Top 10 Biggest Reasons to Quit Roblox

Roblox, you have officially lost 2 of your highly optimistic (not so optimistic anymore) fans.
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1 It's a cash grab

Roblox is for immature 8-12 year olds who constantly scream and flail their arms around when they lose or die in a game and swear too much as well. Good thing I never got into it.

Definitely, they just want money, and they lie to everyone to make them think they're cool, good people by they're "super fun" and "awesome community" even though they are selfish and evil. Plus they make about 2.6 billion dollars a year, and I bet they don't even need that much money 🧐, anyway, I hope you enjoy or enjoyed the plate forms as much as I used to, have a good day!

What more is there to say? In a world like this, everything is a cash grab. I can guarantee that Roblox earns at least a million bucks a year just because of the five-year-olds using their parents' credit cards.

yes is all I have to say. robux is overpriced and has little buying power in game. Robux is just trying to get a 6 year old to ask their mom 'can I get a pet' and have the parent give them their credit card. with minecraft (Java, not Bedrock) you get thousands times more free gameplay for only a $30 investment. You'll end up paying 10x that if you want to actually have fun for a few weeks in roblox.

2 It gets boring

there's nothing much for me to do and it's getting boring and most of games I see are boring, when I search up Minecraft on Roblox and there so many copies and are too boring for me. every time I report a inappropriate game then they won't respond and ban it, why reports never work anyway?, the piece of some clothing I own got content deleted and I got some Robux back from it.

this is what I felt, this is one of my biggest reasons why I get bored that because of simulator games always I grind money and power and I buy pets it's so boring my only game I like to play is combat skills or maybe games from 2007 actually roblox in 2007 was SO GOOD!

The community isn't as bad as people say, if you're getting bullied then roast their ass back like getting bullied from a bunch of 7 year olds who can't even complete a sentence isn't that bad, Or block them seriously. What I will say is that roblox is just so bad now. back then, getting front cover quality games come every month so every month you're playing new games, nowadays you're jsut seeing the same games on the front page and 99% of the front page games follow the same format, same simulators,all the new roblox games are 2% gameplay, 98% grinding for cosmetics, it's so stale and boring there is not a unique game there anymore.

It feels like Roblox is slowly dying. There were so many fun games back in 2017, 2019, etc. Now, people only make copies from an original game and call it a day. It takes so long for developers to make a game that is special with a different style and gameplay compared to other games. The whole idea of playing games that are not original and special gets so repetitive, especially simulators, tycoons and lots of others.

3 Safe chat

Excuse me. Whoever made this is thinkin ridiculous . (Srry if u made this toptens.) If there wasn't safe chat on Roblox this would be an 18+ game and kids who love Roblox would have to wait for YEARS. All these reasons to quit Roblox I totally disagree with. They get too much money? So what? The developers of other games like Minecraft and Fortnite get like so much money. Don't blame them! It's just a popular game where people buy stuff like robux!

I got 13+ on my main Roblox Account so I don't need any safe chat to keep me from saying any number, Safe Chat has been too restrictive because Roblox had censored some words that are appropriate.

Roblox is supposed to be a game, not a parent. Why are they protecting kids from saying their personal information or swears? According to a study, most kids know swears before they know the alphabet, so it's not like them seeing swears is exposing them to anything new. If the parent doesn't want their kid sharing personal information or swearing, they should monitor what their kid's doing. My mum always did.

In my opinion, the chat filter has become way too restrictive. It's not the cussing that bothers me.
It's the fact that I can no longer say full names, or list a group of numbers without them getting filtered. This makes it hard for some players to make out what you're trying to say. Even the most harmless words can get filtered. I get that people can use words in inappropriate ways and they're just trying to keep kids safe, but come on Roblox!

4 Bullies

I can see lots of bullies in roblox eventually I saw that most of exploiters are exploiting cause they got bullied and I got bullied 2 times in Roblox its bad!

Probably the most common thing in roblox. Everywhere we can find is bullies (you all know that). Did you know that roblox also has cyber bullying? Answer is yes, you know why? Well most roblox players are kids and they do very bad trash talks instead of kids have respect on private, they spat words on public its like I don't wanna bully back a kid, since it is so rude, but the fact that the bullies keep bullying well I had to bully them back because who knows when they gonna stop. Remember parents should advise and discipline their kids or maybe teens to this situation since every players needs respect. You really shouldn't judge someone before you get to know them

- Rogue_Alpha

Roblox community is toxic and salty. One can get bullied easily, for no reason at all. There are so many bullies. You get called noob for not doing well in a game and also, you get called being hacker when you do well and literally get bullied off the game for that. The servers sometime are so toxic that they could even beat Twitter in that. You want to play games to relax in the first place, not to sit and report/fight back the bullies. This totally ruins the purpose of playing games. Because of bad experiences, fun of playing Roblox gradually fades away and then people quit playing Roblox. Never going to ruin my time playing Roblox again.

