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1 Stealth Elf

Spyro? Come on people, everyone loves Spyro because he's all popular and cool looking by Stealth Elf is 10000000% better! I love all the elf Skylanders like Fright Rider and Flameslinger but Stealth Elf is my ultimate favorite. She is a ninja, ninjas are awesome and she is super cute. She was probably the fastest Skylander in the Skylanders Giants series. She is plain awesome and I had to beg my parents for three months to let me get her. Stealth Elf rocks! Not to mention that awesome name...
"Silent but deadly! "

Even before her ninja suit and super shot redesign, Stealth Elf was an amazing character and still awesome...even though I think the idea of having the actor for Candace from Phineas and Ferb playing her in the upcoming netflix series is pretty weird...but it's cool to finally see her mouth.

She is the best! She is so good, she's on "skylanders academy" which makes her a very popular character. If you have not tried her out, do it now or your missing a whole lot of awesome! Try her NOW! I mean it. Just a heads up, she has three different suits!

This skywalker is clearly the best. True, she is one for melee and not long range, but the new super shot one should make those people appreciate her more. So yeah, she is the best.

2 Trigger Happy

Lots of versions! I don't have any! There's normal, normal legendary, series 2, series 3, mini, Easter, super chargers & legendary super chargers there's so much! And I love Trigger Happy I wish I had him but I might get him today that my be some luck for me & Trigger Happy I can play him on skylanders and he is so funny he can shoot coins and gold! But why only 10% on Trigger Happy for being number 1 he is great! And for 2016 Christmas I got a Skylanders Imaginators, spyro squishy toy & trigger happy squishy toy I loved it!

Before you do anything, get this psycho's Series 2 figure. Golden Money Bags Path hands down. His lob of money turns into a coin that does more damage, has increased ranged, causes a "coinsplosion" and if it lands on heads, your gone. And if you got his Series 2 figure, his Wow Pow is OP. You can just spam the MegaBlast on his machine gun, and it makes his gun charge useless. Don't get your hopes up though. He has VERY low health. But what can I say? He's a gremlin. They had to nerf him somehow.

Trigger happy is impossible to lose with I mean really he's a gremlin with unstoppable golden guns. I like playing with him even when there are no enemy's around just spinning and firing his guns.

He is hands down the most fun and cute skylander character he is funny when he shoots from his double barrel guns. Because he is crazy and shoots like crazy and is the best tech element character.

3 Spyro

If any of you know about the spyro games, you'll know that if it wasn't for Spyro rebuilding the world pretty much and pulling all the pieces of the planet together after it had been destroyed there wouldn't be a skylands. Elite Spyro also helped me heaps with some real tough trap team arena challenges and helped me with some real difficult situations in nightmare mode so he's definitely my favourite. So yeah, Of all skylanders Spyro deserves to be no less than number one.

Sorry, Drobot, but Spyro just knocked you out of the arena. His firey breath is low but once you get the Daybringer Flame upgrade. His flameball charges up for MAXIMUM damage. His horn attack is awesome! This attack is low-damage but once you upgrade it, it becomes a master ability. His wow pow, Fireslam is very high and great for bosses and big enemies. My sister was so upset when l defeated her Chill. Vote for Spyro!

Oh come on! Are you kidding me? Well I think spyro is the leader of the skylanders and the main chracter of skylanders academy. If you think other skylanders like stealth elf and eruptor and many others, then if you lived in a world where stranger things didn't exsist and or you could watch glow instead. Me and spyro are your bosses and call us spyro and cole.

Spyro is the best. For one, he is featured in every series, and always has a role to play, no matter what he is doing. He also has amazing attacks, and if you upgrade his charge or his fireballs, he will be doing a ludicrous amount of damage.

4 Tree Rex

He is a huge success he has the best slogans when he talks it was hard not to put him in top 3. But he is just outside classic skylanders.

He is the most powerful giant and the best starter pack for anyone he should be number one.

I like how he can slam on the ground. He looks amazing too.

He is crazy powerful. Almost nothing can stop this powerhouse of a skylander.

5 Camo

Camo is awesome! He can heal, use fireball attacks, uses exploding melons, And is just all around an amazing Skylander to have. When I first got him, he defeated Swarm! He is a must-have in your collection!

Camo is a powerhouse who can grow watermelons in the span of a few seconds and use them as projectiles! He gets even better if you take the Melon Master path!

My Camo is named Camouflage, (like my Warnado is named by Tornado) and if you go by the melon master path, he'll be invincible, just like mother nature herself!

Camo is one of the best because guess what? Exploding melons and vines and pumpkins!

6 Chop Chop

My favorite type of Skylanders are those sword wielding, medieval looking knights. At first I was disappointed because I did not understand how to use his combos. I am still learning how to use him and the more I use him, the better he gets. Honestly, I haven't tried the shield upgrades but will check them out soon.

Nearly invulnerable with shield and deals heavy damage with sword. Great combo, and if you use shield bash to get around quickly he is one of the best all around characters

This guy does 52 damage if you go for the sword upgrade. Also he has a shield that makes ever single attack do 1 damage. I'm pretty sure.

