Best Top Lane Champions In League of Legends

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1 Riven

I main her and she is the best. Exciting gameplay, awesome skins, balanced abilities and a very interesting lore!

She never gets boring. Always fun, very mobile, high burst, high CC, and can a lot of damage.

Make sure to go to Toxic Camp before playing Riven or else success chance will be low, although we have people like BoxBox who has bypassed the system

2 Darius

Pull anybody using your e, hit him with w, press q timely and if the enemy is still hanging around then he has to answer the noxian guillotine.

Darius is super strong because of his passive and his Q which heals him. Plus his ult does true damage. He wreaks havoc on top lane.

Easy to play and dominate, but if your enemies are remotely decent they will kite you hard and wait till lategame to outscale you.

3 Aatrox

The most amazing champ ever, has an escape and could easily 1v1 riven.

No champ in this game can out sustain aatrox.

4 Garen

Garen is really tanky. not only that but he has a very good silence rate. if you use him I highly recommend maxing out his "E" after you max out "Q" When in a 1v1 combat situation, Engage with Q, then with E, and then with W, and if you have your use with it "R". When the combo sequence is complete they have attacked you half of the time you have attacked them, but not only that you should have gotten their health down approximately 73% (if build correctly) and or they should have tried to run away from you.

Always A safe Bet to go with Garen to Dominate the Top lane he's very strong vs almost any champ and his passive adds great sustainability in the lane, whilst you burst your opponent down with q and e and shield yourself with w, then finish them off with R as it scales with how much health they have lost. Very solid Champ that can carry the Ranks to Victory even if the Rest of your Team is falling behind.

5 Fiora

She's definitely the strongest top laner out there even if you haven't mastered her completely.
She fits in with the current meta and has great sustain and very high damage even with all tank items.

When she's level 6 she can go for 2 opponents at once.
Use Q then E then W... Wait for your health to become lower at the same time attack them then R! Watch them die!

Once this champion us ahead of the other top laners then it going to be gg once she gets ahead of you.There is no way you have a chance to win your lane

6 Pantheon

With the right builds and good timing q just becomes easy to use

7 Shyvana

Insane damage output that makes her perfect for top lane. Make a tanky shyvanna and you have a high DPS tank that are so rare in LOL. She doesn't use mana or energy and her ult comes back on very fast. And boy when she ults, everything about her just multiplies.

Hybrid Shyvanna is awesome. specially for top and ganking later in the game.

8 Gangplank

Very high damage and everyone underestimates you... just kill em and he is HOT!

9 Jax

The League had to put restrictions on how he fought because he was so good. I mean come on. The guy fights with a lamp post.

Strong all phases of the game, and is a ticking time bomb. Don't let him get to late game, this guy will surely screw you over.

A score of oddly shaped bruises began to plague the League.

10 Renekton

So far one of my favorites to get introduced to the world of top laning. He can get you an easy S ranking, lower elos of course. The first time I picked him up and played him based on a guide at moba fire, I got an S (maybe it was everyone being afraid of an alligator in swimsuit).

First top person I played top and is by far my main, super easy to learn and combos are crazy to dive adc.

King of top lane. Extremely easy to pick up.

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11 Nasus

His early game isn't that bad, I even beat a Darius out of lane once. Mute your team and farm up, then kill everyone while stacking tons of resist and hp, no offensive items at all.

Nasus is great, farming is easy
can be squishy early game but once he gets stacks those towers die and the cooldown is amazing at max 2.3 seconds

He's pretty easy to farm up early, then you decimate the enemy.

12 Teemo

Teemo is one of the best toplaners ever. He can be Tank, ADC, glass cannon and much more. Teemo is awesome.

13 Illaoi

The best top laner especially when the opponent is a tank or ad tank. Even if the jungler visit her, they will get double kill

Tentacles... do I have to say any more?

Illaoi can harass and clear waves like no other. Her tentacles heal hear and is,pretty much ungankable to many junglers.

14 Irelia

Irelia is hard to play, but with the right build, runes and a high mastery is unstoppable.

Irelia has overall stats that makes her hard to counter, she scales ad with base damage of ap, plus her passive wrecks ass

15 Dr. Mundo

In my opinion, Mundo can destroy even champions that "counter him because of his passive and R whitch makes him gain lots of HP back. If you know how to farm(mostly with W but sometimes you need Q and E) you will not need help on your counters, he also doesn't have mana and can use his abilities whenever he wants which have a very little cooldown, is there a better champ than Mundo? I don't think so..

Mundo can dominate against Teemo,Illiao,and so many others I know this because I main Mundo and I played against all of these champs and my Mundo dominates.

16 Xin Zhao
17 Shen

Global presence makes it easy to split push and ult in when you need to. Great utility with his taunt and shield.

Taunt while sword is behind you Q to pull sword, and then kill em, its that easy. W for survivabillity and you always win.

18 Gnar

Gnar is good, especially with passive W. Doing basic attack Q basic attack is a quick and easy way to get enemy health down fast especially with W passive. Megan Guns N' Roses form it's easiest to E into a fight R champs into wall for stun and extra damage, W to keep them stunned, Q for extra damage. This is a way to deal massive damage as mega gnar. The only thing you have to learn is to build up fury and save it for the perfect moment. Once you do, you can unleash hell

Op because he can do the long range in top, and when he turns into mega gnar, he can easily 1v1

19 Kennen
20 Rengar

Rengar can definitely counter everyone with his builds because they are adjustable, you can take armor penetration for tanks, 1 vs 1 he is op, in group fights he can also make a good mess... So, I think He is in top 3 with Darius and Kata

The most op player I have ever seen. His passive is fantastic and his combo is leading to take the kill. OPPP

He can good jungle and he op at top because passive and ferocity

21 Tryndamare

Can counter all top champs, escape and chase with W + E and critical strike the enemy until death. Most pentas I've seen were done by Tryndamere. He is probably the best late gamer too, so if fed you're done. Should be number 1 or 2.

Very powerful late game. Can escape almost any situation. Tower drivings not a problem. Not a huge need for potions

Build your essential items first and watch the other team plead for mercy.

22 Yasuo
23 Talon
24 Singed
25 Rumble
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