Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Daisy Is Better Than Princess Peach

Please accept my list very well. The underrated and important Princess Daisy is much better than the overrated and unreasonable Princess Peach, and here is why.
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1 Princess Daisy's voice is much less annoying

Princess Daisy may have a very annoying voice, but Princess Peach is by far the worst in any respect. She used to have a much better voice in Super Mario 64 (N64), Mario Kart 64 and Super Paper Mario (where Leslie Swan, the best voice actress for Princess Peach voiced Princess Peach), the best video games on Earth. But come on! Of course Deanna Mustard ruined Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land's voice, but Princess Peach has such a miscast voice. And when I first heard of it in Mario Golf (for the N64), a classic N64 masterpiece, I got furious. And guess what? Peach and Daisy are not best friends despite multiple promises! They are now arch-rivals whom they battle aggressively.

"She's NOT even clone peach! If anything Rosalinda is a clone peach."
Lol I find it funny most you Daisy fans have to point the finger at another character for the same thing that's NOT TRUE.

Rosalina only has the multiple eyebrow thing exactly the same with Peach. Daisy has the EXACT same dress type, color of gloves, eyebrow and eye color and eye shape. Rosalina has a little bigger eyebrows than her, different shade of hair and eyes, different facial shape, different eye shape, different eyebrow & lashes color, different body shape, different dress color, no gloves, shorter hair, different lip shade... So really Rosaina has just as many differences from Peach than Daisy has (if not more).

Funny, her voice is the only this that actually represents her "tomboy" personality. Daisy's voice is pretty loud and I don't really like it, plus Peach's voice is actually soothing to me. As for the list itself the only reason you think Daisy supposedly "does everything" is because of your stereotypical view of tomboys. Say Peach tried to get kidnapped but at least she actually saves the ones close to her.

Not surpising this stupid reason is #2 sense you all can't come up with good reasons. Daisy is s4! T and is one of the worst characters in Mario and that's saying something. Peach's voice really has nothing to do with her character since it can change anytime it already has once. So it's pointless to care for it. Really you can just mute your T.V. and make up a voice for her and it will be as legit as the one you hear really

2 Daisy is hotter

Ok, so I'm a Bi girl (judge me all you want a-holes), and when I first saw Daisy. I'm not joking here, I had a crush on her. For a year anyway ;-;... I was like 9-10. Daisy (on outside and inside) just makes you want her. GET OUTTA MY WAY WEEGEE!

I prefer Peach's look because of the hair cut, but look is not only very subjective, but also not the most important thing.

Sure Daisy is hot, but don't bring Samus or Lara Carft into this! They're just as awesome as Daisy but Daisy is bae.

Guys, Mario is a kids game. Nobody should really be looking in this area. Oh, don’t forget that Daisy has had too designs. Tell which one you are talking about.

3 She does anything while Princess Peach does nothing

-Is Daisy anything other than an echo fighter in Smash Bros (That you keep arguing about)? No.
-Does she have her own game? No.
-Is she playable in anything other than Mario Party, Mario Kart and sports (basically canon games)? No.
-Does she have any other magical attributes other than Flower Power and an irrelevant third eye GLITCH on her trophie in Melee? No.

-Does Peach have her own game? Yes.
-Does she have any magical attributes other than Heart Magic? Yes (Empress Peach/Her Mega Strike, Healing Magic, Mood Swings, Lambs to put people to sleep, etc.)
-Did she knock Bowser into the sky like Daisy did except in canon? Yes, and I think using an umbrella needs more force.
-Does she at least TRY to help Mario on his quests sometimes? Yes.

Do these not count?

Even more of a laugh than the voice thing. Daisy wasn't even present in the "millions" of times Peach got kidnapped. And Peach has 2 reliable sources of helping on adventures, Super Princess Peach and Super Mario 3d World, meanwhile Daisy has stuck to sports, without any trace of her. If Daisy was really that brave she would. Have taken down Bowser easily, or at least act like a guardian for her. Speaking of, Daisy protecting Peach is a splended idea!

HAHASAAHAHAAHAHAA! Oh what has Daisy done except play some sports? That's what. Never went to rescue anybody but Peach has gone out to rescue Mario in SPP and accompanied Mario in a couple PM series, in RPG, and in 3D World. It's obvious now you Peach haters are just saying BS just cause she actually does stuff while Daisy is a lying poser. Even while kidnapped most the time Peach sends 1ups, or information, or items. Daisy when she was kidnapped didn't give Mario ANYTHING.

