Top 10 Reasons to Quit Roblox

Roblox, you have officially lost 2 of your highly optimistic (not so optimistic anymore) fans.
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1 The company only cares about money

Well, I’d have to slightly disagree with this. It was a passion project and it happened to become successful. Also, them earning money isn’t our problem. Our problem is if we have fun or not, and clearly we do,

Yeah and the worst thing is that they ALREADY have a lot of money and all the cash from changing username, creating groups etc. goes to ROBLOX. But when I WANT to sell a gamepass or a piece of clothintg for example for 100 R$, I get only 10 R$ and 90 R$ goes to ROBLOX which alredy has a LOT of robux. roblox is just a band of idiots that wants to take all your hard work for themselves.

The Roblox Team even bans audio with nothing wrong with them so the audio creators have to upload the audios again.. Though sometimes the audios get taken down again. I had this happen to be and I have sent an email to appeals@roblox. No reply. I have even sent the audio files that I have uploaded to Roblox. The email had a lot of detail in it. A bunch of theives!

Don't let this child-dependent corporation reject your creativity. Your originality doesn't need corporational limitations for the sake of being known, expressive, or economic gain; in fact, it degenerates ingenuity. It's the profit of child, not the developer, that's most important and overlooked to Roblox.

2 Bullies

Roblox community is toxic and salty. One can get bullied easily, for no reason at all. There are so many bullies. You get called noob for not doing well in a game and also, you get called being hacker when you do well and literally get bullied off the game for that. The servers sometime are so toxic that they could even beat Twitter in that. You want to play games to relax in the first place, not to sit and report/fight back the bullies. This totally ruins the purpose of playing games. Because of bad experiences, fun of playing Roblox gradually fades away and then people quit playing Roblox. Never going to ruin my time playing Roblox again.

This, I actually agree with. Roblox has a bunch of annoying 5-8 year old adopt me players who target you and call you noob. But you can't judge the fact that a kids game has kids.

3 years ago, I was playing horrific housing on Roblox, (I was a noob) this guy named Jackdogger 123321, he had lots of robux, he was calling everyone a noob and calling the person who won the match "cheater" or "hacker." I reported him, but there was no respond. Another incident was in work at a pizza place, these friends (with robux, again) started calling me a son of a b*tch and told me that no one likes you, not even your parents. I reported but again, no respond. A few months later, my account was hacked and I was banned. Today onwards, I play among us, Mario, the legend of Zelda, and Minecraft. Roblox is a absolute piece of crap.

Yeah, I mean at the end of the day we play games for entertainment purpose... to have fun and relax. But that gets difficult when there's mean people on every other server. It gets stressful to search for a server with decent enough people, cause there's always someone trash talking to either me or someone else.

But you see when these "bullies" come in a group of two or three, they then proceed to cheat the game by revealing everyone else's location to their friend via spectator etc. which ruins the game and makes it pointless. There is a very real threat of hackers too, I lost my one account to a hacker and ribbon won't do anything about it. They don't care even if you report players for breaking any rules so the overall experience was bad.

3 Safe chat

You can say the simplest of things and it can still get hash tagged. Yeah I get that you shouldn't be saying your address online, but come on, I was just telling my friend the number of coins I have!

I hate safechat, even though in my settings, I have my birthday in 2003, but even when I say numbers or a simple LETTER, it tags. If I say die, it doesn’t tag! Seriously Roblox, I can’t even say one word without it tagging the dumb word!

We can't even write numbers or speak diffrent languages than English! And even English has everything tagged. For example, when I write ,You are already dead" it won't give tags, but when I write ,well", ,secret" and many other words, I MUST get tags.

can't even say Hi {Insert Username} without it being hashtagged sometimes. They shouldn't block numbers unless it reaches a certain amount of numbers that could count as a phone number lol

4 It gets boring

The community isn't as bad as people say, if you're getting bullied then roast their ass back like getting bullied from a bunch of 7 year olds who can't even complete a sentence isn't that bad, Or block them seriously. What I will say is that roblox is just so bad now. back then, getting front cover quality games come every month so every month you're playing new games, nowadays you're jsut seeing the same games on the front page and 99% of the front page games follow the same format, same simulators,all the new roblox games are 2% gameplay, 98% grinding for cosmetics, it's so stale and boring there is not a unique game there anymore.

