Best Worlds in Donkey Kong Country

What are the best worlds in one of the best 2D platformers of all time, Donkey Kong Country? Let's find out.
The Top Ten
1 Vine Valley

Vine Valley. I can go back to this world any day of the week. It's one of the most interesting and fun worlds in any Donkey Kong Country game. The theme for this world is one of the most interesting as well. We all know the Donkey Kong family live in a Jungle habitat, a kind of forest, so obviously the first world in the game happens to be jungle-themed. But then you go over to the third world and you have ANOTHER forest-themed world, a taiga. If you don't know what a taiga forest is, it's what we have in Scandinavia, you know lots of spruce trees and a bit colder than jungles. Although to be fair, only two levels in this world are taiga-related, Vulture Culture and Forest Frenzy. Both really great levels though with a nice atmosphere and challenge. And the rest of the levels are great too. Clam City unfortunately happens to be my least favourite water level, but it's still great. One of the best levels in not just this world, but in the game as well is Treetop Town, one of the most ...more

2 Gorilla Glacier

Gorilla Glacier is when Donkey Kong Country takes a gap in difficulty, as levels become increasingly harder, starting from this fourth snowy world. It's not just that platforming becomes more challenging, but with the snow theme comes ice physics, which also makes levels harder. But the ice physics aren't much of a problem, luckily, and even then, only two of the levels take place in an overworld snowy enviroment. Both of them, Snow Barrrel Blast and Ice Age Alley are great courses. This world actually has no bad level, as even the worst level, Torchlight Trouble is alright. It gives us the first glimpse of the animal buddy Squawks who would get a larger role in the following games, as he just holds up a flashlight in this installment. Rope Bridge Rumble is the worse of two Treetop levels but still is great, something we'll discuss later. And while Really Gnawty isn't a good boss, it's far from the worst one. My favourite levels in this unique world though are Slipside Ride and ...more

3 Kremkroc Industries, Inc.

The top three for this ranking was for me one of the hardest choices I've ever made. All of these are amazing and I wouldn't mind playing them if I had to. As a child, my favourite world was always none other than the overly complexily titled Kremkroc Industries, Inc., You probably expected to see this in first place, as I believe this is a popular world in the fandom, but as I've grown older, I've more and more often noticed flaws in it. This world looks really ugly and polluted at first glance on the world map, but it's surprisingly vibrant with so many good levels. Mine-Cart Madness is basically what Mine Cart Madness in Monkey Mines should've been. Instead of riding on a minecart for the entire level trying to avoid stuff coming towards you at blazing speeds, this level is a mix between minecarting and platforming, making it much more interesting. Poison Pond has a pretty un-cooperative camera, but it's still great. The fact that we're traversing a green lake is something we don't ...more

4 Kongo Jungle

Kongo Jungle is the very first world in not only Donkey Kong Country as a game, but also in Donkey Kong Country as a franchise. But you already knew that, everyone knows Kongo Jungle is one of the most memorable words in 2D Gaming, and it's great too. It's a generally simplistic world with not too much difficulty, but still manages to be creative and unique in its own way. Heck, the very first level, Jungle Hijynx has more secrets than I can possibly remember, and that's an amazing start for a game. And every other level is pretty good too. Like, Ropey Rampage is a really chill nighttime level where you need to avoid bees using vines, Barrel Cannon Canyon gives us a first glimpse of how to use blasting barrels, Reptile Rumble introduces us to the amazing world of underground levels in DKC, and trust me, Underground levels in this game rock. They've got such a calming and natural vibe to them, as opposed to the more redundant bluish worlds in Mario games. And Coral Capers..., what a ...more

5 Gangplank Galleon

Gangplank Galleon is the final world..., or level in the game. This world is a pirate ship and it consists of merely one level, which has the same name, Gangplank Galleon. And it houses the final boss, and a pretty good one at that, King K. Rool. This is easily the best boss battle in the original Donkey Kong Country, as it's challenging, unique and appealing, in contrast to every other boss battle which was only "good" at best. This final battle is amazing. Not as good as Kaptain K. Rool in DKC2, but it's up there. You've got a jolly pirate theme which surprisingly fits the atmosphere well to start off with. And the battle itself keeps you on your toes. Especially with the fake Kredits scene. Which is probably the greatest twist in the entire series. Everything about this fight is amazing and it's easily one of the greatest levels in the game, if not the greatest. So why ain't it higher? Well it's just that. It's ONE single level. And while it's an amazing one, it would be kind of ...more

6 Monkey Mines

Monkey Mines is #5 on my list. I have to say, from this point on the ranking, I love all of these level collections. They're part of what makes Donkey Kong Country the charming game it is, and I wouldn't mind playing this world if I had to. It's a great world. So many classics can be found in Monkey Mines, the rocky mountainous second world of the game. It starts off amazingly with Winky's Walkaway, a really nice and soothing mine-themed level, which introduces you to Winky the Frog, one of my personal favourite animal buddies. Bouncy Bonanza is my favourite underground-themed level in this game. It's got a dark colour-palette, and with the sothing music, it makes for one of the most pleasing levels in the game. Millston Mayhem is one of the most atmospheric levels in the entire game, with the abandoned ruins-kind of level theme. Necky is one of the better "easy bosses", and Stop & Go Station is a slightly unappealing level that still manages to be fun thanks to the unique gimmick of ...more

7 Chimp Caverns

In last place on this list, we have Chimp Caverns, the sixth and final full world in Donkey Kong Country, and if I'm going to be completely honest, this is a bit of a letdown for the final collection of levels before the last boss. I'll say this, I don't dislike any world in this game, and same goes for every Donkey Kong Country game. This trilogy of games has one of the finest selection of levels and worlds in any video game I've played. But with that being said, I've never really enjoyed Chimp Caverns all that much, and I'd honestly consider it quite underwhelming for being the last world before the final boss. My main problem is just how dull it is. The theme for this world is underground, nothing else. While I don't mind the normal underground theme, I really could care less for are Misty Mine and Loopy Lights, two of the most unappealing levels in the game. They're foggy, dark and just annoying, having the worst song in the game. The other levels aren't bad, just kind of ...more