Top Ten Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stages

With Smash Ultimate coming up soon, let us have a gander at the stages that the game offers...some are basic, flat and perfect for tournaments...and others have certain quirks to them which make them stand out from the crowd. Both of these types of stages can be fun to play on and the aesthetic plays a big factor when choosing stages.

Criteria on this list is how fun the stage is, how iconic it is, the difficulty, and how viable they are for tournaments, but how fun the stage is is the most important factor for me since videogames are about fun - of course.

So, what are the best of these stages? Find out on the Top Ten Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stages!
The Top Ten
1 Battlefield

Just a very basic, iconic stage to enjoy yourself on. It's the perfect 'default' stage and very viable for tournaments because of its sheer simplicity.

2 Luigi's Mansion

I love this stage, it's good if you want to roleplay (for whatever reason), and for fighting itself you can do a few cool things with it and I like it quite a bit.

3 Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle is in my opinion the most iconic Smash 64 stage, it was featured the most in ads and it is quite good. It's recognisable not only in the Zelda universe but also in the Smash universe.As a stage it's balanced and fair, and it's visually appealing as well.

4 Spirit Train

I've always wanted a train stage in Smash! This one certainly seals the deal. Unfortunately I didn't get Smash for 3DS but once I found out it was gonna be on Switch I was ecstatic.It's visually appealing and it looks like a very fun stage to play on.

Best stage in my opinion graphics in high definition could be amazing and it's just so cute and fun

5 Yoshi's Island (SSBB)

This stage is cute, fun, innocent and generally a wholesome stage overall. I adore it.

6 Dream Land

Dream Land is one of the most iconic stages in Smash history...and it's really fun. It's fair, Whispy Woods is a unique idea and the little blocks that falls down are easy to dodge obstacles and can't be too annoying. It's basically the Kirby games, the difficulties are only minor.

7 Big Blue

Big Blue is one of my favourites, F-Zero has great potential for stages and this one is by far my favourite out of the few they had. I love jumping from vehicle to vehicle, looking at all the references I don't get and just having a ton of fun.

8 Onett

Onett is a really nice looking stage, I love the building based stages and this is one of the best. It's fun and fair to play on and it's overall just a great stage.

9 New Donk City Hall
10 Warioware Inc.

Super Smash Bros. has always been a party game at heart, and this stage is perfect for turning on items and getting some friends to complete the barrage of microgames thrown your way—even though it is nearly impossible to chisel the statue in time. It is the best stage for couch co-op if just want to have some chaotic fun.

This is the most unqiue stage by far, all the minigames completely change the match and while not viable for competition it still is very enjoyable even thought the minigames are a little hard to comprehend sometimes.

The Contenders
11 Summit

It's nice to see some love for the Ice Climbers in Smash, and Summit is fun. Fast moving stages are usually hit or miss, but this one is a big hit.

12 Final Destination

Cool background and cool music. By the way did you know that the music is lifelight backwards?

13 Temple
14 Pokemon Stadium
15 Fountain of Dreams
16 Unova Pokemon League
17 Fourside
18 Moray Towers
19 Pilotwings

So that is a cool stage, you travel on a plane, there is also an Easter egg in this stage, it's Wuhu Island.

20 Dracula's Castle
21 Gerudo Valley
22 Wily Castle

The only downside is the Yellow Devil but you can turn that off.

23 Spear Pillar
24 Princess Peach’s Castle
25 Boxing Ring
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