Top 10 Boards Most Likely to Return to Mario Party Superstars

Ever since Mario Party Superstars got aired at the E3 Direct, one of the things I've wondered most about is, which boards will return to this game? As we know, five boards from the N64 games are set to appear in this game, of which three boards have already been confirmed. This does allow us to speculate on which two the remaining boards are most likely to appear. I actually made a prediction video on it, where I predicted which two boards I think would return, make sure to watch it after this video. But in this video, I decided to instead of picking out two boards, why not rank every one of the N64 boards based how likely they are to return? I'll rank these boards based on how distinct they are from the confirmed boards, aesthetically, how the board looks, and mechanically, how the board plays. The more distinct, the higher the chance. So with that being said, let's get started.
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The Top Ten
1 Mario's Rainbow Castle

Mario's Rainbow Castle is a board I personally would love to see return in Mario Party Superstars. Now it is true that yes, it kind of looks aestethically similar to Peach's Birthday Cake, and yes, it kind of plays similarly to that board too, however, it's different enough that I still think it's likely. Both are linear boards with bright colours, however they handle these things differently. While Birthday Cake is more of an island-hopping board where you don't know where you'll go, Rainbow Castle is a castle in the sky where you have to either stay as far away from the goal as possible, or get there as fast as possible. It has a very different feel

2 Bowser Land
3 Horror Land

I love this board, but it's unlikely. Woody woods has a similar theme to this board. As much as I want this board in, Its very unlikely, unless Nintendo suprises me

4 Deep Bloober Sea
5 Spiny Desert

Spiny Desert that will get into Mario Party Superstars, if any of them at all. Spiny Desert is in my opinion, the most likely board to return. If it doesn't, I'll literally drop my jaw. Spiny Desert is similarly to Western Land, another Desert board, and mechanically, it doesn't do anything the confirmed boards already have. However, what it also has over Western Land, would be the Mirage Star gimmick, which makes it so that there are always two stars on the map, but one is fake. This would make it stand out even more to Western Land, which, although distinct, is at its core just a star hunting board, similarly to Space Land. In my opinion, this is the most distinct board of them all, compared to the confirmed boards, and for this reason, I most certainly believe we will be getting this board back to Mario Party Superstars.

6 Eternal Star

While the board mechanics are different its set in space and well, space land is confirmed

7 Chilly Waters

How would you describe this board? Well I'd say it has snow. What other Mario Party board has snow? There have only been two snow-themed boards in Mario Party, Chilly Waters in Mario Party 3, and Snowflake Lake in Mario Party 6, so the inclusion of this board would help it greatly stand out among the rest. It could've been even higher on the list, however, there's one thing holding this board back, which would be the ice circle in the middle. Don't get me wrong, it's a unique gimmick, however, doesn't the idea of having something game-changing in the middle already exist in a confirmed board? It's different sure, but it's still a "centric" gimmick

8 Western Land

If there's one board we all love, it would be Western Land. It's simple, yet unique and original, containing one of the best songs for any Mario Party board. It feels like you're on a Party. This board has everything to make it an extremely likely contender for a board in Mario Party Superstars. There's no massive gimmick here that's already been done. Aestethically, we haven't seen a desert yet, and mechanically, it's kind of the opposite to Space Land, as the edges are the dangerous parts due to the rail, and the centre is the safeway. This board is very likely, however it's either this, or...

9 Creepy Cavern

Ah yes. Creepy Cavern. In other words, the island hopper without any islands..., One of my favourite boards in the N64 games is also one of the most likely ones. Just by looking at it, you notice just how much detail was put into it. The small things really make this board pop out, and I would love to see how it would look like in HD. Gameplay-wise, it's very unique too. There are no major gimmicks like Deep Bloober Sea or Woody Woods, instead you mainly travel across two halves of a board, either by giving this whomp an item he desires, using skeleton keys or riding on a train. This is a board that's both simple, but yet very inter-active and massive. The only thing kind of holding back is that we already kind of have an Island hopper, but it's a very different kind of island hopper. I would love to see this board.

10 Waluigi Island
The Contenders
11 Pirate Land

Now we're at the top five, and this is where the Likely-tier begins. All of the boards I'm talking about now, I think all have a very high chance of coming in. Of course, not everyone of these boards will come in, that's not what Likely means. It means that out of the two remaining boards that are yet to be announced, two of these boards are the most likely ones. Pirate Land is one of them. Pirate Land is kind of, the perfect opening board for a Mario Party game. It's got a unique theme to it, a few unforgiving gimmicks, but on the whole, it's an good board to play if you've never played Mario Party before. And as we've seen, we don't have an announced beach-themed board yet, so who knows?

12 Yoshi's Tropical Island
13 Bowser's Magma Mountain

Out of all the final stronghold boards, Bowser's Magma Mountain is probably the one that has the largest chance of coming in, in my opinion. Sure it has its backsides. It's very unfair to new players, you have very little player agency, and it's big. But that's why it would make a great place. Imagine if all other boards are easy-going and nice, and then you get to Bowser's Magma Mountain and *bleep* gets real. Other than that I don't have many other reasons. It would just be kind of..., cool to have it, I guess? Besides if it gets remade it doesn't have to be just like the original. Maybe and Cube decides to tone it down a little? That could work too. For this reason, Bowser's Magma Mountain is kind of likely to appear, in my opinion.

14 Wario's Battle Canyon

Similarly to how Horror Land, despite being loved by millions is one of the least likely boards to return to this game, Wario's Battle Canyon, one of the most hated boards is one of the more likely to return in my opinion. And when you play it, you quickly see why. It's very distinct from the already confirmed boards, aestethically and mechanically. While Mystery Land got the short end of the stick because of the forest theme, Battle Canyon's mountain theme stands out very much. Battle Canyon is gameplay-wise, one of the most random boards of all time. You have to be super precise with timing to get anywhere, which can translate to luck-based, and while that does sound a bit similar to an already confirmed board, I'd say it's distinct enough to at least be a possible contender.

15 Woody Woods

Nintendo Direct yesterday just announced that this is one of the 5 boards!

16 Mystery Land
17 Luigi's Engine Room

I honestly could see this happening. A unique board, unique theme, I would love to see this return

18 Space Land
19 DK's Jungle Adventure
20 Peach's Birthday Cake