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1 Sans Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult boss fight, bad puns, and the phrases "geeetttt dunked on!!!" and "you're gonna have a bad time." He is also named after the font "comic sans." Known for also being Ness from the Mother series. (known as Earthbound in Western territories.)

Sans is very good even if he is overused. However, I like the canon version of him, not the fanon one. Canon Sans is not that strong but he is very smart so he can dodge and trick you. Also he is actually one of the best characters morally since he is very good to Papyrus and keeps Toriel's promise. (Papyrus is best though). Overall, very good, but overused.

San's is a really chill dude...unless you choose Genocide. He's my favorite Undertale character, as well as my third favorite video game character OF ALL TIME.

Sans is such a complicated character. I am totally a Sans fangirl, but that's not the only reason why I like him, just because he's popular. There's so much we know about him, and so much we don't. Toby did an excellent job creating a character with so much mystery around him. Sans seems lazy, comedic, and maybe even selfish on the outside, but really he's slightly depressed (more so depending on the route), he's serious, and he really cares about his friends. He's the weakest enemy but will give you a serious bad time. He could have also been a scientist at one point. Also, he loves bad jokes, so how much better can you get?

Sans is hilarious and he stands up for his friends and family and what he believes in. His boss fight is super hard. The hardest in the game in my opinion. That is to teach you a lesson. Also, when you do the true pacifist ending, Sans try's to help and encourage you. He also has a good taste in condiments. He is very mysterious and he can do things no other monsters can. He is also very strong willed and he's like me when it comes to being comfy and lazy. And if something even scratches his little brother Papyrus, he will destroy it. Sans has a very good taste in puns. He is such a "bonehead! "

2 Papyrus Papyrus is a character from the 2015 game Undertale, made by Toby Fox. He is the Younger brother of Sans the skeleton, royal guard in training, and a sentry in the town of Snowdin. Opposite to his brother, papyrus is active, loud, and full of himself; but in an endearing way. Papyrus means to become a full-fledged member of the guard by capturing a human to please his superior. A lover of puzzles and spaghetti, Papyrus provides much of the games comic relief and is a key character in the plot of the game.

Best Undertale Character. Papyrus is the funniest, most caring soul in the Underground. Even after beheading him in the Genocide Route, he still believes in you! At the end of the day, how could I NOT have chosen Papyrus as my favourite Undertale character? Sans is a close second, though.

Papyrus may act like a dork, but that's the reason why I love him! It's kind of adorable and hilarious to see him behave like that. He's such a big sweetheart, too, he just doesn't like to show it. Also, I'll be honest, he's quite relatable. That moment when you feel like a useless being, wanting to have friends but have none... I had depression due to those things. But what I admire about Papyrus is because he stays positive, and he knows there are still good things in his life. I don't care if Sans is cool, popular, powerful, edgy or "Funny"... Papyrus will always be my favorite.

I have watched so many videos of Undertale and played through Undertale so many times and Papyrus will always be my favorite character. I cannot do genocide just because of Papyrus and watching what happens on Youtube made me cry. He is so nice and cannot even kill you even though he knows he has to to join the royal guard. I believe he's a lot more serious and strong than he lets on (go check out the Disbelief Papyrus by FlamesAtGames it is AWESOME), and he could kill you if he wanted. He is kind and helps you out and even never stops believing even if you kill him. #Papyrusisthebest

In my opinion, Papyrus is the best Undertale character for a few reasons. First, he's hilarious in almost every situation he's in. Whether it be making spaghetti for Frisk, going on a date, encouraging Alphys to run laps around the dump with him, or simply jumping out of Undyne's window, he can bring a smile to anyone's face. Another reason Papyrus is amazing is because he's the only chracter in the game that doesn't try to attack you in the genocide run, stating that he beleives anyone can be good if they just try. He's the funniest skeleton in the world, despite his hatred for Sans's puns.

3 Undyne Undyne is a main character in Toby Fox's 2015 RPG, Undertale. She is the heroic fishlike captain of the Royal Guard, who takes it upon herself to protect the monsters of the Underground. Her name is derived from the word "Undine", and is a pun on the word "Undying". Her most loved monsters are her mentor, King Asgore, her best friend, Papyrus, and her love interest, Alphys.

Undyne is the best and simply nothing will change my mind. She's probably my favorite character in anything, and she has such a cool personality. I always play on pacifist just so I can befriend Undyne. Also, you turn into green soul in her battle, which is my favorite soul mode to play on.