Daisy is the strongest princess I've ever seen while peach is so weak and can't even protect herself. And yet they still put peach in smash. That's just dumb. And tell me why there aren't any black Mario humans

4 She's much more fun

'And Princess Daisy has a much more genuine smile. Why does Princess Daisy et so much hate and Princess Peach an aggressively existent fanbase?! '

Why does peach get so much bs put on her for no reason when people blindly believe daisy is a tomboy when she screams for a whole three lines at Bowser, used a petty excuse 'he was in my way,' when she slapped him, does air kisses, and wear a dress and Jewelry for no reason?

People who think that peach is a tomboy and daisy is a girly girl is totally wrong. Just because peach wears blue and acts all tough doesn't mean that she is a tomboy and just because daisy loves flowers and acts sassy doesn't mean that she is a girly girl. Peach care about being perfect while daisy dosen't. Tomboys do not care about their looks. Daisy is also richer than peach just too let you know.Peach is too greedy.

Not in smash. Comparing the lines Peach has I conic ones like "oh, did I win? ", "lalalalalala! ", "this is fun! ", etc. Meanwhile Daisy just kinda twirls around and making noises. Peach has iconic lines while Daisy doesn't, aside from "HI I'm DAISY" which I honestly hate. Smash proves Peach is interesting in my opinion.

Do you wanna know one of the reasons I prefer Peach over Daisy in smash? It's because Peach has the "Atcha! " which is way funnier than anything Daisy can do in that game.

5 Orange is better than Pink

I've always liked pink over orange. Also this doesn't matter, unless you also wanna include that Daisy's dress copies Peach's dress in your logic.

I like blue a lot more, so I guess I'm on the wrong list because I'm talking about Rosalina, while she has nothing to do with this list. - Gehenna

Again, it's purely subjective. Those two colors are not my favorites anyway.

Orange is perfect for a tomboy like her but pink is too girly for her.

6 Her charisma

Daisy was said that she is a tomboy of course. It's only just that Daisy doesn't do what a boy actually does it's only that Daisy can be a bit sassy sometimes, but her voices in some games can be a bit boyish I mean Peach is already a girly girl and daisy is the tomboy. I know some of you guys might think that daisy is not really a tomboy but I have seen some games that show that Daisy is a tomboy. Peach is too girly and Daisy is the coolest princess in Mario.I love how Daisy was said that she's a princess who acts tomboyish and how she acts in some games.

Wow this list is s4! T Daisy sucks. Guys she's not a real tomboy. She LIES about that. She hit Bowser cause he scared her s4! Tless than used a petty excuse that 'he was in my way. ' Where you going b! 7(h? Yes please leave no one should want you hear.

Reasons why Peach is better than this poser:

1. Peach doesn't lie about her personality. She has real personality which is kind, courageous, helpful, girly, ditzy, playful, and Peach loves sports too!

2. WHILE KIDNAPPED, Peach usually gives Mario information, 1ups, or other items. When Daisy was kidnapped she never did that.

3. She doesn't throw a fit when she loses usually. Daisy is just a sore loser most the time when she loses.

4. She has a USEFUL ability. Daisy's stupid flower thing only is for show. boo... No wonder Daisy wasn't in 3D world. She has nice glide ability and in RPG awesome healing ability.

5. Daisy is just a b! 7(h who throws temper tantrums Peach only did that as baby Peach ...more

Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land is totally a creative copycat of Super Mario.
Princess Peach is the direct opposite of Superman who is useless and can't do anything accurately.

"Daisy actually has a likeable character! "

What likable character? A childish poser isn't likeable lol

7 She's stronger

Note that this is a long comment.

All Daisy has is Flower Power to defend herself.
Also, you're saying the same crap of which being that she knocked Bowser in the air in Mario Party 3.
First, Peach has Heart Magic so that can't be counted as something Peach doesn't have.
Second, are you forgetting that Peach knocked Bowser into the sky as well in the end of her game (something Daisy doesn't have) or are you saying that Daisy's punch counts and not Peach knocking Bowser into the sky with her Parasol?
Third, Speaking of knocking Bowser into the sky, Super Princess Peach would count as canon and Mario Party, including 3, is a spinoff of which would mean it's less relevant.

