Top 10 Best FaZe Members

What started in 2010 as a group of competitive Call of Duty players, FaZe Clan has blossomed into a vast, multifaceted organization with influencers, streamers, and professional gamers across various platforms and games.

The members of FaZe Clan aren't just gamers; they're innovators, trendsetters, and entertainers who've leveraged their skills and personalities to create engaging content that resonates with millions. Whether they're landing jaw-dropping shots in Call of Duty, showcasing their strategies in Fortnite, sharing their thoughts on the latest gaming trends, or simply giving us a glimpse into their off-screen lives, each FaZe member brings something unique to the table, contributing to the diverse and dynamic energy that makes FaZe Clan so special.

There's a plethora of talent within FaZe Clan, with some of the best professional gamers and creators in the industry. Members like FaZe Banks, who co-founded the group and is known for his managerial role and content creation, and FaZe Rug, who skyrocketed to fame with his fun-filled vlogs and prank videos, are just a few examples. Let's not forget the eSports professionals like FaZe Rain and FaZe Apex, who have not only excelled at competitive gaming but have also engaged with fans through their entertaining streams and videos. It's this blend of gaming prowess, entertaining content, and strong community engagement that has cemented FaZe Clan's position in the world of gaming and beyond.
The Top Ten
1 FaZe Rain

I think he is the real goat, and he is such a nice guy. I love him so much.

2 FaZe Apex
3 FaZe Banks
4 FaZe Pamaj
5 FaZe Jev

Jev is the only FaZe member that doesn't let money change him. All these years, and he's still the same and humble.

Jev, hands down, is the best FaZe member out at the moment. Everyone else has gone sloppy, but Jev, on the other hand, is extremely enjoyable!

Always been the best. He's actually funny and didn't resort to only playing Fortnite like any of the losers on this list.

6 FaZe Rug

I love FaZe Rug. I've watched him since I was 5, and I'm now 12. I think he's so inspiring, and we need him. I'd dream to meet him one day. Keep it up, Rug!

He changed a homeless man's life. Cares about his fans. Keep it up, Rug!

To be honest, I've never met him, but in his vlogs, he acts really kind to people. I would do anything to meet him!

7 FaZe Jarvis

You are the best, even though you have fewer subscribers than FaZe Rug.

8 FaZe Tfue

The only reason I'm going to be able to make the 2nd division in arena.

9 FaZe Cizzorz
10 FaZe Sway

Sway is cracked out of his mind. Even Jarvis said Sway was better than him.

The Contenders
11 FaZe Adapt
12 FaZe highsky

He is the youngest, but that doesn't mean he's less skilled. Great attitude and is still learning.

FaZe Highsky is the youngest FaZe player and should be the best.

13 FaZe Ali-A
14 FaZe Replays
15 FaZe Cloak

Dude, to be honest, he's better than Tfue. He carried him in the Fall Skirmish.

16 FaZe Temperrrrr
17 FaZe Kay
18 FaZe H1ghsk1
19 FaZe Lazerbeam
20 FaZe Ninja
21 FaZe Teeqo
22 FaZe Kitty
23 FaZe Nate Hill
24 FaZe Censor

Not only is FaZe Censor great at Call of Duty, he is an amazing role model and has gone on to do so much more since he started his career. He is extremely enjoyable to watch, and he always tries to teach a good message to younger viewers, me being one.

25 FaZe Baby
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