I love Undyne so much! She is an amazing character and the fact that she naturally possesses so much determination and wants to free all monsters impresses me so much! She is strong, powerful and super badass. Also, she is incredibly attractive and hot-

Undyne is confident, strong as hell, a bit cocky, and most importantly of all, a true heroine.

After chasing you for ages looking like an ominous clanking metal tower, you discover that she's a jerk with a heart of gold during the pacifist run. Making friends with her and getting her together with Alphys are two of the highlights of the game. In the genocide run, though, she truly comes into her own as Undyne the Undying, a badass filled with the determination to save her friends and the underground from you, the real monster. Her death (and she doesn't die easily) is the most tragic in the Genocide run.

Basically, she's a fantastic character. She's no Mary Sue.

Undyne is my favorite character of all time, probably in gaming history too. Well written, great personality, understandable feelings, and DETERMINATION. Like a true HEROINE, she stands for monsters even after death (both in Neutral and Genocide)

4 Flowey (Asriel)

Asriel is the best character in Undertale. I have no idea why he isn't in the top 10. His story gives off the most feels, his boss fight is the coolest, he has infinite health, meaning that NOTHING can kill him...and he's just a sweet little boy who just wanted to FEEL again. He didn't know what he was doing as a flower. He just did what his mind told him to do. He's also a really cute character and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE wants the same thing: to SAVE Asriel. And if everyone wants to SAVE him, then why isn't HE at the top of the list?...I guess during the genocide run, people just forgot about him and forgot about who he was.

In short, Asriel is an adorable character who has the most tragic backstory that I've ever heard. He deserves more love. Not LOVE, but love. All of it.

...Don't forget the goat child. After all, he's YOUR best friend.

I love Flowey's character to death. He's an INFP, like me. He's a dreamer at heart, from his childhood as Asriel to his soulless rampage as Flowey. His complete character arc honestly makes me really, really sad, in that you can tell he's still acting like someone with a soul (what with all his show of ambition and emotion and whatnot), but there's a persisting emptiness to his actions that let you know part of him is just... gone. And in my opinion, every moment when Flowey starts showing emotion is really sad. ESPECIALLY when he begs Chara not to kill him at the end of the Genocide route... in ASRIEL'S voice. That moment shattered my feels into a million pieces.
So, long story short, Flowey belongs in a "Top Ten Best Video Game Villains" list.

In my opinion I think Flowey is one of the best characters. At first you are to believe he is a nice and gentle flower. He's smiling for the most of the time when you're with him, and he offers you a tutorial on how to play the game. Then he's suddenly the heartless, cruel, soulless, and deceitful villain. Some people might be surprised by this, but he may also appear to be suspicious. He then turns out to be a cute little floofy goat in the end and he's automatically you're favorite!

I just finished watching the pacifist fight with Asriel for the first time and when I saw Asriel standing there in the cutscene after, I immediately felt guilty. I have always called Flowey a demon and I called him a liar when he said he was the character's best friend. Then I cried. I didn't realize that he was telling the truth the whole time. For everyone here who saw my comments about Flowey being a demon, I'm sorry. I realize that he is not as bad as I thought.

5 Alphys Alphys is an adorably dorky, lab-coat-wearing, bespectacled, yellow-skinned lizard scientist who resides in her lab in Hotland in the critically acclaimed cult classic RPG known as Undertale, wherein she partakes in the daily act of watching insane amounts of anime and having a vast majority of the game's plot-related spoilers attached to her. Plot twists aside, however, she is also well known for creating the fabulous entertainment robot Mettaton, as well as having a massive crush on a young fish woman named Undyne, thus creating one of the most beloved lesbian couples in fiction.

Okay lets get this down Alphys is my number 1 favorite character, no doubt. Sure people may hate her for bothering the player during the second half of the game but honestly unlike characters like Navi from Legend of Zelda, Alphys can actually be funny and it is very realistic but I can understand why people can hate her for that. But also I like her character because she is very relate able due to her tragic past and her not knowing if she can come to terms with herself or not, its just very relate able but anyways she is my favorite character.