Yeah, I mean at the end of the day we play games for entertainment purpose... to have fun and relax. But that gets difficult when there's mean people on every other server. It gets stressful to search for a server with decent enough people, cause there's always someone trash talking to either me or someone else.

But you see when these "bullies" come in a group of two or three, they then proceed to cheat the game by revealing everyone else's location to their friend via spectator etc. which ruins the game and makes it pointless. There is a very real threat of hackers too, I lost my one account to a hacker and ribbon won't do anything about it. They don't care even if you report players for breaking any rules so the overall experience was bad.

5 Overpriced items

You would assume 1.3M Robux for a face that nearly no person cares about would be some sort of unfunny April Fool's joke. You'd be wrong. Who would waste Robux on things like that?

I hate it when a really nice looking item is like 100,000,000 and that sounds exaggerated but there are literally items that cost almost one billion robux.

It's not that the things on ROBLOX are expensive, it's just the currency. You only get 800 Robux for a whopping $15, it's insane.

There are so many hats and faces that roblox has to overprice. I'm not paying that much robux just for a hat I'm never gonna wear

6 Terrible community

The terrible community is the reason why I quitted Roblox.

I mean like come on... in my 2011 days, the community was actually pretty good. They were friendly and didn't really bully you this frequently. But as time went on, the community is full of idiots who falls for scams and all that. To make matters worse, after the infamous Removal of Tickets update, they want it back and they're still doing it to this very day; heck, Tix isn't going to return after all so... when will the modern community grow up and learn?

Anyways, in 2018 which is this year, the community just got worse as a ripped piece of paper. So, I had no choice but to quit.

The community is complete cancer. There are first scrubs who think your mad if you kill them if they have something everyone wants then gets a ton of people to make fun of you. Then the people who say ''u mad bro'' whenever they kill you. Then you have the other cringefests who call you a noob for not spending $400 dollars on your outfit. Then we have people who call people noobs and ODers for killing them. There's Admins who abuse the piss out of there power. Bullies who bully you over the smallest things. People who try to act all hardcore by saying a bad word or dressing up with tats. I honestly could go on for about an hour but the point is the community is complete and utter cancer and is the reason I left Roblox.

The community is always full of online daters, trolls, hackers, bullies and people who can't understand what an opinion is. People will literally make fun of you or refuse to be your friend if you don't have robux and use free clothes. It's so stupid �" since when did the way someone looks determine if they're friendly or not? Oh, for a very long time.

I always see people being chased by dumb trolls who think someone is an "ODer", like if you were to wear robloxian 2.0 you are most likely to be chased by either ODers or trolls who won't leave you alone. I know there are a few nice people, but still it's ridiculous.

I don't like to complain, but ROBLOX just isn't a very nice place to be. Be careful who you hangout with, because you'll start to act more and more like them. Because of ROBLOX I became a troll, a bully, a hacker, I called people ODers and noobs, I acted mean because me and my friends thought it was cool. It really isn't. I'm a Christian now, and warn anyone who plays this game: Choose your friends carefully!

7 Exploiters

In my favorite Roblox game (Person299's Minigames), there's often at least 1 hacker. I know one time there were 2 hackers, and they had some sorta hacking war. One of the hackers openly said that they and the other hacker were hacking, and the other hacker said that they weren't hacking and only the other hacker was hacking. Rather annoying as someone dressed up as a troll.

Once I was playing Sword Fight In The Heights, and this one hacker was loopkilling everyone... Luckily, people in the server started using portals and Touchstones to get to the little forcefield hub, and then another hacker killed the first one.

Exploiters are annoying, I used to exploit a but it was boring and makes the game not fun for anyone anymore. Unless you like making people miserable.

Exploiters are so annoying, attempting to make a lot of games unfair and try to ruin the whole server.