Roblox, It's just boring, Like a few years ago, (I joined in 2015) it had some pretty fun games. They're boring now. Creators just copy games and call it a day, There's hardly ever any NEW games, and if there is I couldn't tell because they took away "Genes". Now every once a while I log back in hoping there's at least a new game on the "Popular Page". The freaking overpriced items cost $50,000 real money. Like I don't know coding, "Lua". The best I could do is Scratch coding. It's boring because people just copy games. At this point, if you search up a single clothing at the "Avatar Shop" you'll see hundreds of copies, which is sad because they claim it as "Their Own" and scam kids into buying the overpriced version. THE CREATOR DOESN'T EVEN GET CREDIT. Simulator, Tycoons and RPGs are just the same thing. With simulators, all you do is work to buy stuff. Tycoons, now there's some fun Tycoon games, but chances are I already finished ...more

been playing for 6 years and playing the same 5 games over and over again can get extremely boring. That's why now I don't only play roblox lol

It gets boring over time, especially when you become a veteran (you can find a badge in your inventory) it becomes an endless cycle of you playing the same games over and over again. It’s repetitive and it takes forevermore for another game to come out.

5 Overpriced items

You would assume 1.3M Robux for a face that nearly no person cares about would be some sort of unfunny April Fool's joke. You'd be wrong. Who would waste Robux on things like that?

I hate it when a really nice looking item is like 100,000,000 and that sounds exaggerated but there are literally items that cost almost one billion robux.

Is there anything worst than a bunch of spergs putting limited hat for 9999999 robux just so they can flex their riches? Seriously if only jewblox didn't let players choosed their own resell price this wouldn't happen. (What I mean by that is that limited should be sold for the same price they originally cost)

I think this is pretty good reason to quit since many stuff like typical hair can cost like 4000 robux.

6 Terrible community

The terrible community is the reason why I quitted Roblox.

I mean like come on... in my 2011 days, the community was actually pretty good. They were friendly and didn't really bully you this frequently. But as time went on, the community is full of idiots who falls for scams and all that. To make matters worse, after the infamous Removal of Tickets update, they want it back and they're still doing it to this very day; heck, Tix isn't going to return after all so... when will the modern community grow up and learn?

Anyways, in 2018 which is this year, the community just got worse as a ripped piece of paper. So, I had no choice but to quit.

The community is complete cancer. There are first scrubs who think your mad if you kill them if they have something everyone wants then gets a ton of people to make fun of you. Then the people who say ''u mad bro'' whenever they kill you. Then you have the other cringefests who call you a noob for not spending $400 dollars on your outfit. Then we have people who call people noobs and ODers for killing them. There's Admins who abuse the piss out of there power. Bullies who bully you over the smallest things. People who try to act all hardcore by saying a bad word or dressing up with tats. I honestly could go on for about an hour but the point is the community is complete and utter cancer and is the reason I left Roblox.

The community is always full of online daters, trolls, hackers, bullies and people who can't understand what an opinion is. People will literally make fun of you or refuse to be your friend if you don't have robux and use free clothes. It's so stupid �" since when did the way someone looks determine if they're friendly or not? Oh, for a very long time.

I always see people being chased by dumb trolls who think someone is an "ODer", like if you were to wear robloxian 2.0 you are most likely to be chased by either ODers or trolls who won't leave you alone. I know there are a few nice people, but still it's ridiculous.

I don't like to complain, but ROBLOX just isn't a very nice place to be. Be careful who you hangout with, because you'll start to act more and more like them. Because of ROBLOX I became a troll, a bully, a hacker, I called people ODers and noobs, I acted mean because me and my friends thought it was cool. It really isn't. I'm a Christian now, and warn anyone who plays this game: Choose your friends carefully!

7 The term "Od'er"

Like seriously all your doing is playing with a friend not doing anything that includes dating and then the 5 year old be like : "OdEr!"

online dating is a problem, and I agree that it's super annoying when you're talking to your friend who has a girl account and some 6 y/o is like "oDeR!"

