Top Ten Mistakes People Make in Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero

If you play Subnautica, you might make some mistakes. Be aware of these when you play.

Want some things to do when you play?

If you make any mistakes, feel free to add that mistake to my list and explain why that mistake was bad.
The Top Ten
1 Not using the food they have's other uses

Let's take a look, some people eat let's say shrub nuts. They have low health, a Squid Shark can one shot them if they don't get 5 or more health. And they have a shrub nut, and they are in the deep twisty bridges. The Shark ate them. If they ate the shrub nut, they would get an extra 10 health and survive the Shark. But no. They Didn't. There is also the Spicy Heat Fruit, and they are about to freeze. They have one, and they return body heat. If they ate it, they wouldn't have frozen and gotten to the cave to warm up or the Thermal Lilly.

2 Not caring about dangerous fauna

(Note: fauna means animals) So suppose you are in the Inactive Lava Zone or the Crystal Caves. In the ILZ, there are lava lizards that deal 5 damage, but they attack very often, and there are usually 1 or 2 or 3 lizards in an area. Then... the Sea Dragon Leviathan! They think they can handle the Leviathan but end up destroying their P.R.A.W.N. Suit or heavily damaging it. Make sure to avoid him. Next, the CC. There is another Leviathan called the Shadow Leviathan. You think you can avoid him with your Seatruck with the Defense System, but you use it at the wrong time, and your Seatruck takes damage. And then you have to go outside the Seatruck to repair it.

3 Using the wrong buttons

So you were about to enter a Seatruck and a Shadow Leviathan is right there then you click the wrong button then the leviathan eats you ant now you have to repeat the process of the depth modules and the Seatruck It's self. That would be very very annoying, unless you have a Teleportation module. So it would be useful to try and scan artifacts to get this Teleportation module. Also you could do something you didn't want to do so make sure to be careful with buttons.

4 Not pinning crafts they can't remember the ingredients for

This is a new feature in Subnautica: Below Zero. So you wanted to craft the Spy Pengling and you can't remember the ingredients. You have to keep opening the PDA/fabricator about a thousand times. Then after crafting the Spy Pengling you realize that there is a pin. The pin is really useful as it allows you to finish up your crafts requiring fabricated parts much quicker by just looking at it from the top right of your screen.

5 Forgetting or not realizing that there is a crush depth

Crush depth is something important you have to look out for. It's located on the top of your screen in a vehicle. The player does not have a crush depth. So you go down to the let's say the ILZ with a Prawn Suit and they are so focused on dodging the leviathans that they don't notice their crush depth. And when you pass your crush depth in Subnautica with a Prawn Suit, it will say: "Crush depth now ____ meters" which can make people not notice the crush depth. (Note: The blank is used because there are depth modules that increase the crush depth so you can go deeper)

6 Cooking Bladderfish

This is a big mistake. Lack of water (when you start dying) comes in approximately 36 minutes, while lack of food comes in 50 minutes. Why don't they eat a cooked Peeper or Hoopfish? Then you can make water out of Bladderfish instead of cooking it because thirst comes quicker than hunger. Besides, a Bladderfish isn't even that good of a food source so there is really no point in doing this.

7 Not collecting resources that are important for later crafts

So if you went to the Crystal Caves/Inactive Lava Zone there is kyanite and nickel ore and other stuff then you want to explore then forget about these while exploring then when a danger comes you just flee away. If you don't get resources you need you will have to go back to that place and it will be super annoying. Make sure to get all the resources you can so you don't regret forgetting about them when you are building Al-An or building the Neptune rocket.

8 Not going to the Aurora

In Subnautica, the Aurora is a really important place. For starters, it has 4 parts of a Prawn Suit, which guarantees that you get it. It also has parts of a Seamoth but I doubt that you will have a Seamoth when going to the Aurora. The Aurora also has the blueprint to the Neptune Rocket, some general resources, and not going to the Aurora causes radiation to spread all over your ocean because you didn't fix the broken Engine. Going to the Aurora is a big part of the game and it should not be ignored.

9 Ignoring Architect Artifacts

Doing this is very dumb. It's super useful, because scanning these will give information for very helpful stuff. 1 scanned will give the exact location of Sanctuary Zero, 2 will give the quantum locker, which you can pick up even if you put items in it, so that means a 16 storage for Just 4 inventory space. 3 scanned will show you the place of the Deep Lilypads Cave Cache location, and inside is a component for Al-An's Skeleton. 4 scanned will unlock the Recyclotron which breaks items to their base components ex. aerogel is broken to a ruby and a gel sack. 5 scanned gives a hint to the Arctic Spires Cache which has Al-An's Tissue. 6 scanned unlocks Ion Battery and Ion Power Cell which have 5x the charge of a normal Battery or Power cell. 9 scanned gives a hint for the Crystal Caves Cache which has Al-An's Organs. 10 gives the Seatruck Teleportation Module, and Tether Tool! Wait- what is that? It's the tool you use to teleport to your Teleportation Module. So this is a big mistake and you should scan these Artifacts.

10 Ignoring fragments

So you were going to the Deep Twisty Bridges and there were Seatruck Storage Module fragments but you ignore them because you were just getting resources and trying to avoid Spikey Traps and Squid Sharks. Then when your inventory was full you had to go back to your base and come back to the place you were in instead of putting them in the Seatruck Storage Module. So make sure to scan all Fragments and if you need Titanium you just can scan a Fragment from a craft that you already know. So that's why Fragments should always be scanned and never ignored.

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