Top 10 Hardest Floors in Wolfenstein 3D

Classic FPS means classic hard gameplay. Wolfenstein 3D does have its share of brutal levels.
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1 Episode 4 Floor 10

I probably shouldn't be putting in secret levels all that much, but E4M10 deserves special mention because of it's crazy gimmick gameplay. It's a maze with lots of officers and you do have one decent path to go to, but you basically must run because one of them will inevitably see you. In any case, this map's gimmick gameplay makes it impossible to do normally.

2 Episode 6 Floor 7

This map has a brutal central room with officers hiding behind columns as well as many other enemies in the main hall. Secrets are a bit messed up, and one of the keys is behind a column where you need to move a hidden pushwall. That and the large maze section which will take forever, plus the tension of having any enemy just being around the corner is going to have you keeping on your toes.

3 Episode 6 Floor 10

A "choose your own adventure" floor, but many of the sections are thin mazes which are designed to maximize pain, and three of the sections you have to fight Hans Grosse for the key out of the level. One section doesn't have this but it does have vines. This is also the only level outside Episode 2 that has mutants in it.

Definitely the hardest level in the game if going for a high percentage.

This should be number 1. Going for the maximum percentage possible is nearly impossible (the maximum percentage excludes 2 secrets).

1. Episode 6 Floor 10
2. Episode 6 Floor 6
3. Episode 4 Floor 10
4. Episode 5 Floor 5
5. Episode 6 Floor 7
6. Episode 6 Floor 9
7. Episode 6 Floor 1
8. Episode 2 Floor 6
9. Episode 3 Floor 8
10. Episode 6 Floor 3

4 Episode 6 Floor 1

An absolutely heinous way to start Episode 6 and a bane to speedrunners everywhere. Long, blue corridors with officers in nearly every nook, as well as a convoluted path to get to the end elevator which you saw at the start. All sorts of stuff just to get there! Also a secret key that's used for a secret room way back in the hallways. There's just so much to take in.

5 Episode 6 Floor 6

Many levels from Episode 6 will be here. Floor 6 has a floor plan to maximize exposure and due to the way sound works in Wolfenstein 3D, many guards and elite soldiers come running to your position and depending on where they are, you probably won't see most of them coming in this floor.

6 Episode 6 Floor 9

Even on the lowest setting you have to slaughter lots of enemies just to get to the final boss of this game and he also has a mix of a chaingun and a rocket launcher, which basically prompts you to hide regardlesss. The boss arena itself is also packed with guards, and not all of them come out to attack at once either, some stay hidden and can surprise you.

7 Episode 4 Floor 8

This level actually has the most enemies in the entire game on the highest difficulty. Both key rooms are semi-maze-like with many enemies that can come from both sides, and due to sprite glitches one particular room also has the issue of disappearing enemies. There's also the elevator which has a whopping eight soldiers in it.

8 Episode 6 Floor 8

Basically the gauntlet run of Wolfenstein 3D floors and the last level before the boss. This one isn't actually as tough, and has a few rewarding secrets plus the part time is really large anyways, but it's also very easy to run your extremely limited ammo supply dry before you can get to the end.

9 Episode 6 Floor 4

Many of you find this easy, but I find the ending rooms hard. Some of them are packed with enemies.Plus there's a room filled with officers and some maze like areas.

10 Episode 2 Level 8

It's kinda hard for me to pick an Episode 2 level that really, really fits the bill of hardest, cause the game is quite balanced in the first three episodes (although Episode 4 has an incredibly nasty key trap and the most mutants out of all of them). I went with Episode 8 though, since even though there's less mutants, that doesn't mean that the rest of the rooms aren't difficult in comparison, many are still hard. But this level is infamous due to the extensive pushwall maze that's pretty much impossible to go through 100% with many dead ends and blocked corridors. Even with a map you could get dizzy, and all for a prize that was cancelled due to people finding the secret message in a map editor.

The Contenders
11 Episode 3 Level 8

The last level before the boss level in Episode 3 has a hard opening segment, plus maze-y areas with barrels, plus a key in one of many samey doors. But the last stretch deserves mention as those barrels are arranged for zigzagging through but makes escaping from the upcoming gauntlet of foes much harder.

12 Episode 6 Floor 3

This one was hard for me. There were a few big groups of enemies and I kept getting killed in the regular exit room. Sometimes enemies can open other doors and alert more enemies.

13 Episode 1 Floor 4
14 Episode 5 Floor 5
15 Episode 5 Floor 7

This level has a lot of big clusters of enemies that you have to go to in order to access the majority of the health and ammo.

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