He looks cool he fights cool and he is just brilliant chop chop my favorite. Igniter and slam bam should be on this list too

7 Krypt King

Krypt king is awesome because he can spit bees but I wish I had him. I have to say he has a giant sword so he is so awesome so he can just crush enemies.

Krypt King is so good! He can spit out insects that do so much damage and he can control his sword without touching it. Plus, he looks really cool.

Dudes ( and chicks), he looks like something out of WOW. his stats are awesome, his upgrades are wicked AND he has the coolest type of all.

Weather it's his floating sword or his swarming bee power, his abilities are so unique and powerful.

8 Drobot

Make drobot number one! He is unstoppable. Don't get me wrong, there's awesome Skylanders on this list. Drobot is so killer that he can beat Ninjini! I know Spyro lovers are going disagree, but drobot should be 1000 times more popular than Spyro. He blast anything including some Giants into oblivion. Plus, he says "seek and destroy" which is the name of a good song. Drobot is the champion of seeking and destroying

Drobot is the best if you choose his laser upgrades for choose your path he can be a killer and he never messes around like I bet Pop Fizz does and he looks so awesome and that voice is cool too. Come on Portal Masters hit that vote button, I mean who doesn't like Drobot?

Honestly, I would have to say Drobot is the best due to how long he lasts, how powerful he is, also (personal preference) he is long ranged and is great for just powering through an island/mission. But that is just my opinion, what is yours?

Drobot was my first ever Skylander. My older sister (when the first game was out only) gave me him and Stump Smash. I then bought (with either my parents or grandparents) Zook and later Double Trouble. I vote for all of them because they are all very special to me.

9 Wildfire

Indestructible gladiator +golden lion with a sapphire shield=Wildfire. He's
My Best Skylander ever-ever. If you upgrade him to MAX level he's a titan! This is Wildfire abuse, why would people put him on #9 instead of #1. Josh out.

He is hands down the best why is trigger happy number one he is terrible and why is krypt king above He deserves to be where he is.

Wildfire rules! His fire deals so much damage. His shield has lots of armor. L bet he could kill all the trap masters! Burn it!

He is the best because of his soul gem and upgrades he can get and use.

10 Pop Thorn

His last upgrade boosts his speed when unpopped drastically. He can also deal lots of damage when unpopped by blowing gusts of wind. As an added bonus, if you can't escape, just puff up and he turns into a tank with homing missiles and a good damage/ escape move that can get you running again

Really? Honestly the first 2 games were the best. It had the best skylanders, the best stories, and the best ideas. I mean, swap force? That's so stupid. I might've gotten the game if it was't for the swaping. Slam Bam can beat this guy it isn't a cute contest

I want Pop Thorn for my birthday. I'm not exactly sure what he's capable of, but this petite Pufferthorn seems pretty potent.

My friend is in love with pop thorn because he is so cute!

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11 Wrecking Ball

The best Skylander is cute and has the ability to wreck enemies with invincibility. It also has a well-damaging tongue that can eat and heal on a kill, and a burp that gets more powerful when eating. Unfortunately, Activision seems to have forgotten about Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball was, by far, the most powerful Skylander in Giants and Spyro's Adventure. His ball charged up really fast, making him almost entirely invincible, and he could eat anything in Spyro's Adventure and almost anything in Giants. He could even eat Kaos in the first game! Too bad Activision nerfed his tongue and ball.

Literally a head with stubby legs, basically invincible!

Anyone notices his face is smashed in?

He's really really cute and awesome too!

12 Hex

She is one of my most OP characters. I know how to use her very well and I never die with her. She always demolishes my competitor in battlemode and is just so OP. She does so much damage, her soul gem upgrade deals INSANE damage, and I think it's really cool that they have a skylander that has an attack that can locate their enemy and attack there (skull rain). She has been my favorite ever since I saw her for the first time in that store and my mom and dad bought her for me.

I have series 2 hex, and she's pretty cool I guess. She has a pet skull though, what could be better!

Hex is awesome! Her bone wall dammages and protects her. While hiding behind the bone wall she can summon her scull rain which does crazy dammage. She's the best so put her on top!

I can't believe that you guys put trigger happy on top!

13 Ninjini

Ninjini is the best! Who doesn't love a genie/ninja? She is super cool and awesome and the second strongest Skylander giant after Tree Rex! I love her so much!

Hold primary on the sword path. Both paths are good. And her figure looks great. My favorite.

She is very fast, with a lot of health and damage. To top it off,her attacks are really unique.

Both paths have great advantages.

14 Hot Dog

Hot dog is really good if you upgrade him with the fireballs. Stealth Elf is the best, but Hot Dog is second best because he causes a whole lot of damage with his comet attack.

Hot Dog seems promising, but he needs a couple patches to his armor. Windmill hat and elemental diamond should just about cover him (in Trap Team, at least).

He was a dog that was born from a volcano. Who wouldn't like that?!

Hot dog is my favorite skylanders he is so beast bros.

15 Pop Fizz

Awesome when upgraded, especially when given the ability to fill his beast meter while. Attacking

He is a cute and adorable character give him credit.

