Top 10 Best Ways to Help Your Team in Splatoon 2

This is just a series of tips to make sure you aren't just weighing down your team. All of these tips are designed under the assumption that you are in random lobbies. Add anything you think is important!
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1 Communicate

If you want to make a push in ranked, use "This way!" (or "Come on!" if you are playing Splatoon 1). If your team pays attention, you can usually get them to rally to you. If you get splatted, use "Ouch" to warn your team, especially if you're being flanked!

But the most important thing is to always booyah back. If your team knows you're happy, they'll be happy! (Bonus tip: If your entire team booyahs at the start of a match in Splatoon 2, you get a chunk of special meter!)

2 Stay in pairs in ranked

If you have another person with you, you have a huge advantage over any one player you run into. The only times you should split up are to charge specials or flank. You should usually split up in Turf War, though. Also, make sure not to stand directly between your teammate and the person they're shooting at if you are in a pair.

3 Pay attention to "this way" and "ouch"

"Ouch" serves as a good warning to avoid an area if you don't have a special or another advantage. If you see "This way," you should jump to that player if they seem to be in a good spot (no enemy ink popping up around them, etc.). If they aren't in a good spot and you have Booyah Bomb or Splashdown charged, you should still jump but mash the R stick.

Also, if you see an "Ouch" from behind your team, consider checking that area.

4 If you aren't in danger, check the map

You can see where your team is, and if you look at where the ink is popping up, you can see your opponents as well. If you can figure those two things out, you can find a good spot to be in almost always.

5 Flank, but not too much

Flanking, if you don't know, is going around your opponents and attacking from the side or back. If your team is in a tough spot in Tower Control or Rainmaker, you can go around them and (hopefully) splat a few of the enemy team's members. Unfortunately, this is also pretty risky because if you get spotted by more than one person, you will most likely be splatted.

6 Try to super jump to the spawn instead of dying

If you can super jump to the spawn point instead of dying, you will avoid the three seconds of respawn penalty you would have to wait out otherwise and even keep your special meter. If your team is respawning, it might even be worth waiting on them to coordinate something.

7 Coordinate your specials

For example, if you use a Booyah Bomb at the same time as somebody else, it can be absolutely devastating. Anyone on your team can charge both bombs at once, and every booyah your teammates shout will charge a large chunk of their special meters.

If multiple players use Tenta Missiles, your enemies will have to run for a good 10 seconds or so and abandon their spots, possibly getting splatted in the process. (This is more useful against longer-ranged weapons). If you use specials at the same time or immediately after your opponents, you can really help your team.

8 Farm Ink Armor and Tenta Missiles between pushes

These two specials will help your team from any range. If you can farm them with a competent team, you can win almost every match without much conflict. It gives you and your team a massive advantage to get 11 or more of these in a match.

Basically, if you have these and two or fewer enemy team members are alive, you should just paint turf. Treat it like you would the waiting time between Salmon Run waves.

9 Guard the rear

If there are a lot of enemy players who aren't splatted yet, you should make sure that your team won't be flanked by keeping side alleys and large areas (like the passages on Arowana Mall and the large areas on Port Mackerel) in check.

If it seems like somebody is flanking your team, you should try to get your team to notice or deal with the opponent yourself. If you are using a backlining weapon, this should be something you watch out for.

10 Know when to fire the Rainmaker

If you take the time to aim the Rainmaker, you will generally either get splatted or splat somebody. However, the easiest way to die is not to fire it at all. If you are constantly firing towards the enemy, you will pressure them enough to help your teammates or splat the opponents yourself. The Rainmaker's only advantages are its firepower and range, so make sure to use them. Or, you can fire as fast as possible (while still fully charging) to paint and possibly splat somebody. The Rainmaker is only useful if you are firing it.

On the other hand, if the enemy team is gone entirely or there is one person left, you should make a break for the pedestal. Also, remember that if you jump into water or leave it after breaking the shield, you can send it to the middle of the map.

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11 Don't use a charger unless you are on Moray Towers

I had to practice for at least four hours straight before I even helped my team in the slightest with an E-liter. In Splatoon 1, on Moray Towers, in Rainmaker. It should've been so much easier than it was.

12 Play your role

There are basically three roles: Slayer, Anchor, and Support. If you are a Slayer, go ahead and get splats. If you're an Anchor, stay alive and pick people off. And if you're a Support, play the objective, get armor, and help the Slayers get splats. If you know what your weapon is designed for, you can rank up fast.

13 Use a roller
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