Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Daisy is Better Than Princess Peach

Please accept my list very well. The underrated and important Princess Daisy is much better than the overrated and unreasonable Princess Peach, and here is why.
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1 Princess Daisy's voice is much less annoying

Princess Daisy may have a very annoying voice, but Princess Peach is by far the worst in any respect. She used to have a much better voice in Super Mario 64 (N64), Mario Kart 64, and Super Paper Mario, where Leslie Swan, the best voice actress for Princess Peach, voiced Princess Peach. But come on! Deanna Mustard ruined Princess Daisy's voice, but Princess Peach has such a miscast voice. When I first heard it in Mario Golf (for the N64), a classic N64 masterpiece, I got furious.

Guess what? Peach and Daisy are not best friends despite multiple promises! They are now arch-rivals whom they battle aggressively.

2 Daisy is hotter

Sure, Daisy is hot, but don't bring Samus or Lara Croft into this! They're just as awesome as Daisy, but Daisy is bae.

3 She does anything while Princess Peach does nothing

Daisy is the strongest princess I've ever seen, while Peach is so weak and can't even protect herself. And yet, they still put Peach in Smash. That's just dumb. And tell me why there aren't any Black Mario humans.

Peach never helps! She just sits there and lets Bowser kidnap her! Daisy would punch him into space past Rosalina's observatory!

Peach does help Mario and saves him. After that, she gets kidnapped again. Daisy learns her lesson at least.

4 She's much more fun

Peach is so bland and boring. I remember having her as my favorite character once, but after a while, I got fed up because she did not have a lot of character. Of course, I do not say this to my bestie, who is a passionate Peach fanatic. She's not the worst character, but compared to Daisy, Daisy has a much more fun attitude and smiles a lot more. Even in Island Tour, when she placed third, she didn't seem to mind too much. She was there to enjoy it. Peach, however, sighed. See the difference?

Princess Daisy has a much more genuine smile. Why does Princess Daisy get so much hate while Princess Peach has such an aggressively existent fanbase?

5 Orange is better than pink

Orange can be liked by everyone, boy or girl. That's all that matters to me.

Orange is perfect for a tomboy like her, but pink is too girly for her.

I love blue. It's my favorite color. I like orange, but I tolerate pink.

6 Daisy is the only girl with a different personality

That's true. I feel like a lot of video games construct terrible representations of women. I can't believe I ever liked the boring and overly emo Peach or the quiet, sad Rosalina in my life. In my opinion, the two are more like clones than Daisy ever was of Peach. In 3D World, the similarities only become more noticeable. Daisy is the only true tomboy. I know you will argue that Toadette is fun and Pauline too, but don't you see that Pauline wears makeup and Toadette is pink? Yes, Daisy likes flowers, but there's no reason why a tomboy can't like them. It's obvious with the other girls though.

7 Her charisma

Daisy is said to be a tomboy, of course. It's not that Daisy does what a boy actually does. It's that Daisy can be a bit sassy sometimes. Her voice in some games can be a bit boyish. Peach is already a girly girl, and Daisy is the tomboy. Some of you might think that Daisy is not really a tomboy, but I have seen some games that show that Daisy is a tomboy. Peach is too girly, and Daisy is the coolest princess in Mario. I love how Daisy is a princess who acts tomboyish and how she acts in some games.

8 She's stronger

In Mario Party 3, she sent Bowser flying. She's way stronger than Peach after Bowser scared her. Really, that shouldn't be taken seriously as it wasn't an actual fight and was most likely done for comedy.

And if you want to count spinoffs, then Peach can send Bowser flying too in SSB. Daisy could have easily taken Peach's spot by now if they really wanted us to believe Daisy is strong. But no, she's just an obnoxious person.

I think Daisy is really pretty, and creepily, she looks a bit like me.

I think Peach is better... better at being worse than Daisy.

9 She is a good role model for girls

Yes, all the way! Daisy is kind, sassy, and energetic, and shows girls all over the world that being a tomboy isn't a bad thing. Her confidence brims with positivity, and it's nice to have a female character who isn't girly or pink.

Again, Daisy is not a tomboy. She is just less girly than Peach. If you ask me, Peach is a better role model in the first two Paper Mario games by showing that you don't need amazing strength or athletic abilities to help people during hard times.

She teaches girls to be strong and to be themselves. Daisy isn't afraid to be herself, and other girls should be like her in that way.

10 Daisy x Luigi is an awesome couple

Yeah, and I don't get why Luigi must always save Peach and waste time saving her. He can have Daisy.

Their relationship has been going strong since the Mario movie from the '90s.

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11 She has big thighs

Hmmm... Maybe that's the reason she is stronger and more athletic than Peach.

Do I really need to explain this one?

