Top Ten Most Dangerous Locations to Land in Fortnite

High populated areas that only the pros will get out of. You're gonna need skill, tactics and a whole lotta good judgement. And maybe some luck too. Don't go to these places if you wanna survive.
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1 Tilted Towers

There was no other choice for first. No matter the season, no matter the game mode, no matter the bus route, Tilted will always have 30 people there, minimum. If you're a noob and need to get good, there's only one place to land. The loot is world class, the thrill is insane and it's materials are unmatched. But if you land here, you probably aren't getting out alive.

2 Salty Springs

There isn't much to Salty Springs. There's 5 houses, a tower, a mountain and a gas station. So why is it always so populated? It's central, there's chests a plenty and there's so many options to rotate into. With how narrow Salty is, running down the middle is a death trap. You're gonna need cover, and a lot of it, if you plan on leaving here alive.

3 Pleasant Park

I don't know what it is about Pleasant, but there always seems to be a pro there. Maybe it's the 8 house plethora which guarantees you multiple chests. Maybe it's the fact that if you don't hug the edges you'll be picked off instantly. Maybe it's the high variety of different houses, giving you lots of choice on where to land. Yeah, it's probably all of those things. Beware, if you do end up cleaning Pleasant out, you'll end up having to rotate into Loot Lake. Unlucky.

4 Retail Row

Retail is the OG Tilted. Retail is basically split into two: on one half, you have an array of houses of all shapes and sizes, giving you lots of choice on which one is optimal to land at. Likewise for the second half, which is filled with businesses and stores; including a detective's agency, a grocery store and a library. Retail has the most chests after Tilted, and given how wide it is, it's a sniper's dream location. You're gonna have to be well equipped if you expect to make it out alive.

5 Loot Lake

The most deceiving name in all of Fortnite, Loot Lake does not have much loot. If you land at Loot Lake, expect a lot of slow swimjumping, a lot of glancing at tempting boats and, if you get shot at, to burn through a lot of materials. Loot Lake has 3 islands with 6 chests between them, a modern house and a tower with a chest each, a chest in a shed, another chest near a campsite. and two small factories with 5 chests. That isn't a lot for a place with Loot in it's name. It's slow to both be in and navigate around. You will not have a fun time in Loot Lake, especially if someone with a lot of medium bullets notices you.

6 Snobby Shores

When the bus route is right, Snobby can be the absolute best place to go. The loot can be perfect and population is often low. If the bus route starts at Snobby, however... you're gonna have a bad time. With how good the loot here is, if someone gets a gun before you, you're toast. It's a great place for squads, so if an organised group gangs up on you, you can crumble. And don't underestimate how quickly the storm can close in on this place either. When Snobby is viable, it works exceptionally. But more often than not, Snobby is best to avoid.

7 Fatal Fields

Fatal Fields, the home of free kills. You'd be surprised at how many noobs land here when the bus starts at Fatal. If you're landing here when Fatal is packed, you'd wanna grab a gun, and quick. Fatal Fields has very little chests, and floor spawns are almost always grey weapons. A lot of barns are red herrings, so if you don't get a gun, you're gonna want to get out of there. It's usually safer to search the woods around Fatal instead, or just avoid Fatal entirely.

8 The Agency

The hottest drop in Chapter 2: Season 2. Also has a lot of henchman and lasers.

9 Greasy Grove

There are definitely more dangerous towns in Fortnite. However, on it's day, Greasy can house some pretty tough cookies. Decent loot, decent traffic and decent materials make it a popular choice for pro squads, which is bad news for any casual. Plus, the storm will usually keep you moving.

10 Shifty Shafts

Shifty Shafts is probably the most cover-dependent area in Fortnite, and a camper's dream. Find a shotgun and you can have Shifty on lockdown, all you need to do is hide in the mines and pop unsuspecting runners. Shifty also has a decent amount of chests and the two nearby houses are also stacked. So, why is it dangerous? Well, as mentioned, shotguns dominate this place, so if you're on the receiving end, you're not getting out alive. And being directly south of Tilted, west of Salty and south of Pleasant goers who don't like Loot Lake, you can often find yourself in combat against players with better loot. The storm usually forces you to venture to Tilted or the river, which is never pretty.

The Contenders
11 Tomato Temple
12 The Ocean

I don't think this needs explaining.

13 Lazy Lake
14 Burrito
15 Stark Industries

It's a death trap, loads of henchmen and not all that much loot for the massive amount of people who go there.

16 Rocky Reels
17 Paradise Palms

The loot is good, the location doesn't matter thanks to the amount of ATKs and rifts, and the stones in the desert are a miner's heaven. That's gonna attract some people, especially if the bus route starts here. Plus, if someone gets high ground on a hill, you're more likely than not gonna have to rely on the storm to make them give it up. Rotating from Paradise is very dangerous too, as there are buildings and good loot spots everywhere you take in the desert, meaning you most likely won't be alone.

18 Risky Reels
19 Lazy Links
20 The Citadel
21 The Shark
22 Anvil Square
23 Dusty Divot
24 Haunted Hills
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