8 Terrible updates

Roblox: Hey how about we make a terrible censorship system? What's that? Moderators only care about the forums? Hackers, scammers, and exploiters everywhere? Censorship system has been broken for 4 years? I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that. Oh hey, Have you seen this thing called Tix that everyone loves? Say bye to it so we can get more money. Random bans happening? Nah. Oh hey you know how there's R15? Well introducing the newest abomination called R-thro. Oh yeah also for laughs and jokes let's also completely remove events, probably the last fun thing in this used to be fun platform we've already destroyed enough and replace it with a second featured tab.

a new event every day, why can it be like the old roblox, where we got an egghunt every year? it used to be so fun then in 2021 we got a metaverse event thatb nobody liked, it was rigged anyway, we got nothing official in 2022 and doubt well get anything this year. roblox has been doing egg hunts since 2012 as long as I can remember now they just stopped?

Roblox has been Banning or Terminating Innocent Users also theres Audio Privacy, and even worse Roblox has done is deleted the Profile Feature from Home Page also Roblox is worse than Minecraft and theres no good Moderation so I quit it.

Roblox was in it's prime at around 2010. Once they introduced the new character models with bacon hair and changed the sounds and animations, everything did not feel the same anymore. Also they always changed the interface to the point that it's not really practical or fun to use anymore. Didn't take long for me to stop playing.

9 The term "Od'er"

I'm an ODer. I don't fully support it, though. I don't ask for dates and I'm not desperate, but I've made lifelong virtual friends from ODing. Of course there are always going to be ODers who only ask you out because they want to use your money or popularity as a benefit to themselves. I don't treat my online relationships seriously though. It isn't like we're actually dating. I've found out that most ODers aren't as garbage as people believe. They're just people that want a little extra company even if the company is strangely romantic. Also, just because somebody tells you you're an ODer or "noob" because your avatar looks a certain way, it doesn't mean you have to believe them, because deep down you know that you're right and they're wrong. I've dated about nine or so girls while online, possibly more, possibly less. The relationships have only lasted about two or so weeks due to different timezones, them leaving for long periods of time or them having more than one guy on their ...more

Seriously? I just wanted to make up a good look and people started calling me an Od'er. I had to change my look to a really lame look to get the jerks to leave me alone (My roblox name is Ravenpuff by the way)

Basically means online dater. In Robloxian High School (fun game by the way), I was once accused of being one. That user was totally incorrect and I've never dated anyone in my life.

I like off shoulder shirts but as soon as you are seen with one on sometimes people will call you an oder. Online dating is an action, not how someone looks. That would be irrational if oder meant a person who dresses like a normal person would.

10 Social media creeps

It's not terrible updates the Developer and Owner needs to test the Morphs and things that's why. Thanks fo rthe inofrmation for the Users but you're all wrong about Roblox is Awful.

It's one of the ways criminals will be able to contact children, get personal info from them, and maybe even kidnap or murder them!

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11 No Tix

The only reason they took away TIx is because it was how ROBLOX was going to get more money. On the other hand, many people quit or didn't play because now they could only afford free clothes and couldn't really customize themselves. Seriously, I have to deal with the free catalog now. There is nearly nothing. It is ridiculous that they made that decision. Many people with thousands of robux don't care but people who like to spend their money on different stuff (me) really get bummed and mad about Tix getting taken away!

In fact, the only reason I joined ROBLOX is because there was free Tix everyday and I could customize myself.

I personally don't care about tix. All it does is get robux and items to customize yourself. By the way, I have never payed for robux and probably never will and I have been on Roblox for more than 3 years. I have been satisfied with the free stuff they provide in the catalog on Roblox. Roblox is an expensive game to sustain.A robux is near the cost of a penny and you get ten tix daily (10 tix equals 1 robux). Robux has millions of players playing the game. A million pennies would equal $10,000 in U.S. dollars. Multiply this to the amount of millions and add this to the cost the computers(WARNING: There is quite a lot), the workers that are paid to work there, and Roblox itself. Be glad that Roblox even gave you the opportunity to enjoy tix while you could enjoy it.If you still are complaining about Roblox for removing tix, remember this. Would you rather have to pay to play the fun user-made games and to pay to make your own little game on Roblox, OR would you rather be able to play ...more

ROBLOX is slowly killing themselves. I saw a good quote, "If you focus on your profits instead of your customers, in time you will have neither," and I saw this on a meme. I just cannot bring myself to forgive them, though I do have tons of stuff from my because days. But now I just can't go back to that decaying site.

Some people can't even afford robux and Tix is well our only allowance. With New comers how will they survive? Stop making Roblox all about you! make it all about the damn world! Ill fight for Tix and I will die for it! GIVE TIX BACK. common now our allowance for tix is 10 per day we get on its not much! it takes us 10 days to get to 100 tix to buy some clothes so give TIX BACK or half of the players may quit. cause I quit for sure.

