Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin' Weeks

For anyone who doesn't know, the songs of Friday Night Funkin' are divided into weeks. Each one has 3 songs, with the exception of week 2. Here are the best ones.
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1 Week 7

Honestly, for me, what makes this week so great is probably Tankman himself. He brings some great one-liners and some pretty funny insults. The songs are all so cool, fun, and lit. The things going on in the background are cool to look at as well. Pico makes a comeback and probably has the most badass scene in this game. The cutscenes are also well done. What makes this week stand out from the others is that it actually has voice acting. The voice acting, even if it's just for Tankman, is simply amazing.

This is the most recent one to be added, and it is the greatest one I have seen so far. The cutscenes are so well done, and it's got some surprises too. Also, Tankman is a great character.

This is the best week in-game! It blew up quickly, and the reason is that it's amazing. The songs, characters, and lines make it fantastic. "Ugh" is one of the most popular songs in this game. That's why it's amazing.

2 Week 3

Pico is one of my favorite characters. His songs are really good, and they often get stuck in your head.

I wish we had a special note to play to dodge a bullet, especially since Pico has a gun.

Go Pico, yeah yeah, go Pico, yeah.

3 Week 4

This week has a few of my favorite songs. I don't understand why you are fighting on top of moving cars on a highway, but I guess that's for the fun of it.

Easily the best vibe songs, besides Hex.

Pop star welcome.

4 Week 2

This week only really has 2 songs. I don't count Monster because it wasn't in the original release. Pump and Skid make a good duo, and I like both of their songs.

Pretty good for being the second week.

5 Week 6

I'm not saying this is a terrible week. I like the songs. But the plot is both stupid and dark. Senpai tried to steal Girlfriend when he knew that Boyfriend was already dating her. The dark part is the last cutscene, where Spirit says he will take over Boyfriend's body if he wins. The plot is very dark if you don't know the lore. My heart was racing the whole time during Thorns.

I love this week. It's really underrated.

I mean, not a bad week.

6 Back Alley Blitz

This is the week that is added in the Whitty Mod. Again, great cutscenes. Even though the scream that Whitty unleashes in that one cutscene hurts my ears, it still deserves to be here.

7 Week 5

I would've ranked this one higher if it weren't for Winter Horrorland. The song doesn't fit the Christmas theme at all, and some of the lyrics are somewhat inappropriate for younger kids.

I like the Christmas vibe of the first two songs and how chill they're supposed to be. But Monster's song? 10/10. Also, Shadow, why are you scared of Monster? He isn't even that creepy.

Why does no one like it? It's my favorite...

8 Week 1

It's kind of boring if I'm being honest. The songs don't offer much of a challenge, except for Dadbattle, which has some doubles.

9 Tricky

FUN FACT: Inside the mod files, there is a file in .ogg format (a music format) named "test song." It contains the creator's voices modified with Tricky's. This means every voice you hear on Expurgation and HellClown is actually the creator's voice. Poor guy must've strained his throat.

Ah yes, the ear-piercing screeching demon clown.

10 Hex

I love Hex's songs so much. The cutscenes are also great. Or maybe I just like it because Boyfriend finally speaks English. But back to the mod, all 4 songs are always stuck in my head.

The Contenders
11 Miku

Since Miku is Boyfriend's older sister, you wouldn't expect her to hold back. And she doesn't. This is just some sibling-friendly competition.

12 Mid-Fight Masses

This mod is actually pretty good. Ruv is my favorite of the two characters because he brings those hard beats.

13 Garcello
14 BFB
15 Tord
16 Tabi

I like the story so much.

I love this mod. Tabi has a good voice, but why did they make him blow everything up, though?

17 Matt

Sporting and Ruckus were the tracks that really stood out to me.

18 Shaggy
19 Bob
20 Sky

The part where Boyfriend speaks surprised me. This whole time, he had been communicating in his beeping language. Now, he finally talks.

21 Date Week

A very wholesome mod. By the end of the third song, I was smiling and even dancing a bit. With this being the final goodbye, it's heartwarming to say that his last appearance was a truly memorable one.

Whitty's final week before his death. He will forever be known as one of the best, possibly even the one who started it all.

22 Zardy

"You know it's dangerous to be out here in the dark. But if you want a show, I'll give you a show." And he does. Foolhardy might be one of the hardest songs.

23 Prisoner of the Void

Agoti's week. The story is compelling, the characters are cool, and the songs are absolute bangers.

24 Salty Sunday Night
25 South Park

It's called Vs. Kenny, but yeah.

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