Top Ten Killers In Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a survival horror game in which 4 survivors have to activate generators and escape from various types of killers.

Dead by Daylight has recently become one of the titles for PS Plus, I thought I might as well do a list covering the top ten killers in the game. I have taken a liking to the killers in particular for the full reason that it's just a more satisfying playstyle, being a large intimidating force to be reckoned with and stalking the survivors to instill fear into their hearts. I love it. I love all the killers equally but today we'll see who is the best of them.

So, let's slash our way into the Top Ten Dead by Daylight killers!
The Top Ten
1 The Nurse

The Nurse can teleport, and that's all I have to say to reel you in. She is a pretty mobile character who can track survivors nicely and avoid any obstacles they put in front of her by simply pushing a button and teleporting.

Well, it still stuns her when she teleports.

2 The Nightmare

Same with The Shape, playing as Freddy boosts his appeal - probably to an even larger amount as I believe that Freddy is more iconic. Although Michael is a much better character.

A once extremely weak killer is now much stronger thanks to a long overdue rework.

3 The Wraith

The Wraith is a stealth-based killer, able to cloak and decloak around the map. This makes it harder for the survivors to see you before it's too late. His perks will give you an easier time finding and attacking the survivors, which makes The Wraith a force to be reckoned with.

4 The Shape

Michael Myers. You get to play as the killer from Halloween himself. The fact alone that you're playing as him boosts his appeal by a large amount. His playstyle is very hard to get used to, but it's worth it overall as it is very rewarding.

5 The Hillbilly
6 The Trapper

The Trapper is my personal favorite killer. I take a liking to area control characters, so he fit the bill perfectly. The bear traps can be effective, and I've basically mastered the art. The Trapper is an extremely basic character to use but very rewarding and fun.

7 The Spirit
8 The Clown

The inevitable clown killer is quite a joy to play as.

9 The Huntress
10 The Oni
The Contenders
11 The Ghost Face
12 The Cannibal

He's better than Billy, although he does not go to 50mph like Billy but can hit multiple targets, putting an easy match (especially BBQ and chili).

13 The Hag
14 The Demogorgon
15 The Doctor
16 The Pig

This is probably the weakest killer from the movie-based DLC, but I still enjoy her.

17 The Deathslinger
18 The Legion
19 The Executioner
20 The Twins
21 The Plague
22 The Trickster

He's very pretty and also a good killer! He's hard to play on mobile, though, due to the aiming of his knives.

I like the new killer. He needs a rework, but he is really cool.

23 The Pinhead
24 The Blight
25 The Artist
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