I think we give Alphys a lot less credit than she deserves. One of her lines in the quiz show basically foreshadowed the creation of Deltarune (As it was in development at this time, or at least an idea) and she also basically saves the dark world by sending the two heroes of light. Besides, she's one of the more relatable characters: She's a nerd, she uses Social Media, she lies to make people think she's cooler than she says she is, and she's socially awkward. Besides, she's LGBTQ+. How often do we see positive representation of that in video games? (Ok, well I know it's in a lot of games now, but a while ago any of the representation was either criminalized or censored)

She is like the female lizard version of myself. I can totally relate to her. I am always on social media annoying people, I have a crush on someone who acts as a great friend, I can't stop writing stupid fan fictions, I sometimes feel suicidal, I am always nervous around my friends and new people, I love anime, I like to get creative when I think of new things and I make A LOT of mistakes. That's why I love her so much. She is one of the most realistic characters of the game.

a lot of people hate her because of the true lab experiments, but I just can't. what happened wasn't really her fault, she was just following orders. I can't be mad at her for being a coward and hiding her failures without informing the families, because if I was her, I probably would have done the same.

6 Mettaton Mettaton is a character in the popular 2015 RPG game, Undertale. He is a robot with a soul built by Dr. Alphys, and is the sole television star of the underground. Mettaton is a popular character in the fanbase. His notable features include his legs, and his catchphrase "OH YESSSS!"

I love Mettaton for many reasons. 1. He is incredibly hilarious, I love when he "sings" in the musical or randomly turns into a humanoid robot with awesome legs! 2. He is consistently funny. Try to think of a moment that completely stands out in hilarity. Hmm... you got the quiz show, the cooking show, the musical, when he turns into Mettaton ex. Wait that's every funny moment! 3. Though he appears to be a selfish jerk, he is only doing "evil" things for Alphys, he reunites with his cousin at the end of the true pacifist route. And he only attempts to take your soul to save humanity from Asgore (and fulfill his lifelong dream) but realised that he really is an incredibly important character for the underground, as so many people would be depressed If he was gone... 4. He is also very important to the story as if he was never made, Alphys would never have become royal scientist and Flowey would never have been created therefore stopping true pacifist or any ending really, from ...more

Mettaton isn't my favorite of the characters in Undertale, but he deserves this comment. Death by glamour is such a good song, and I love his sarcasm as you go through hotland.

He is by far the most refreshing of encounters in the game, and is easly the reason why I keep coming back to this game. I don't particularly dislike either of the three forms he's capable of talking. They are all perfect for different situations, though his neo forms defense is incomplete. If it had been completed, the fight with him while on genocide, would have been far more or just as difficult as the one against Sans. Since intendedly, his propose for being created, was for human erratication. It's ironic since he wants to protect humanity from you, should you choose the genocide path. But his true reasons for having himself built like that, was because of a deal with Alphys to impress Asgore. Make her the royal scientists and in exchange, the body would also make Mettaton the star of the underground, and also a star for us too.

I think he is by far the best character in the game. I don't really like how the fandom only focuses on Sans. Mettaton has a more interesting past and, to be honest, better themes. we can also discover his/her past by entering in his/her house with the 'Mysterious key'. He is such an underrated character. Note: I saw a comment with 'Mtt sucks because he only just wants fame' but Muffet,she is a greedy spider. So don't ignore the other characters though.

7 Toriel

Toriel is an amazing, well written character. She is the tutorial character of Undertale, of course, and she helps you with the game. Unlike Flowey, the supposed tutorial character. Throughout your journey in the ruins, you come to love her, but of course her flaws shine through at the end of the ruins where you must fight her to leave, playing normally, you would think undertale is a regular rpg which relies on killing enemies to proceed but this is not the case at all, and you may end up killing a character you learned to love. Overall, Goat Mom is simply the best

I love her really much. People are mean saying that she is mean to Asgore just by not willing to restart a relationship with him. They are also mean if they think that she must be kind to him even if he is the killer of her children. Yes, she abandonned her people, but it was to have the chance to save children who didn't deserved to have their soul eaten by a giant goat dad and, by saving them, she could manage to prevent the iminent war between human and monsters. She even saved asgore in the end of de pacifist! What a cool character.

Goat Mom is my absolute favorite character other than Papyrus. She is me. I feel this connection with her unlike any other character from anything honestly. Think about it.. Who has been the most affected by this whole story? Toriel. Yet.. She has held it together. Somehow. And here you are. Her next chance at happiness with a child. But, she has to let you go.

She definitely did know what was best for you she didn't want you to go out of the ruins because the other like 6 children who did DIED. So she wanted to save you from that fate, in her battle with you she wont even hurt you when your under 3 health so its not shes a character who wants to kill you, in my opinion she is such a loving character and care taker

8 Frisk

Frisk is the main character but even though we all know them and think that they're good I mean they are but think about it, they're kinda heroic in a way. I mean look if you've played UNDERTALE you know what I mean Chara and Frisk are trying to save the Underground. They both have no reason for any hate along side with any UNDERTALE character.

