapon in ghosts if you get a 2 shot kill.

Why did everyone switch to the Honey Badger? This was the best weapon of all time!

This gun has the best accuracy in the assault rifle class just put a foregrip and scope it is awesome!

18? Am I still on earth? This is the MSBS we are talking bout! Demon of a gun!

14 USR

The USR is a fantastic sniper rifle especially with its one shot kill capabilities although I am also very fond of the L115, it also has fantastic one shot kill capabilities and is very similar to the USR although USR has slightly higher mobility.

The most satisfying sniper in ghosts. It has decent mobility.

Beast one shot sniper is all I want and it looks nice.

An absolute monster

15 Bizon

I love this gun. It has a great rate of fire and can do some damage at close/medium range. I am someone who is very stealthy. When I put a silencer on this gun no one can beat me, (well none of the cpu's can )
But I LOVE this gun. It needs to be in the top 3.

This gun is beast, it have great damage and the iron sights makes the honey badger look ugly, and its damage makes the vector crb cry.

Good for close ranges

16 ARX-160

Why is this the best weapon! The AK-12, First of all has low recoil, long range abilities, amazing iron sights, and since when are we basing guns on their looks? This is probably one of the most used guns right next to the honey badger.

ARX-160 is my favourite gun in the game because of its good looking!

This gun is absolutely unstoppable online, it is very similar to the Remington but has a much nicer feel to it

Who put this in 10. I ate pie by the way

17 K7

This gun was an amazing choice for a stealth rushing class, which was basically the only well to get a KEM strike while playing solo in Ghosts. It had one of the best SMG silenced ranges, and the iron sight was clean for its purpose.

Iron Sights are sexy.

18 Bulldog

Are you kidding? Nothing needs to be said.

Best shotgun ever made

Best weapon ever

Whenever I use it I hear free bird playing in the back of my head

19 SA-805

Definitely my weapon of choice. I use the red dot and silencer attachment on this weapon and do not experience any major problems with recoil. The recoil is easy to control as well. With the red dot and silencer, it is like a death beam. This is by far the most versatile assault rifle in its category.

Best gun in the game with good ROF and good range and cheap! Put a tracker and silencer and it is beast! P.S it should be first!

Combines the power of the power rifles with the accuracy and fire rate of the accuracy rifles.

How is this not higher? This gun is fantastic, great damage, clip size and appearance!

20 Maverick AR

This gun does not deserve 13th place it should be in the top 5... If you are not good with this weapon and you are using a sight then I strongly suggest you use the iron sights, the flash suppressor, and the fore grip.

This gun is so versitile, it can kill quickly at any range has great iron sights, low recoil, easy to use, and looks cool.

Love this gun

21 Vepr

Add quickdraw and ready up, rush everything in blitz and is almost a complete troll. It already has the fastest aim time (MTAR in second by far.) This is what you want in blitz (And maybe trolling! )

This gun is amazing. Should be at least in 15th place.

22 Ameli

The Ameli is basically an assault rifle that's jacked up to a much higher performance. It's accuracy is extremely high, range is great and with a scope and its steady fire rate, you can basically treat it like a semi automatic and still gets the kills in 3-5 hits no matter the distance. Even the honey badger takes 6 shots to kill at long range. 3 seconds to reload(without perks) and holds 100 shots in each clip. An amazing weapon

Attached silencer to ameli, to overcome his ability burst fire.

23 M27

It's beast. High magazine size and I average 50 kills a game with it. Not a lot of guns have 100 ammo. Deserves number 1

Coupled with agility it is the best. Low recoil, high damage and massive magazine size

Didn't even know it was in the game...?

24 P226

Great for running with marksmen rifles and snipers, love the sights.

Coolest pistol ever

25 MR-28
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