Most Hated Video Games of All Time

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1 Fortnite

It's the worst game ever. It's inappropriate and cringeworthy. When Fortnite and TikTok (two horrible abominations) birth cringeworthy garbage, the dances are awful. The fanbase is worse than FNAF's. 90% of Fortnite players are 7-year-olds that scream when they die.

It's addicting, which is a bad thing. It's trying to get you hooked into this horrible game. At least Apex and PUBG aren't this harmful. It rips off every other game in existence. Don't ever play Fortnite. It's a cheap cash grab by Epic Games. Epic Games is more like Evil Games. Fortnite did more harm to the gaming industry than every other game in existence combined.

2 Superman 64

Jesus Christ, these people that say Fortnite is the worst game ever are not classic gamers.

It deserves to be universally hated by everyone.

You took it from the trash and sold it? Why?

3 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Why is Bubsy 3D above this? That actually wasn't the game's own fault that it sucked. It was in development long before Super Mario 64 or Crash Bandicoot were shown off. When they saw they were doing what they were first, they rushed it out to compete.

E.T. made one of the best movies ever, and this is how you repay him? You should be ashamed of yourself, Atari.

4 Bubsy 3D

A big insult to one of the best kinds of video games ever, 3D platformers. The graphics are terrible. The controls are garbage. Bubsy won't shut up.

Worst graphics, worst gameplay, worst controls, annoying characters.

5 Bird Mania 3D
6 Mario Party 10
7 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Look at this game. Mario's tennis game is kind of crap.

8 No Man's Sky

The game got quite a few updates, and it's now a very good and fun game thankfully.

Biggest letdown any game has ever been.

9 Mighty No. 9
10 Cuphead

One time I got this game on my Switch expecting it to be amazing. I was disappointed. It's not the worst game ever, but it's my most disappointing one. Why? Because it's way too hard. A little bit of challenge is fine, but this game took it way too far.

If you like it, that's fine. Cuphead isn't as bad as most rage games, though. I'd rather 100% Cuphead than play Getting Over It.

Cuphead is an amazing game that took great effort to make and gives a fun and engaging experience to the player. It has a beautiful old-fashioned aesthetic. I cannot stress this enough: GORGEOUS frame-by-frame animation. It's probably the most difficult game I've played. I've probably died a million times lol.

It's very memorable, and I will never forget when I played this game. Why is it hated on so much? I will never know. :|

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11 Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Paint Hammer was an improvement from Sticker Star, and the fact that the progression isn't as linear. But other than that, this is supposed to be an RPG. This game is nothing more than a platforming game with bad graphics.

People hate on Super Paper Mario for a lack of turn-based combat. This, on the other hand, doesn't even need turn-based combat because it doesn't even have stats.

12 Roblox

I don't need parental controls to keep me away from playing any inappropriate game. It only cares about cold, harsh cash. Any old version of it is better than the new version with some features removed. It is filled with dumb rules, online daters, perverts, cheaters, hackers, exploiters, annoying children, scammers, and pedophiles. There are inappropriate games out there. The red Roblox logo is better than the white Roblox logo. Their problem has been getting worse because they are not doing anything to ban online daters off their website. It looks the same lol.

13 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

If Sonic 06 was modernized, this would be it. The same unplayable garbage as Sonic 06.

14 Mother
15 Bubsy II
16 Angry Birds

Nobody cares about this game. We will make the birds even angrier.

17 Minecraft

I mean, the game is great in general, but there are some slight problems. Since I'm a Bedrock player, I experience some lag and bugs, and I've been waiting since 2019 for Mojang to fix them. And something else that annoys me is that there are so many unnecessary differences between Java and Bedrock that it gets on my nerves.

Nevertheless, the game is awesome in general, but it just has some problems.

I was going to argue, "If Minecraft is bad, how is it the best-selling game of all time?" But then I remembered Fortnite.

Regardless, if you find Minecraft boring, download mods. There are over 50,000 mods on CurseForge. There is something for everyone. Maybe except people who are outright biased.

18 Bubsy
19 Terraria

Terraria isn't a bad game. It's just very hard and gets hate because of that. Some of my best friends love Terraria, while I'll stick to my roleplays. Once you get past the challenge, it's an amazingly coded, fun game. But, honestly? It's just not for me.

How did this game end up on this list? This is one of my favorite games. You can't accuse this of being a ripoff of Minecraft because they both support each other.

It's not a bad game, but everyone seems to accuse it of being a ripoff of Minecraft.

20 Fallout 76

I'm surprised it's this low (51). It's like the second most hated game after Fortnite.

The game simply started out with nothing, but almost made bigger promises than No Man's Sky. It's just a mess, really...

21 Sonic the Hedgehog

It's a shame. This game was supposed to be successful, but it failed. This game was supposed to be big, but it was rushed. If they had maybe delayed it a few months or even years, it would have been a fantastic game! But hey, at least it has lots of great music!

I hate this game. Such an overrated crap-load of rage-quitting.

Not very intuitive. I never even made it past the hub world.

22 Ride to Hell: Retribution
23 Shaq-Fu
24 Mario Party: Island Tour

I'll admit, the multiplayer sucks, and in a party multiplayer game, that's not what you want. But it's not terrible.

25 FIFA 14

Great another EA sports copy. The last 13 FIFA's are the exact same. The only difference is slightly improved graphics and the number in the name is different. But the game hasn't been changed at all. The reason why EA can crap out like 5 sports games a year easily because they just copy paste the commands from the first EA sports game.

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