I'm an ODer. I don't fully support it, though. I don't ask for dates and I'm not desperate, but I've made lifelong virtual friends from ODing. Of course there are always going to be ODers who only ask you out because they want to use your money or popularity as a benefit to themselves. I don't treat my online relationships seriously though. It isn't like we're actually dating. I've found out that most ODers aren't as garbage as people believe. They're just people that want a little extra company even if the company is strangely romantic. Also, just because somebody tells you you're an ODer or "noob" because your avatar looks a certain way, it doesn't mean you have to believe them, because deep down you know that you're right and they're wrong. I've dated about nine or so girls while online, possibly more, possibly less. The relationships have only lasted about two or so weeks due to different timezones, them leaving for long periods of time or them having more than one guy on their ...more

I hate ODers with a passion, standing up to them is doing the right thing, but just calling them that just because of how they look is another thing. ODing is an action, not a look. It just makes you as toxic as them. Harassing while trolling them is also being really toxic. You're breaking the PA rule, too. When I see ODing, I don't just call them "ew oders" until they stop ODing, instead, I tell them the dangers, and that one of them might be a pedophile and to never give out information.

8 Exploiters

Exploiters are annoying, I used to exploit a but it was boring and makes the game not fun for anyone anymore. Unless you like making people miserable.

They Suck. Honestly Once I Think I Played A Game Of Prison Life And An Exploiter Or Hacker Kept Spawn-Killing Everybody In The Goddamn Server.

Exploiters sometime join game and spam kill all players in one game

I used to exploit but I say its bad

9 Terrible updates

Roblox was in it's prime at around 2010. Once they introduced the new character models with bacon hair and changed the sounds and animations, everything did not feel the same anymore. Also they always changed the interface to the point that it's not really practical or fun to use anymore. Didn't take long for me to stop playing.

Roblox: Hey how about we make a terrible censorship system? What's that? Moderators only care about the forums? Hackers, scammers, and exploiters everywhere? Censorship system has been broken for 4 years? I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that. Oh hey, Have you seen this thing called Tix that everyone loves? Say bye to it so we can get more money. Random bans happening? Nah. Oh hey you know how there's R15? Well introducing the newest abomination called R-thro. Oh yeah also for laughs and jokes let's also completely remove events, probably the last fun thing in this used to be fun platform we've already destroyed enough and replace it with a second featured tab.

PBS were the funnest games ever! You could build or give boat rides. Have so many good memories from them. But NO! Dumb roblox HAS to remove them!

Tix were a great way to earn money without paying. Roblox is like Mr Krabs they only care about MONEY and maximising profits.

Guest were also very funny and some were very nice. There were bad guests but some of the guests I came across were the nicest people ever. Some were also smart and experienced. NOPE! Roblox removes them.

Forums were a thriving community. There were trolls there, but it was a community. Now they have been torn apart by the forum removal. The forum merge was bad enough.

They also put games under review for no reason. Like Dragonia was one of my favourites then it got UNDER REVIEW FOREVER!

Who KNOWS that they will remove next. They are removing things left and right. Soon I bet they will remove groups, trading, and any trace of old roblox.

Seruously, I quit. I joined roblox in ...more

I remember that in 2016 ROBLOX put down the catalog and they said that there is undergoing maintenance. They didn't add anything new, everything was the same. I start to think now that 99% of the new updates are jokes and that the ROBLOX admins like to troll the ROBLOX community.

10 Hackers

I hate hackers since when I play prison life (which I don't anymore) everyone in the server would die or people would go too speedy then a normal roblox person.

My account was hacked a while back while I had because and the hacker advertised his scams (That isn't why my account was taken, he just hacked) with my friends and a handful of them fell for it. I told him several times to give my account back using my sister's account and report spammed so then he was finally forced to give my account back and left roblox.

Once I was playing roblox and I just said I don't want to be called a noob any more so I bought some ouffets and then I just like reading comments and someone said free robux and I said yay yay so I could get some robux so I did and I just let it load and it was at night and I saw how much money I had but I had to go too bed when I was done with school I tried to bye something and someone hacked me I fudging got so mad!

Hackers Do Suck. They Make Free Robux Games For Toddlers To Believe, But Honestly If You Are Playing Those Types Of Games That Say Free Robux, Just Get On A Device You Rarely Ever Use To Play Roblox, Make An Account With No Robux, And Fall For The Scam. The Idiots Will Be Like "Ooh! More Free Robux!" And Then They Get A Fat L In Their Face.

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11 It's a cash grab

What more is there to say? In a world like this, everything is a cash grab. I can guarantee that Roblox earns at least a million bucks a year just because of the five-year-olds using their parents' credit cards.

The game have no point only one Money
2,5 billion money for that lagy game ?
Roblox only want money nothing else !
Meepcity was Roblox mistake no players only low security We must Report the Roblox acount Scamer !

