Top 10 Best Bowser's Fury Levels

Bowser's Fury is an amazing side game to the Switch version of Super Mario 3D World. And now, we will determine what are the best between the 13 levels in Bowser's Fury. It can be based on aesthetics, the cat shines you need to collect here, the music that plays, etc.
The Top Ten
1 Crisp Climb Castle

I really love this level. Not only do we have great music that only this level has, but it is just so fun. The main cat shine revolves around climbing towers with the help of the propeller box. In fact, the entire level revolves around that, which is nice and challenging.

This level also has a timed challenge where you need to climb one of the towers fast with the help of additional platforms and a shine where you need to chase Shadow Luigi while on slippery ice. This is challenging and surprisingly not that annoying. And let's not forget the cat shards hidden in good spots that require careful use of the propeller box. My personal favorite level in the game.

2 Mount Magmeow

Not only are the music and setting super epic, with you having to climb a lava mountain shaped like a cat, but Mount Magmeow is fun and challenging. It is probably the most challenging level in the game.

The cat shines are pretty fun. Two of those shines are mostly about climbing the mountain, using platforms you control the direction of, and dodging fireballs, Fire Brothers, and those orange rollers. In the first one, you fight Prince Bully at the end, and in the other, you need to climb the whole mountain.

The usual five cat shards are well hidden and challenging to get for the most part. There is also a decently challenging timed challenge where you need to dodge those orange rollers and use the green platforms to your advantage. Just a really solid level.

3 Risky Whisker Island

I don't know how, but the developers managed to make a level mostly made of donut blocks that fall when you step on them. Seriously! A concept this simple made for awesome shines to collect. The cat shards are mostly very simple to get, though the others are some of the best in the game.

We have a Shadow Luigi chase, and since it takes place on donut blocks, it is a good challenge to chase and try to damage it. This is also the only level that uses one of my favorite gimmicks from 3D World: the potted Piranha Plant, which I also like to call Bob, due to a certain YouTuber. Here, you need to eat all the fuzzies with Bob to get a shine.

It also has the best timed challenge in the game, where you need to kick soccer balls and run on a skinny path while dodging Kamek projectiles. This level is just really fun and probably is my favorite level mechanically.

4 Trickitty Tower

I love the gimmick of this level. When you see this level for the first time, you just see a shine in the open. It turns out, however, there are invisible walls that become visible when you get close. To get the shine, you need to navigate through the invisible path and find an opening.

On this path, there are also some well-placed cat shines, a very good blue coin challenge, and a rather challenging timed challenge. Having a mostly invisible level was really cool and a nice use of a rather forgettable gimmick from 3D World.

5 Slipskate Slope

The concept of this level revolves around going down a hill full of tunnels and spikes with the help of the ice skating shoe power-up. Not only is seeing the return of this fun power-up cool, but this level is just fun.

There is one shine about going down the slope, another one where you need to collect shines along the way, and probably the hardest blue coin challenge in the game, where you need to collect blue coins with precision while using the ice skating power-up. My favorite shine, however, is probably the one where you need to take the key at the bottom of the slope and bring it back up to free a shine in a cage.

6 Pipe Path Tower

I always liked the transparent pipes in 3D World, and it is cool to have a level based on them. It is a straightforward but great level. The main shine consists of going on top of the level with the help of the clear pipe. There are also five shards to collect while navigating the pipe and a straightforward but somewhat challenging blue coin challenge that requires you to master the navigation between pipes.

However, the best shine by far in this level is the one where you need to take a key and bring it back to the start of the level by walking over the pipes while there are some enemies on the pipe. This level takes advantage of the clear pipe concept to the max, and I like it for that.

7 Pounce Bounce Isle

Like Scamper Shores, it is a nice simple island. I like Scamper Shores more because of the music, though, and I also prefer its cat shards over those of Pounce Bounce Isle. Very fun overall, though.

8 Roiling Roller Isle

If Mount Magmeow isn't the hardest level in the game, this is without question. If it wasn't for the Tanooki leaves this level gives you, I think this level would be the hardest without question. This level is made of cubes that turn around with some instant-kill lava on them, which kind of reminds me of Super Mario Sunshine.

Moving through these is a great challenge, and you need to get through all of it to get the main shine. There is also a timed challenge with some good quick platforming, some very hard-to-find and tricky cat shards, and a key from the top of the level that you need to bring all the way back down. A challenging but fun level.

9 Fort Flaptrap

Underrated. I loved boiling the bullies with the flip panels.

10 Scamper Shores

This is the first level in the game after it opens up. When I first heard the music (which is also in Slipskate Slope and Risky Whisker Island, by the way), I knew I was in for a ride. This level is just simple but fun.

Getting the main shine is fun, the cat shards are well hidden, chasing Shadow Luigi is cool, and getting the key back to the cage from the top of the level is cool. Just a nice level for the beginning of the game.

A great first level. I love the autumn atmosphere on it!

The Contenders
11 Fur Step Island

As an introductory level that you can't fully complete until the post-game, Fur Step Island is only decent. The cat shards are in cool places, I like the Shadow Luigi chase, and the introduction to the whole game is great. But there is not that much interesting to say about it.

12 Clawswipe Colosseum

This would never be my favorite level since it's mostly about fighting bosses, and not particularly good ones. However, not only is the second fight against Boom Boom over spikes cool, but I love how the colosseum becomes higher, making it so that entering the colosseum becomes harder every time you revisit it for another fight.

The third fight even makes you use Bob-ombs to get into the colosseum. I also like collecting the cat shards here. So yeah, it's really good for what it is.

13 Lucky Isle
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