12 Hackers

My account was hacked a while back while I had because and the hacker advertised his scams (That isn't why my account was taken, he just hacked) with my friends and a handful of them fell for it. I told him several times to give my account back using my sister's account and report spammed so then he was finally forced to give my account back and left roblox.

Welcome to roblox building.

Back in 2011 I used to play that game to build a house and a guest jumped in my house so I set him on fire. Everyone would build "flying toilets" and cool stuff.

Now it's full of hackers and broken scripts and flying toilets are patched. It's just awful and now I think it shut down.

I hate hackers since when I play prison life (which I don't anymore) everyone in the server would die or people would go too speedy then a normal roblox person.

My sister got her account hacked and she was forced to make a new one. But we quit anyway...

13 Their "child protective" censorship

I swear, every time I want to talk online to my little cousins, it censors every single thing that they say. "One" will turn into a bunch of hashtags, and now they have to use Spanish just so that they can say numbers. At some time, everything got censored. It even began censoring "ok" and terms that any Roblox play would use such as "oof." "Once." Like, come on, they don't bother to censor some Spanish stuff, but they censor once? I mean, come on.

every time I put a number using modify It gets censored, I swear to God if I don't get permission to get safe chat removed from my account then I will get triggered.

I'm 13. I don't need some silly safe chat.

14 Ignorance

First, there are many, many, MANY, unpleasant people on Roblox. They would be offensive, inappropriate, exploiting, and just not care for other players or their thoughts.

Second, even if you do report said players, the Roblox Moderators wouldn't ban them. They can't see what they actually do, so they just think someone put some words on a screen because they just raged.

There is absolutely no definite solution to those who are ignorant, and giving us the reporting system just gives us false hope. Roblox in the early 2010's had a much better community. All we can do is hope for a chance that some players on Roblox won't be childish, naive, or Ignorant. And the chance is below 10%.

If you win or if you're happy that you won a game, players will think you're some stuck up wannabe "pro" or say dumb like "I could do that". If you lose, people will call you a noob. Like, what man? I was playing Vampire Hunters 2 once, and someone called me a "wimp" just because I was smart enough to hide from the vampire. (play the game and you'll know what I'm talking about)

They judge you for anything! They judge for religion, they called me a Jew even if I'm not a Jew, most judge on whatever you wear, some judge how you are wasting money on there, and there are plenty more reasons.

The moderators do not do anything. Once I got bullied at an admin house I reported 10 times then nothing happened. Someone even used a command to ban me from the game 4 a week!

15 Inappropriate for children

I know, Roblox popularity is decreasing due to their community issues. They just kick you out of the game for no reason and majority of the people got banned for no reason.

In Lisa Gaming Hangout I saw some Girls using paint color to make themselves look Naked which is Nudity then they made themselves look naked again and played Circus Song after that I got kicked off & lost all the coins I stole so, I quit Lisa Gaming Hangout.

Not sure why this is on the list but I can say most kids can only play rp games that's why roblox added age limit every game to you know to keep safe and everything. But now I am 12 I still get to play roblox.

There not Inappropriate that's making it more realistic for Pro's, and for those who hated the very old updated from those games.

16 Free ROBUX scams

There's so many Videos about how to get robux for free but they are all fake, so I got on Free Robux website and didn't get Hacked.

I got hacked cause my "friend" in real life used my account as a test to see if they would give me robux. Me not knowing that she kwew my password she gave it to the site and the next thing you know, my account is hacked and I immediately suspect her. We are not friends no more.

I HATE IT I was getting free robux but its littery gets virus to your computer or getting banned In 2017 The comments are banned but free robux is HORRIBLE!

In youtube there are lots of ways to get Robux for free but they all are fake there are games that will give robux I saw in youtube When I played them I got nothing.Roblox is full with scams.

17 Denis fanbase

Everyone complains about Denis himself, but his fanbase is a total nightmare. You know the FGTeeV fanbase? Well, the Denis fanbase is the FGTeeV fanbase of Roblox. They're mostly little kids who can't respect people's opinions. Seriously, if you say "I personally don't like Denis" you will be bombarded with hate from immature brats. I actually experienced this once, and it was actually pretty funny seing how immature those brats were.

Denis is a fine family - friendly YouTuber. One problem is that he's changed, he has a similar avatar to Flamingo too. All his inspiration is by Flamingo, in my perspective.

Denis Daily just attracted kids who steal their moms credit card to spend money on just for Robux.

There may be an ad for an awesome game and it turns out to be a group about Denis..