Before you go saying Empress Peach then wouldn't be to relevant either as Mega Strikers in technically a soccer spinoff, her Mega Strike isn't her only magical attribute.
If we were to subtract the spinoff games from their stats (battle experience still counts), Peach would still win easily ...more

TL:DR: Peach has basically everything Daisy has and more, so I disagree. Long version,

More like 5x weaker. Any feat Daisy has shown Peach can also do aside from Crystals or Flower Power, but Heart Power does basically the same as Flower Power in sports.

Daisy has punched Bowser into the sky but Peach has whacked him several miles away with her parasol. I saw someone try to say "since Daisy made him fly faster while Peach made him swirl slowly shouldn't Daisy be stronger? " and honestly no. And those saying Perry did the work, that's also wrong. Perry can stun and eat enemies but not send them miles away. Even if he did that still makes Perry a serious force to be reckoned with.

And those who call Daisy more athletic, even so Peach has still had heavy participation in sports that no normal person can accomplish. And both play the same games together, including swimming, figure skating, soccer and the like.

Peach has MAJOR advantage in magic. Sleep inducing ...more

"Uh all the smash titles have 'bros' in in referring it to the Mario BROS. Yes it's a spin off, but it's still mostly a Mario title as it also mostly has Mario characters (Mario, luigi, dk, rosalina, dr.Mario, peach) in it while from other Nintendo games they usually have two - three other characters. And there's really nothing stopping them from putting her in the seas series, but Nintendo sees how unimportant and useless sne'd really be in there as her stupid flower abilities are only for show."

Super smash bros isn' t refered to Super Mario Bros, bros it is refered at the Nintendo characters, also is a crossover and it's not important.

'If Daisy isn't in smash that's not important because smash is not part of Mario series."

Uh all the smash titles have 'bros' in in referring it to the Mario BROS. Yes it's a spin off, but it's still mostly a Mario title as it also mostly has Mario characters (Mario, luigi, dk, rosalina, dr.Mario, peach) in it while from other Nintendo games they usually have two - three other characters. And there's really nothing stopping them from putting her in the seas series, but Nintendo sees how unimportant and useless sne'd really be in there as her stupid flower abilities are only for show.

8 She is a good role model for girls

Again, Daisy is not a tomboy, she is just less girly than Peach. If you ask to me, Peach is a better role model in the first two Paper Mario games, by showing that you don't need amazing strenght or athletic abilities to be able to help people during hard times.

Yes all the way! Daisy is kind, sassy, and energetic, and shows girls all over the world that being a tomboy isn't a bad thing. Her confidence brims with positivity, and it's nice to have a female character that isn't girly or pink.

She teaches girls to be strong and to be yourself. Daisy isn't afraid to be herself and other girls should be like her that way

All the princesses are okay role models, but Samus is a better role model.

9 Daisy x Luigi is an awesome couple

Actually, I think she would be better with Mario. She isn't kidnapped all the time and she is brave and independant. -daisygirl2

Me: Hello Luigi, do you know Daisy kissed Mario the first time they met!

Luigi: What?!

Me: Yeah! I know it must be hard for you Luigi.

Luigi: Eh! I didn't spend a lot of time with her anyway.

So basically Peach needs to date Luigi (only him specifically), otherwise she is automatically a bad person?

Couples are irrelevant to the topic, and plus, not everyone likes the Daisy X Luigi couple.

10 Daisy is the only girl with a different personality

Problem is, she only appears in sports (excluding the game where that wasn't her personality) so it goes half unnoticed anyway. There is nothing wrong with being polite.

Daisy can be a little sassy but more tomboyish. Peach is too girly and too many people like her.
Daisy should have been in smash bros instead of peach because of her personality and she is strong and not one of the girly princesses.

Peach= always girly
Rosalina= sometimes girly
Toadette= usually girly
Pauline= always girly
Wendy= sometimes girly
Daisy= rarely girly.

Daisy has got a better personality, facial features and style, so she is the best. Besides, she is pratically the nicest female in Mario.

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11 She has big thighs

I guess Rosalina fans aren't the only perverts

Hmmm... Maybe that's the reason she is stronger and athletic than peach.

I will not even talk about that one.

Why are we looking in this area?

12 Daisy is not captured all the time

That's because people try to kidnapp Daisy less often. That just means she is lucky. By that logic, I am better than Daisy since I never got kidnapped while Daisy was kidnapped once.

Nor does she ever help? At least Peach redeems herself by saving Mario, going on adventures and even trying to escape Bowser's captivity at one point. And believe it or not, Daisy has only appeared canonically once, where she IS kidnapped. That means in canon, she's been kidnapped in 100 percent of her canon appearances.