Honeslty, it's a waste of money. People buy robux, and etc, but it's getting over priced. Plus, ROBLOX encourages Online Daters, because Me, personally, have done a thing where me and my squad raided OD'ers who bypassed the chat. ROBLOX is greedy at a point where, they remove TIX so that people would pay irl money for "online currency'', and then, to make sure people would play more to increase the rate of other people buying robux, by removing guest; Third, they make you pay robux for games, which is BS, if you ask me, and THEY keep the online daters because most online daters pay robux=profit for them. 4TH, they banned youtubers fpr giving people free robux, because they want people to buy robux. Because, I know, sometimes it tempting to buy robux to be cool, but the parents say no, so groups would give robux away. Then ROBLOX started banning people who did that, which is unfair. So now youtubers give away the codes instead. Thus, ROBLOX has gone 100% to -9000%.

The makers don't care about you, they care about being rich. (though I still play roblox because unpopular games usually have a good community if it's an animal roleplay game because how do you date an animal? YOU CAN'T so there isn't bad crud.)

12 Ignorance

First, there are many, many, MANY, unpleasant people on Roblox. They would be offensive, inappropriate, exploiting, and just not care for other players or their thoughts.

Second, even if you do report said players, the Roblox Moderators wouldn't ban them. They can't see what they actually do, so they just think someone put some words on a screen because they just raged.

There is absolutely no definite solution to those who are ignorant, and giving us the reporting system just gives us false hope. Roblox in the early 2010's had a much better community. All we can do is hope for a chance that some players on Roblox won't be childish, naive, or Ignorant. And the chance is below 10%.

The moderators do not do anything. Once I got bullied at an admin house I reported 10 times then nothing happened. Someone even used a command to ban me from the game 4 a week!

People just like like just JUDGE YOU! just because I am brown (because I am Indian) Some Stupid Crack head players become racist to me and No other players give a damn whatever they are seeing. True story : Once I was role playing (as a murderer) and I said to someone saying they will call the Police (in game) and I said I will move to Japan and then that fool started to insult it then I said South Korea he said worst country (This guy is dumb Cuckoo Who doesn't know North Korea is like hell other than South Korea ) Then when I said I will move to India then he said India is Dangerous. I LOST MY damn COOL! WHO IN THE WORLD THAT SUCKER THOUGHT HE WAS? president of Pakistan? he said England was better and another friend of his ( who was also with him) Said Sweden is better.
Do u know what's dangerous in those two countries? :
England:A crazy mysterious woman killer, Racist idiots, drunk people dancing everywhere, Horrible Rapist and bad government
And Sweden : Rapist, ...more

Bullied? Online Daters? Mods don't care. Unwanted and impactful update? Developers don't care. Roblox is unstable and should eventually go out of business unless people start leaving and they just go "OH NO NO PLAYERS WILL MEAN NO MONEY WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING!".

13 No Tix

Roblox made the correct choice, Tix could have been great for you guys, but if you watch greenlegocats123's video about "Removing Tix was good?", you'll understand why it was removed.
People would create useless accounts to give the tix to their MAIN account, it would also cause lots of bots to appear.
So in conclusion, removing Tix was the correct decision.

Tix was useless, 20 Tix = 1 robux and 1 visit = 1 Tix. Also, Tix were removed because if they weren't roblox would be bankrupt. You all need to stop whining over a little minor situation.

Actually, Roblox removed tix because of how easily people could abuse bots and stuff to obtain 'em. Most items in the catalog were only able to be purchased using Robux, so tix were already useless back then.

The only reason they took away TIx is because it was how ROBLOX was going to get more money. On the other hand, many people quit or didn't play because now they could only afford free clothes and couldn't really customize themselves. Seriously, I have to deal with the free catalog now. There is nearly nothing. It is ridiculous that they made that decision. Many people with thousands of robux don't care but people who like to spend their money on different stuff (me) really get bummed and mad about Tix getting taken away!

In fact, the only reason I joined ROBLOX is because there was free Tix everyday and I could customize myself.

14 Social media creeps

Ik this doesn't rlly have to do with social media, but me and this random dude were doing some 1v1s in mm2 when he asked for my school. I told him to stop being a creep and that I wasnt telling him because he could be like some 50 year old man trying to kidnap children or something. He got mad and kept telling me he "wasnt going to do anything" he even told me HIS school (which I wont say). So many creeps on a CHILDRENS game. The worst part of it is that Roblox doesn't do literally anything. Disgusting people.