12 Daisy is not captured all the time

Yeah, she did get captured once, but only once. Whenever Bowser comes near, she doesn't seem to have a problem. Peach, no matter how many times I try to see her as part of the playable roster, always reminds me of those damsel-in-distress days. Super Mario Run was in 2016. When I thought we'd been over the damsel-in-distress thing, Peach actually gets kidnapped in this era. Wow. Yes, Daisy has a predicament, but she only got lost. She didn't get snatched away.

Peach never helps! She just sits there and cries!

See, that's the reason why she's better than Peach. She can stand up for herself, and she is less bratty. The reason why Daisy is better is because she is stronger.

13 Peach is stupid

I don't feel Peach is stupid. She is more weak and scared. Actually, a good argument to dislike Peach is that she is very inconsistent. In one game, she got captured in seconds, and in another, she kicked the ass of everybody. I would have preferred if she was just a princess who doesn't know how to defend herself. That's why the first two Paper Mario games are Peach's best appearance. They knew how to make her weak but still shine in some scenes.

14 She slapped Bowser and he literally flew away

Ever heard of Super Princess Peach? Peach whacks Bowser at the end of the game.

It was a spin-off! And Peach had her own game and did it as well!

15 Her hairstyle and hair color is overall better

Princess Peach is blonde. What?! Princess Lemon Toadstool!

Princess Daisy has brown hair... wait, is it red? Oh, well, it's very fitting.

I like her hairstyle a lot! It's short and bouncy and a beautiful shade of red! Much better than Peach's crappy, Barbie-blonde, too-long hair.

Orange is my fave color, so Daisy is my fave too!

16 She would be a much better gal for Mario

I have to agree with this one, though. I've always shipped the two because I can imagine a game where Daisy is a playable character in the Super Mario Bros. series and goes on adventures with Mario. They are both strong, confident, and short, and it just seems right.

Daisy and Mario are just alike. I mean, really, they're both strong and athletic.

Daisy and Mario would go on quests together!

17 She has a much better color affinity

Whilst Princess Peach loves pink and is very bad-tempered, Princess Daisy loves orange and yellow and can handle anything. I'm surprised Princess Daisy is not a power-type athlete but generally a skill-type or speed-type (which is quite predictable, actually).

And this is why Princess Daisy is much more beautiful than Princess Peach.

I like daisies too. So, of course, I like her colors.

18 She didn't leave Mario or Luigi on the moon
19 Third Eye behind her hair

I think it's really cool. That means Daisy has a hidden ability with her third eye. I hope Nintendo makes it canon.

In Melee, this was the best glitch ever. In SSBU, they should make a new attack for Daisy called Third Eye. What's that? Peach did not have this glitch.

That was super funny. My parents say, "We have eyes in the back of our heads." Next time I'll just say, "No, Princess Daisy does."

20 Daisy is more positive
21 She's independent

I just love lists.

- She lives in another kingdom. How would she know if Peach got kidnapped or that they needed her help?
- Nintendo decided to make Daisy nothing more than an extra princess. It's not her fault she hasn't got a major role in the series.
- She was only kidnapped once, and that was a very long time ago. She has learned her lesson, it seems, for now she never gets kidnapped anymore.

Yup. She has Luigi, but Luigi has never needed to save her. She did get help from Mario once, but only once. She's very skilled in games without needing assistance from someone else, and when she gets a partner, it only improves her performance. Hence, she can stand on her own.

22 Daisy doesn't keep toads up her dress

They should make Toad a playable character so he will stop seeing some very inappropriate things.

Sooo true... Come to think of it... Poor Toad. Toad has seen some stuff, man!

23 Daisy hardly ever gets mad at people

Yep, got to agree. She may have a short temper, but Peach probably gets mad at Bowser for being kidnapped.

Peach is more of a brat than Daisy.

24 She is a tomboy

People often see negative connotations in a tomboy, but personally, I think it's great to be one! It means you aren't following the media and trying to impress guys by following impossible beauty standards. I used to be girly, but honestly, who really wants to be a sweet and polite princess who looks like she's old-fashioned and only gets saved for her looks?

She is the only princess who isn't all girly. Peach is the girly girl, and Daisy is the tomboy.

25 Daisy fans are ignorant

Not all Daisy fans are ignorant. Some, though, think she's better than Peach. I love Daisy along with Rosalina. Oh, and by the way, Daisy fans who hate Peach should remember that Daisy wouldn't exist if Peach didn't. Daisy WASN'T supposed to return after Super Mario Land. But in Mario Tennis, Peach needed a partner. So, Nintendo brought Daisy back. After that, they decided it would be weird to have her only in one game. So, they added her to Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario and Sonic, and Smash Ultimate! Also, since Peach brought in Daisy, Nintendo created Waluigi. No Daisy, no Waluigi! I like Waluigi, by the way. So, Waluigi fans, DON'T HATE DAISY EITHER. Okay? Thank you and have a Peach-Tastic day!

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