It's the main character. Some people believe that you only truly play as Frisk in pacifist but I believe in genocide it's just an influence from Chara and we are always Frisk; We just choose what we think.

Frisk is determined to survive, and I can't say much else. The player controls them, so I can't say whether they're genocidal and pacifist. Whatever the player chooses. They're cool, so...

The main character. Violent or peaceful, that's all up to you. They are the lens in which you see Undertale through.

9 Asgore Asgore Dreemurr is a boss monster and the king of the monsters in the 2015 RPG Undertale made by Toby Fox. Asgore is the portrayed main antagonist who plans to acquire seven human souls and use their power to break the barrier that seals the monsters underground . Aspects of his character are hinted at throughout the players journey and his fate at the end of the game is determined by the choices the player has made.

Asgore needs so much more credit. His wife divorces with him because he's doing his literal job! And his son, Asriel was killed! If I were Asgore, I would've gone down and killed frisk before she even met sans! So if y'all are gonna go around hating him, you're wrong.

Asgore is so underrated. He is the greatest and most complex character in all Undertale. Sans knows how to hack life itself and prefers to sell hot dogs and threat Frisk. Papyrus is an idiot who got a literal god to protect him. Undyne is a fish warrior who sucks at her job. Alphys is a scientist who did cruel things in the name of science. And Toriel left her husband because she loves children and never broke the barrier until it was the seventh child that Asgore needed to open the gate. Asgore on the other hand was a father who got no problem with humans for trapping them underground and also adopted a random child that fall into the mountain. And he when both of his children died instead of suiciding he wanted to do something about it. And he is the bad guy. Because adults and people in charge are awful.

Asgore is what every Father should be, a sweet, goofy guy with a heart bigger and thicker than his skull. The poor guy had to choose between the hope of hundreds of his friends and citizens or his family. Give Asgore a chance! When you fight him, he can't even look at you, he's too beside himself with remorse. he's not a bad guy, and he is not the terrible creature the Fandom portrays him on. Oh, and am I the only one who thinks that Asgore would smell like flowers and spices?

No one realizes that in the pascifist run you must spare toriel, spare papyrus and date him therefore making sans happy, befriend alphys, show mettaton his mistakes, befriend undyne, go through the true lab just to appease everyone, but Asgore just becomes your friend and instantly supports you. And just gonna say ashore probably feels more hopeless then sans and still has a lot of hp and does a lot of damage even though he doesn't want too. How powerful would a hopeful angry asgore be. He could probably 1 hit kill anything.

10 Chara Chara is a character in the game Undertale by Toby "Radiation" Fox who is one of the seven people to fall to the Underground prior to the fall of the player character. Their name can be changed by the player and will be assumed as the player character, until the Pacifist Route when Asriel asks for the player's name, which is Frisk. In the genocidal route (achieved by killing as many monsters as you can without sparing), they appear by the end to destroy the world, which happens regardless of the player's choice or intervention. Due to this, most people see them as a villain.

A lot of people hate Chara because newer players who haven't played the game never looked at their dialogue where they specifically say "With your guidance I realized the true purpose of my reincarnation. Power." which means because you killed all of those people you pretty much corrupted Chara in the process. Also people may not realize it but Chara is arguably the most important character in the game. Why? Because if Asriel didn't mistake you for Chara in the true pacifist run, he probably wouldn't have stopped fighting and also because if Chara becomes evil because of your genocide run then you can never get a happy ending... Overall, Chara is an under rated character and deserves more attention.

I love Chara as a character. Not as bad as you think they might be, but also not as good as those who try to justify them say. You are the one who decided to do the genocide route but at the same time Chara isn't all that great or an angel either. Look at it this way. Chara according to Asriel isn't "the best person" and they laughed about the poisoning of Asgore (even though laughing is a coping method and some people think Asriel was too innocent to know. My opinion okay). They also wanted to kill all the humans (even if they were just trying to protect them) and the plan was likely die and combine with Asriel and kill humans (just a theory) and hates humanity. We don't get the reasoning for the hatred but there most likely is a reason. Regardless, the character and lore that goes into this and the puzzle pieces that you need to fit together just makes this CHARActer (shut up about it okay? ) my favorite.