It's one of the ways criminals will be able to contact children, get personal info from them, and maybe even kidnap or murder them!

I Really Don't Know What To Say For This One. They Are Just Legit Creepy-Ass 50 Year Old Weirdos.

15 Inappropriate for children

I only think they should ban people for not having a shirt also not ban just tell them to not be naked in games and killing gams are ok it's not like killing doesn't happen in movies.

Prison life has guns. Murder mystery has knifes AND guns Phantom forces also has guns and knifes ROBLOX high school is a dating hideout Assassin has knifes too. ROBLOXIAN life is another dater hideout. Apocolypse rising has guns I think? Counter Blox Roblox also has knifes and guns Adopt and raise a cute kid has daters Catalog heaven is kind of innapropriate due to the knifes and guns users use. Redwood Prison also has guns (Are you kidding me? ) Life in paradise is a dating hideout Shot in the dark might be too scary for children under 11. Robloxian high school is another dater hideout. What a fun community!

Honestly the game looks a lot like its for little kids but based on my experiences, definitely no😂. Theres games with naked roblox characters trying to (u know) and games where the user try to literally f with each other. Its nasty.

I am an 11 year old who had permission to get Safe Chat taken away. After that, a lot of what I was seeing was sexual content and sometimes, in-game I would find porn. ROBLOX workers are supposed to check that stuff! It is gross and messed up.

16 Their "child protective" censorship

This Is The Worst. I Just Want To Say A Couple Numbers And Different Stuff That Is Hashtagged Today And Roblox Be Like: "nO wE wAnT tO SeE yOuR iNnEr SaDnEsS AnD wE oNly WaNt CaSh"

It blocks out random stuff that couldn't be dirty

Hate it

I swear, every time I want to talk online to my little cousins, it censors every single thing that they say. “One” will turn into a bunch of hashtags, and now they have to use Spanish just so that they can say numbers. At some time, everything got censored. It even began censoring “ok” and terms that any Roblox play would use such as “oof.” “Once.” Like, come on, they don’t bother to censor some Spanish stuff, but they censor once? I mean, come on.

17 free ROBUX scams

Isn't this obvious that it's a scam? Roblox is moneythirsty, they'd do something about free robux. And also in what hell would people think that they'd receive free robux?

I used to try games but not anymore since it was a scam also I hate when bots come up saying WANT FREE ROBUX THEN GO TO something like to get robux for free.

When I was a newbie I saw a FREE ROBUX game so then I joined because I didn't know that it was a scam and I just bought robux (80) so then I entered my PASSWORD and then a day later my account was hacked and I had to make a new account.

I got hacked cause my "friend" in real life used my account as a test to see if they would give me robux. Me not knowing that she kwew my password she gave it to the site and the next thing you know, my account is hacked and I immediately suspect her. We are not friends no more.

18 Denis fanbase

Denis is a fine family - friendly YouTuber. One problem is that he's changed, he has a similar avatar to Flamingo too. All his inspiration is by Flamingo, in my perspective.

I think he’s kid friendly and I think that's ok with everybody! What’s the problem with you tubers creating content about a game?

Everyone complains about Denis himself, but his fanbase is a total nightmare. You know the FGTeeV fanbase? Well, the Denis fanbase is the FGTeeV fanbase of Roblox. They're mostly little kids who can't respect people's opinions. Seriously, if you say "I personally don't like Denis" you will be bombarded with hate from immature brats. I actually experienced this once, and it was actually pretty funny seing how immature those brats were.

I used to watch Denis a lot in his early days of YouTube. Back then, he didn't have that many cickbait videos that you would see. His content was actullay good. But now, it's gotten... y'know..

19 Lack of good games

This is a yes, this is infecting the "reccomended" games on roblox. The simulators are just run around and click on the screen to gain points for upgrades to gain more points, its boring and I can't believe people play these. There are games that are pretty fun to play like Phantom Forces but even that game glitches out (occasionaly). This game is unstable.

Eh, I'm not too sure about that. If you look hard enough, you'll find decent games with kind and mature communities. They're just hard to find because since the majority of players are children, they're more than likely to only play games that is on the front page, which makes them more popular regardless of quality.

I joined in late 2016, and there were actually some decent games on the frontpage! Now? Games from 8 months ago, crappy simulators, roleplaying games, tycoons, anything else that is 0% original.

I miss you old Roblox.