You know the person who kidnapped Daisy, Tatanga? He kidnapped Daisy ONCE! Well now he is the most forgotten character. If Tatanga was put back in Mario Games in the future, Daisy Rate should of shrink down a bit. Also so as Rosalina, well she is never kidnapped so I'd say both Daisy and Rosalina are the lucky ones

Daisy has been captured once and Peach hasn't always helped Mario, plus what you said does not center with the fact that Peach is captured in most games.

13 Peach is stupid

I don't feel Peach is stupid, she is more weak and scared. Actually, a good argument to dislike Peach is that she is very inconsistent. In one game she got captured in seconds, and in another she kick the ass of everybody. I would have prefer if she was just a princess that doesn't know how to defend herself. That's why the first two Paper Mario games are Peach's best appearance, it's because they knew how to make her weak but still shines in some scenes.

PEACH IS NOT STUPID Seriously, who wrote this? I am not trying to offend anyone, but for people who like Peach would be offended. -mariogamergirl

Hey, I like Daisy better than Peach, but that doesn't mean Peach is stupid. In fact, I used to be a Peach fan a long time ago. -daisygirl2

Hurtful to anyone who likes Peach. Very easy for me to imagine someone coming here and breaking down into tears because of this. 😒

14 She has a much better color affinity

Whilst Princess Peach loves pink and is very bad-tempered, Princess Daisy loves orange and yellow and can handle anything. I'm surprised Princess Daisy is not a power-type athlete but generally a skill-type or speed type (which is quite predictable, actually).

Really? Yellow and orange are both obnoxious colors. Pink isn't much better, though at least it's hot pink and not so cringing on the eyes like yellow and orange are.

And this is why Princess Daisy is much more beautiful than Princess Peach.

They both suck, but liking pink isn't bullying tomboys.

15 Her hairstyle and hair color is overall better

WHO CARES! Are you saying that all blondes are an insult?!? I That is just wrong! I have two aunts who would take offense to that! They're blonde, but their still nice!

Her hairstyle is plain while Peach's is unique. Both of them have boring and plain hair color. But really it doesn't matter hair color means nothing =/

Nope in both. I adore Peach's yellow long hair, and when I first saw Daisy's bangs it looked like she had an ass for bangs.

Princess Peach is blonde. what?! Princess Lemon Toadstool!

Princess Daisy has brown hair... wait, is it red? Oh, well, it's very fitting.

16 She would be a much better gal for Mario

I have to agree with this one though. Iv'e always shipped the two because I can imagine a game where Daisy is a playable character in the Super Mario Bros. series and where she goes on adventures with Mario. They are both strong, confident, and short, and it just seems right.

'True because daisy is brave and strong like Mario and peach is like Luigi because peach and Luigi get scared easily'

Name one time when peach gets scared? Nope

Daisy and Mario are just alike. I mean, really, they're both strong and athletic.

Why? They broke up for a reason. Mario was tired of Daisy's BS and her temper tantrums.

17 Peach is overrated

True, and if you think about it with the whole pink dress and blonde hair, Peach's character is pretty stereotypical compared to Daisy's if you ask me.

-She is treated worse than a character who only appears in spinoffs of that don't affect canon games at all.
-She is somehow less useful than Daisy (Spinoffs, again, don't do anything and are irrelevant) even though she actually helps Mario on her quests sometimes and even is nice enough to bake him a cake after saving her.
-They hate Peach just because she gets kidnapped by a turtle and an infinite amount of enemies.

She is actually underrated. What is the person who added this mentally retarded or something?

OOOF. Please stop adding stupid things like this. This is why Daisy is better, not Peach. Please move on if your gonna argue.

18 Third Eye behind her hair

That was super funny. My parents say "We Have eyes in the back of our heads." Next time I'll just say "No. Princess Daisy does."

I think it's really cool. That means Daisy has a hidden ability with her third eye. I hope Nintendo makes it canon.

This is just a glitch, not a reason to dislike Princess Peach. That glitch was pretty funny though.

Come on! This is a hilarious and great reason! Peach never had a funny glitch like this!

19 She didn't leave Mario or Luigi on the moon

What, never played Super Mario Odyssey?

Peach never did this too, & wasn’t planning on it.

Peach: Hey, let’s go home!
& she was outside with her hands on the ship rails. How was she purposely leaving Mario on the moon if she wasn’t in control of the ship?

