Best Songs and Music Tracks from Super Mario Games

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1 Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

This songs is the pure sound of nostalgia, not saying it's only nostalgia saying. This song is a gorgeous masterpiece with such a beautiful melody. I constantly find myself humming this tune under my breath. Truly a work of art.

This is just a masterpiece. Played by a full orchestra, it is a wispy tune that brings Gusty Garden to life. Probably the best video game music ever.

This is my favourite song of all time. I just wish that the actual galaxy was as good as its music... (I dies a lot at the beginning...)

You guys already know what this is! I don't even have to explain this awesomeness.

2 Dire, Dire Docks (Super Mario 64)

I've loved this since being a little kid. Especially when you enter the cave and the drums kick in. This is the best theme that's come from a Mario game

Crap! I just noticed something! I accidently put Super Mario Galaxy instead of Super Mario 64!

This music helps me fall asleep

Absolutely perfect

3 Ultimate Koopa (Super Mario 64)

Kinda eerie but I like it

4 Egg Planet (Super Mario Galaxy)

I Completely Agree

5 Good Egg Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

One of the most memorable music in the Mario franchise.

When I listened to it,I thought I was a baby listening to twinkle twinkle little star

Should be number 4

6 Space Junk Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

Absolutely gorgeous piece of music, better than Gusty Garden!

7 Purple Comet (Super Mario Galaxy)
8 Sun Tower (Paper Mario)
9 Staff Credits (Super Mario 3D World)
10 Staff Roll (Super Mario 64)
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11 King Bowser (Super Mario Galaxy)

Just the SM64 theme

12 Buoy Base (Super Mario Galaxy)

I always felt that the Gusty Gardens soundtrack was overrated. I mean, it was peaceful, but none matched the triumphant sounding of Buoy Base. Personally, Battle Rock Galaxy, Dreadnought Galaxy, and Freeze Flame Glacier Galaxy sounded better than the #1. I loved it at first note.

Super nostalgic and grand, another piece that’s better than Gusty Garden Galaxy’s theme

13 Doopliss Battle (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)

Literal perfect. Chills my bones every time I hear it while still managing to be genuinely upbeat

14 Super Mario Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

If this is the SMG staff roll (credits) that we're talking about, than this is definitely my favorite Mario song! My 2nd favorite is the Egg Planet, and my 3rd favorite is the Star Festival! Super Mario Galaxy has excellent music and a great ending!

15 Delfino Plaza (Super Mario Sunshine)
16 Koopa Cape (Mario Kart Wii)

So action packed

17 Fossil Falls (Super Mario Odyssey)
18 Super Bell Hill (Super Mario 3D World)
19 Soft Light (Super Paper Mario)
20 World 1-1 (Super Mario Bros)

Of course this is on the list! It's the most well known music in the world!

21 Sky Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)

Also the level end theme

22 Bowser's Road (Super Mario 64)
23 Ending (Super Mario Galaxy)

I bet a lot of people don't know this music, but it's incredibly good and made me cry the first time I beat this game, and it's very underrated.

24 Ending Theme (Super Mario Galaxy)

Great way to end a great game

25 Adventure's End (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)
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