The front cover of ROBLOX is just clogged with Tycoons, "Criminal" games, Simulators and bad Roleplay games and they are all 0% original. Even a lot of Zombie games and copies of them. I used to play a lot of Roleplay games when I joined ROBLOX, now I move on from them because they got clogged with braindead people. RIP Good games.

20 The moderators are bad

One time my best friend dhyrbfyty121 made a picture of windows 95 logo. The next day she got a warning. My real life boyfriend, InvalidRobloxians, got terminated. Luckily he made another account like that. And I, rubyredrider1, got a warning for a Garnet Gemstone! Wow, ROBLOX, good job. Also if ROBLOX reads this USE REAL PEOPLE AS MODERATORS NOT BOTS!

The job of Roblox support is simple. Just copy and paste for whatever situation. I have a good amount of proof. I posted on one of my email accounts saying to give me a hat, but they say they can't give accounts anything. I did it to another and it was the same. Gee, life of Roblox mods are too simple, I bet I could already get a job like that and not strive at school instead. My username is Pokemaster8956.

For example, before the forums were removed, moderators focused almost entirely on the forums. I also once got a warning for calling someone out on the forums. Why? Because they made fun of autism. Seems the kid couldn't take criticism and reported me for harassment.

I got warned for postng an image of SUPER MARIO CEREAL. The moderators automatically assume because they can't read some of the text, it automatically has swear words!

21 Website crashes way too much

Not the website, but the games kick me out 24/7

Adopt me broke PCs some much !

22 Online daters and cheaters

Back then there were very little to no online daters, even in top games. Nowadays, most (if not all) popular games are infested with no-life people that date. Sometimes online daters go to games which are barely visited, just to date. I met two idiots one day, in a good theme park game (which was barely visited), and that pissed me off.

I mean people on roblox (the ones with robux, this is espacially you! ) keep saying your oding the game! I'm going to report you! blah blah blah. Especially in the family roleplay games, the Oder's say no mom and no dad cause that is oding. Like what the heck!

These types of people are the worst! I can't even count how many people tried to date me on there!

This game allows the smallest of kids to access dating, bullying, and other sexual stuff.

23 You get bullied for being a noob

I say this to people who call me a NOOB "I'll Drop Your A:$$" maybe this "I'll find your house and punch and then UPPERCUT" Or "Your Avatar Is Bad like look at you your pants and shirt and the hair I'm like this EWWW! YOUR UGLY" then they run for my fear

Ikr! You still get bullied if you have robux, like if you don't dress like a ODer with a whole bunch of accesories, the idiots on there will all of a sudden come up to you an insult you with whatever the new slang is, like "nub" it's so ridiculous. And as soon as they insult you they'll spin around in first person waiting for someone to go, "OOH, ROASTED"
(emojikale12 is my acc)

When I started playing ROBLOX (January 2015) people didn't call me a noob or stupid. Nowadays, people call you a noob without knowing that "noob" means "new player" and not "dumb" or "idiot".

True.I was legit playing a game shard seekers and my friend told that when she/he started roblox nobody bullied her.But I dint believe her even if it was true.Like bliming heck everybody was a noob once.Not like in the first second of minute or whatever you got 100 robux.And the worst thing is that I get bullied in other games because people are better than me and every time I join a server people with higher levels than me get attention like come on dude!?

24 Posers

Clothes and hats that cost robux is useless for me. You can beat extreme obbies if you are still in a bacon hair noob. You can play any games(except bloxburg). A dominus cost 1m robux but in reality it cost worth than a house and a good car. So be stupid to don't sell your car/house to buy a dominus.

Girls who think wearing skeleton legs and sparkle fedoras and Gucci think they're cool, but when someone else wears it, they turn around and diss them for it.

To be honest I don't know what to say about this but I agree with it. Posers in a nuttshell: "LOL I HAVE MORE ROBUX" When they just use avatar editor. I've seen it a lot of times

I see girls using Avatar Editor to pose as Yesoon YT or Miranda Sings. It's weird and I hate it. I literally saw a bacon hair change into Yesoon YT. Help help help these guys are being dumb

25 Roblox deleted all Pokemon games

Because Nintendo got mad at Roblox for people making Pokemon games because Pokemon is not Roblox property. If they didn't remove those games, Roblox wouldn't be able to run.

I quit Roblox sometimes, But I hate how they delete all pokemon games. Because it's copyright.

Copyright is a word. Copyright is the meaning why. Once again, common sense.

I love pokemon and any pokemon game I play gets deleted like roblox is dumb

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