18 Website crashes way too much

The game kicks me out so much that I start attacking the computer. I find websites like these to share my opinion. The game itself is good though.

19 Lack of good games

Roblox is the most worst company to deal with. They suspended my account for stating I will dump their shares over their practices. Does that say enough about their company?
I think it does.

Eh, I'm not too sure about that. If you look hard enough, you'll find decent games with kind and mature communities. They're just hard to find because since the majority of players are children, they're more than likely to only play games that is on the front page, which makes them more popular regardless of quality.

This is a yes, this is infecting the "reccomended" games on roblox. The simulators are just run around and click on the screen to gain points for upgrades to gain more points, its boring and I can't believe people play these. There are games that are pretty fun to play like Phantom Forces but even that game glitches out (occasionaly). This game is unstable.

The front cover of ROBLOX is just clogged with Tycoons, "Criminal" games, Simulators and bad Roleplay games and they are all 0% original. Even a lot of Zombie games and copies of them. I used to play a lot of Roleplay games when I joined ROBLOX, now I move on from them because they got clogged with braindead people. RIP Good games.

20 The moderators are bad

I got banned on roblox 4 times and still, roblox is a bad game. They make kids cry by banning them for no reason or for doing good stuff or for having an opinion. I was having fun playing a game until I got banned for the 4th time. I quit playing roblox on mobile. I will be deleting my account on roblox on mobile on Monday.

I received warnings for uploading the most appropriate content, such as a picture of a robuck and the logos of YouTubers Leah Ashe and her sister squad. Even the popular Roblox YouTuber, Flamingo, was permanently deleted just for saying "yes" and because people were hacking in his game. It would be better for Roblox to ban the hackers instead of punishing the innocent individuals.

The job of Roblox support is simple. Just copy and paste for whatever situation. I have a good amount of proof. I posted on one of my email accounts saying to give me a hat, but they say they can't give accounts anything. I did it to another and it was the same. Gee, life of Roblox mods are too simple, I bet I could already get a job like that and not strive at school instead. My username is Pokemaster8956.

For example, before the forums were removed, moderators focused almost entirely on the forums. I also once got a warning for calling someone out on the forums. Why? Because they made fun of autism. Seems the kid couldn't take criticism and reported me for harassment.

21 Online daters and cheaters

Back then there were very little to no online daters, even in top games. Nowadays, most (if not all) popular games are infested with no-life people that date. Sometimes online daters go to games which are barely visited, just to date. I met two idiots one day, in a good theme park game (which was barely visited), and that pissed me off.

Online daters seem to be a dying breed, so they're not much of an issue at this time (early 2019). Even "ODer games" seem to have them die out. I still see the occasional "123 for a girl" in the chat, but I have yet to see anyone respond to them.

there are so many Online Daters also I played Help me Help you as a joke so it offended a girl I pretended to date so I won't be friends with her ever again.

These types of people are the worst! I can't even count how many people tried to date me on there!

22 Addictions

I am an addict playing ROBLOX and my auntie and my mom get mad at me. Mom have a deal, if I play ROBLOX she will get my iPad and my MacBook not to use it FOREVER. Can you help me to quit it? Even they get mad at me I'm always mad.

My life was Much much better before I started playing this stupid game. I spent less time on This stupid game and I spent less money on robux I'm so happy I that I quit.

Addictions? No, it's not the games. I can assure you that it's your fault for being stubborn and putting this before your studies.

Totally. I used to miss the bus because of it. I used to stay up till 3 AM, I'd be lazy and be very defensive and upset if I couldn't play.

23 Putting too much emphasis on the satisfaction of clingy friends
24 Posers

Girls who think wearing skeleton legs and sparkle fedoras and Gucci think they're cool, but when someone else wears it, they turn around and diss them for it.

Clothes and hats that cost robux is useless for me. You can beat extreme obbies if you are still in a bacon hair noob. You can play any games(except bloxburg). A dominus cost 1m robux but in reality it cost worth than a house and a good car. So be stupid to don't sell your car/house to buy a dominus.

Full of Posers...I don't know how to explain, but there are posers on ROBLOX..

Just jerks. Rude people. Stupid.

25 Roblox deleted all Pokemon games

Because Nintendo got mad at Roblox for people making Pokemon games because Pokemon is not Roblox property. If they didn't remove those games, Roblox wouldn't be able to run.

I quit Roblox sometimes, But I hate how they delete all pokemon games. Because it's copyright.

Copyright is a word. Copyright is the meaning why. Once again, common sense.

I got so far on one game, and the next game IT WAS GONE! I was so pissed!

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