He looks awesome he feels awesome his upgrades are amazing he's your stereotypical crazy scientist

Looks plain cool

16 Bash

I looked up this list thinking it was "top ten *strongest* skylanders but what I see is everyone voting for their *favorite* and yelling at people who vote for others. There are many close calls with this one but bash wins, hands down.

Tail path in the first game rolling path in the second. Bash is unstoppable.

There are a lot of very powerful skylanders, but if you haven't used them all you aren't in a position to say "this one is the strongest" just because it's your favorite

I've played with every character in the first two games, (both versions of characters) and most swap force and trap team. So I am very certain when I assure you bash is more powerful than stealth elf or trigger happy.

Boy bash is op because he has that awesome attack in skylanders Giants.

Bash can become a killing machine if you choose the right path.

Bash is a rock and roll and trust me His fig beautiful.

17 Freeze Blade

Oops I forgot to finish. 'and shoot smaller icicles from all directions (coming from the chakram of course.) Ice Sculptor allows you to do more damage with your Frosticle attack, and you can hold it down to freeze a larger area and do more damage. The charge for the Frosticle is about a second at most. In my opinion, I'd go Ice Sculptor for his top for versatility. Now his bottom...this is a no brainer. Go Iced Skater full on. It allows you to knock back any enemies that are in front of you, and causes said enemies to create a freezing explosion wherever they land. Trail Freezer (as the name suggests) leaves a trail of ice behind you wherever you skate. Tell me, does that sound familiar? *cough cough* Zap *cough* If you choose the paths that I reccomend, he is an overpowered monster. Fire Kraken's top on Showcase and Freeze Blade's Bottom on Iced is a deadly combination.

Who the heck would pick wrecking ball. Are you a Miley Cyrus fan? Freeze blade is the best because he is a beast. His speed in the max and his blade maxed is beast. Sorry voodoos but freeze blades # 1

Freeze blade is so cool he is one of my favorite skylanders!

18 Chill

Chill is one of the most developed characters in Skylanders. Her appaerance, personality, and combat skills all tie into her backstory, something that some Skylanders lack. She is miserably underrated because Gill Grunt has the water spotlight, and I feel she should be so much further than she is now.

Chill is the best Skylander. She is an ice skylander, and I love ice-related Skylanders. She has super cool armor and a good defense. I may be a boy, and my friends think I'm crazy when I say she's my favorite... but she is so cool and she was loyal to her Ice Queen. Her name gives me the shivers.

She is a pretty good fighter, if you know how to use her. Her attacks are REALLY cool and she is great after you fully upgrade her. Def one of my favorites.

She is so awesome! My Chill is fully upgraded and can defeat giants in battle mode. Her narwhal attack is so epic. She is my strongest skylander!

19 Fryno

Yeah, your name reminds me to fry you up.

What the heck is he doing down here? With his crazy flame thing motarbike and the flame balls, Fryno is no doubt the best skylander.

Strong but looks stupid

He's tough I agree

20 Ghost Roaster

Ghost roaster may have a name that doesn't make scence and not good attack or health but the guy is super cool. How could you say no to this awesome guy. He is a skeleton with a metal ball and he eats ghosts. I for one like him because you can just run and when enemies get close do a metal ball swing but never ever ever do his third attack because it damages ghost roaster.

Ghost Roaster sucks. Average health and low damage attack. His Skull Charge makes him look like a FOOL.

Reminds me of ghost rider laugh out loud I love how powerful he is and giant scary skull is awesome! !

Uh, he's a skeleton that carries his tail around, that's awesome!

21 Knight Light

He is one of my best Skylanders along with Nightfall, but I think dark and light Skylanders are just plain beast.

Even though there are very few light skylanders, they are my favorite!

He is a light knight, I must admit, that's pretty cool.

Sword does 300+ damage. Need I say more?

22 Boomer

Best skylander he is my favorite. What is not to like about boomer he is troll with crackers, bombs,smashing the ground and he can kick bombs. I like his soul gem. He was my 3rd skylander he is hairy. I have beaten all the bosses with him. Without Boomer I wouldn't be 3rd in the world. He is a beast. When he is level 20 he can beat anyone. He has a big nose.

Boom goes the dynamite! What the heck is this doing down here! With his TNT bombs and earthquake pounds boomer is no doubt the best skylander

I love boomer he has awesome attacks the the only troll skylander and he blows stuff up how could you not like him!

I need boomer

23 Sprocket

Sprocket is the best. Turrets and tanks man! And the mines. And you can get physical with a Giant Wrench!

She is so sassy, smart and techy! I love her powers! She is just amazing and my favorite Skylander female!

Turrets, wrenches are weak, but the Soul Gem and the third attack is okay.

Tank makes her op

24 Wallop

I mean wallop is the man, he has huge sledgehammers, so much tough armor and is huge. I can't believe he is not in the top 5, he needs to be. He's the best of the best.

He has super strong hammer smashing powers. He needs to be in the top 5, apologize now!

Wallop packs a punch, but he's kind of slow. I usually save him for the final charge.

I like his hammers

25 Swarm

I love his combo moves

Aren't bees awesome

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