"I am the child known as "Chara." I whom you have named without knowledge of my name. I was so innocent, so pure, yet now look at me. Feeding on what you created. I never wanted to kill. I had to, to save my new family. He resisted, and yet I came back? Why? Because their screams woke me up. And yet, I couldn't feel anything. Just a desire to feel again. And when your knife went through her heart, I felt stronger. Glimmers of emotion flitted through me. I wanted more. You didn't stop. Papyrus, Undyne, Mettaton, Sans. I want to die. Erase the world, and forget all my sins, your sins, what I did to my brother, my family. Just kill everyone, and go on with your life. Forget I ever existed. I won't stop you. (You chose ERASE) Thank you. Now I can die a hero, finally stopping the killer. You started this. I finished it with desire."
This is what I'd think Chara should say at the end of a 5th Genocide Run, because of what you did over and over, and how she may feel guilty about killing ...more

So I know many people HATE Chara but there is NO reason too. She KILLED herself for the monster kind and it's like nobody even knows who she is! It's just so mean how this character has no attention given to her like I get it there ARE better characters but come on people the story would not progress if Chara was not there she even translates for you! Nobody EVER seems to care what Chara does for us! And don't even try to come at me and be all like "Oh but she's evil" No that's NOT TRUE! It's US who choses Fight or Mercy if you chose Mercy Chara will be our friend but fighting only leads to making her think that killing is GOOD she's like 10-12 she's still a kid! So she will take on after anybody who shows her what is "right"

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11 Temmie Temmie is minor character from the 2015 game Undertale made by Toby Fox. Made in the likeness of her artist, Temmie Chang, in appearance and character. Both a character and a species of monster, temmies are defined by their mix of cat and dog features, as well as their broken English. Their hidden village houses the only shop vender for the player to sell items; the strongest armor in the game is also sold here.

Temmie is funny, cats and dogs are my favourite animals, and she is the only vendor you can sell to. Also she has Temmie armour the best pacifist armour.

What why isn't Temmie number 10 or lower?!?! Mettaton is just liked for "dem legs", but you can actually buy and sell with the adorable character Temmie. Hopefully people vote for Tem! #Tem2016

Temmie is the best! He/she is based off a artist and he/she is funny, happy and derpy! If you are looking for a cosplay then I would recommened this fun and loved Undertale character, however the cosplay may take a lot of hard work, hardship and attention. I am working on my Temmie cosplsy outfit right now!

Temmie is cute and dreams collage. I want to see Temmie go to the collage.

12 Napstablook Napstablook is a secondary character from Toby Fox's 2016 RPG, Undertale. He is the cousin of Mettaton, who left him in order to become famous. Due to this, poor Blooky has crippling depression.

When I first saw Napstablook, my heart exploded into millions of tiny pieces. Blooky was a character I could actually relate to, their feelings and emotions, their love for music, and their introverted complexion. There is no reason why you shouldn't cherish this lovable ghost. They are courteous to others, they don't want to waste your time, and even Blooky's themes (yes, even Ghouliday) are, in my ultimate opinion, amazing. It is a shame we do not see Blooky often in the game, but they are a character I will always keep going back to because of the amazing features given to Blooky that make them the way they are. So, at the end of the day, with the question asked, 'Heck Yeah. I would be smooching that ghost for sure.'

Napstablook is one of those characters we can all relate to. He was neglected, scared, and had anxiety, but someone chose to change that. He shows that you can over come depression, meet your goals, and be satisfied with just one piece of family. I'm surprised he's not higher. Looks like people went for the unrealistic depression who is a badass, typical.

"Sorry, not really feeling it right now..." Ok, seriously though, Nabstablook is an adorable character with a great personality, and is actually really deep, as it's quite obvious they're (Blooky never had a confirmed gender) fighting depression. It's easy to feel sympathy towards them, and you can't not fall in love with their funny attempts to be polite, even when you try to murder them (not that I would, I refuse to do genocide ).

Kind, anxiety bean. As soon as I saw Napstablook, my heart melted. I love him to death even though he's one of those 'background characters' if you will.

13 Muffet Muffet is a character from the game Undertale. She appears in a region called Hotland, selling pastries to raise money to rent a heated limo to help the spider clan from the Ruins (who are also raising a bake sale) reunite with the one in Hotland because the spiders can't cross Snowdin.