20 Daisy is more positive

You Daisy fans who hate every character except Daisy are really not better. - DCfnaf

Why do you keep on thinking every Daisy fan hatrs other characters?

You Peach fans who hate daisy really need to shut up.The list name is'REASONS WHY PRINCESS DAISY IS BETTER THAN PRINCESS PEACH'If you hate daisy and like peach, WHY ARE YOU HERE? If you hate something, simple, don't look at it.

I honestly like all of the princesses and think that they all have an important part in the Mario series overall:
Peach - She’s the damsel in distress
Daisy - The girl like no other since she’s not so girly
Rosalina - The powerful one that can practically control the galaxies and help Mario.
They are all positive but express it in different ways:
Peach - The sweet, caring one that hates violence
Daisy - The nice, confident one that won’t put up with the villains and kick them away amazingly
Rosalina - The also sweet but quiet one that cares for everyone and her lumas

21 Daisy hardly ever gets mad at people

Thank you to the person who said that even though they are a daisy fan they like peach. This awesome person is an example of a sane fan. Every toxic fandom has one. Also, Daisy gets mad a lot. So... this list is built on a throne of lies.

Yea I may be a Daisy fan but I do like Peach. In this list, I think we are even though because they are both better than Rosalina.

What? Daisy gets mad at everyone even those who beat her fairly! She is such a brat! Peach is better than her in every way!

Yep got to agree. She may have a short temper, but peach probly gets mad at bowser for being kidnapped.

22 She slapped Bowser and he literally flew away

Firstly, that was in a spinoff.
Second, Peach did the same thing in HER GAME a while later (12 years ago) which apparently doesn't count according to your logic.
Third, if Daisy ever fights Peach and her slap misses then she will barely be able to back that up (basically just with one other item) and Peach's arsenal has way more variety.

Hard to believe THIS is people's line of defense on how Daisy would "destroy" Bowser.

It was a spin-off! And Peach had her own game and did it as well!

Something she did literally once and never did again.

23 She's independent

I just love lists.
-She lives in another kingdom. How would she know if Peach got kidnapped or that they needed her help?
-Nintendo decided to make Daisy nothing more than an extra princess. It's not her fault she hasn't got a major role in the series.
-She was only kidnapped once, and that was a very long time ago. She has learned her lesson it seems, for now she never gets kidnapped anymore.

How? By bumming in another kingdom all the time e to play sports? She also had to be rescued by Mario too you know. And she was incapable of helping Mario with anything. Didn't give Mario any information or items while most the time at least peach can do that lol

How? does it matter like how do we fully know that?
there is no proof we could say that snakes have a one peace tough but still we can not get proof.

When was she independent? Just asking.

24 A much better appearance

Think about it! Princess Peach is awful! Why? Her blond hair, her voice, her quotes, her aggressively annoying personality, her hatred of being a heroine and her girlish character.

Princess Daisy may not be as amazing as Rosalina, but she's still awesome. Why? She went to the Vancouver Olympics with Miles Tails Prower, is not afraid to be dirty, she's cuter, she's much more unique, she is a thief, she is more genuine, her hair is brown and etc...

Daisy practically copied Peach's dress but with a couple differences and recolored. And as said earlier, Peach has much better hair

But, all I'm seeing is how she only appears in Sport Games and Kart games, why not platforming games but she only appeared in 1 Platforming Mario game which it's Super Mario Land and that's also her first appearance. How the heck did she not appear in Super Mario Maker? Tons of Animal Crossing characters replaced her.

My gawd repetitive much? This could count as # 1 but this list is stupid and un-legit so not surprised

25 Daisy fans are ignorant

Not all Daisy fans are ignorant. Some are though, think she's better than Peach. I love Daisy along with Rosalina. Oh and by the way Daisy fans who hate Peach, Daisy wouldn't exist if Peach didn't either. You see, Daisy WASN'T supposed to return after Super Mario Land. But in Mario Tennis, Peach needed a partner. So Nintendo brought Daisy back on her feet. After that, they decided it would be weird to have her only in one game. So they added her in Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario and Sonic, and Smash Ultimate! Also since Peach brought in Daisy, Nintendo created Waluigi for heavens sake. No Daisy, No Waluigi! I like Waluigi by the way. So Waluigi fans, DON'T HATE DAISY EITHER. Okay? Thank you and have a Peach-Tastic day! :D George Shaw

This comment is the best part about this list

Yes. Yes they are

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