I know it's weird (since she's such a minor character) but Muffet is probably my favorite character in Undertale. On the surface, she seems overly-greedy and mean, but you realize that's not the case when you look at her below the surface. All she wants is to protect her friends: the spiders. Though it may look like she's fighting you because she'll get paid to do so, but in actuality, she only attacks because she thinks you hate spiders, and she has been told that you rejoice in killing them. The moment she finds out that's not the case, she immediately forfeits the money and lets you go, going so far as to apologize for the trouble. After that, she looks at Frisk as another friend, and goes so far as to try to protect him/her from Flowey at the end of the game. Her love for her friends and selfless willingness to stand up for them makes me admire Muffet. She's like Undyne in that regard. However, the fact that it isn't as obvious as it is with Undyne, I feel, makes her a very ...more

Spider dance got me on the floor breakdancing
I agree with her soul choice, as she will protect the spooders and frisk sorta no matter what the cost is. She has perseverance.

I love her! Her design is beautiful, her song is excellent and her fight is fun. I don't know I just really like this character.

I'm surprised Muffet is this high up. Either way she's my favourite character and I wish that we got to know more about her.

14 Gaster W . D Gaster is one of the characters from the very popular game, UnderTale . Basically, he was once the royal scientist long ago, but then was forgotten and left in the void . Gaster feels like a character that is left behind since nobody really visits him . But you can encounter him in the waterfall exhibit while following Sans to Grillby's . W. D Gaster is also believed to be the father of Sans and Papyrus .

WingDings Gaster is the best UnderTale character ever, because much is unknown and there are many comics and other things that say so much about him. I recommend 'The Man Who Speaks In Hands' and 'Ask Frisk and Company".

A true mystery of a character never to be revealed. The first Royal Scientist, a figure who was erased from the timeline when he fell into his 'creation'. Perhaps I should stop there, I needn't gossip about someone who's listening... and watching.

Add it to the tall black and white group: Slenderman, the puppet, night nations and Gaster!

HE is mysterious, and interesting even without info about him. Better than Mettaton EX. Better than legs

15 Mettaton EX

How the hell is he trying to "seduce" a ten year old.
He's just trying to be super famous. And plus Frisk's age is not confirmed

Why has my fridge turned into a bloody Anime again...

Why did my toaster turn into a JoJo character?

As if his previous schemes werent bad enough now he's trying to seduce A 10 YEAR OLD!

16 Grillby

He's hot. He's bartender. He's patient with sans and his tab. And he has a lovely supposed niece.

Grillby said he would get you a glass of water but doesn't touch the stuff.

Grillby is probably my favorite character. He should be higher.

Why does everyone forget Grillby?

17 Lesser Dog Lesser Dog is a character from Undertale. He is part of the Snowdin Canine Unit, and is famous for his long neck.

Fly me to the moon. Wait. Actually. Don't. Please.

I spent forever petting him. It was great

18 Greater Dog

Strongest being ever know. Killed trillions of sans in a different timeline just by looking at them...

A dog that's greater then lesser dog... must mean he's better and cooler somehow

Listen to "Dog Song" and you will understand.

It's a big dog. How can you not like a big dog?

19 Burgerpants Burgerpants is a vendor in the 2015 RPG video game Undertale, who sells various kinds of fast food working in MTT Resort, such as a hamburger dubbed "Glamburger", ice cream dubbed "Starfait", and even a steak in the shape of Mettaton's, his employer, face.

He's just HILARIOUS. I think that he is even tied with Papyrus for the funniest character in the game.

"I can't go to hell. I'm all out of vacation days." This sentence sums up why I love burgerpants. HUMOR

Burgerpants is definitely one of the funniest characters in the game.

Burgerpants is life. Easily the realest character for me.

20 Aaron

Remove an A and you get a Pokemon!

Aaron is pretty cool

He winks at you

21 Annoying Dog

So funny! Absorbing the orb, it's theme song, it even represents the creator of the game himself Toby Fox come on!

His theme is really good for trolling and awesome.

He is not annoying. He is... sweetly annoying!

The annoying dog absorbs this comment.

22 Mad Dummy

Music is very catchy and the fight is funny why is he so low?

What? Why am I so low on the list? Even people who are fanmade and not in-game are higher! Why, Why!, WHY!

Good music good design what else to say?

You scared me out of my high rank!

23 Doggo

Like that he's a animal.

Doggo is adorable

24 Mad Mew Mew

Mad Mew Mew is a really underrated character, she has a great design, a great story, and basically an anime around her.

She is the newest boss added in Undertale and I already love her

She should be higher

I love her boss fight

25 Woshua
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