Top 10 Things Players Most Want to See in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Well, it's hard to believe, but GameFreak has done it. They've announced the newest chapter in the Pokemon franchise, Scarlet and Violet. What's more unbelievable is that the games are slated to be released at the end of 2022. It might seem like a long wait, but give it time and the months will fly by. Therefore, I decided to make a list of things these new games need to add, subtract and change. What are some of your thoughts on what Scarlet and Violet should bring to the table? Let us know.
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1 Ability to tackle gyms in any order we please

Even though Pokémon is 27 years old, the previous games still force players to tackle gyms in a specific order. That really needs to stop. Pokemon Legends: Arceus introduced a true open-world that allowed players to explore the region of Hisui as they saw fix. It would be nice if Scarlet and Violet followed suit.

We must be able to do gyms in an order where our opinions choose

2 More memorable villains

Each mainstream Pokemon game need a memorable villain group. Gen 1 and 2 had Team Rocket, Gen 3 had Team Magma and Team Aqua and Gen 7 had the Aether Foundation. But Gen 8's Team Yell was super lame. They were there mostly as artificial barriers that prevented the player from advancing. What Scarlet and Violet need are some memorable villains that are there to do more than just cause trouble for players. Team Magma and Team Aqua is based on the Isahaya Bay land reclamation project on the Japanese island of Kyūshū where one side wants to turn the island into farmland and another wants to preserve one of Japan's last remaining wetland regions.

3 More memorable version exclusives

It was awesome with version exclusives ever since sword and shield. I need more

4 Making Ice Pokémon strong against Electric attacks and Electric Pokémon weak against Ice attacks

How many readers out there notice that electrical equipment doesn't work well in the cold if it works at all? That might be something GameFreak should take into consideration, especially given how Ice Pokémon are only strong against attacks of their own type and Electric Pokémon are only weak against Ground attacks. One Pokémon named Tynamo and its evolution forms have no immediate weakness due to their ability Levitate. This imbalance has gone on long enough.

5 Bringing back the cel-shading from the 3DS games

One of the reasons why the 3DS games were good was because how the cel-shading made it feel like you were actually playing a cartoon. And because the Switch was more powerful than the 3DS, you'd expect the same kind of cel-shaded goodness if not better. Sadly, that wasn't what we got. The graphics looked really bland in comparison. It would be nice if the cel-shading was brought back.

6 Creative designs

I know it's tough coming up with new ideas for Pokémon, but that's no excuse for some of the lame designs I've seen. Black and White has got to have some of the worst with the likes of Vanilluxe, Cryogonal and Klinklang. These designs were totally lame and unoriginal. And GameFreak didn't learn their lesson because Sword and Shield introduced a Grass/Dragon type called Applin. Yes, a Pokémon in the shape of an apple. Let's see something new and creative.

7 Ditching of the ridiculous evolution gimmicks

Now don't get me wrong. Seeing Pokémon evolve is the bee's knees if you're familiar with that saying. It's really awesome to see Pokemon evolve from one form to another; getting stronger, being able to learn new moves and being more ferocious looking to boot. But I think Generation 2 introduced us to all the evolution methods we need; levelling up, using stones, basic trading, trading with items and friendship evolution. That's it. I believe those are all the methods we need. Generation 3 introduced us to how Feebas can only evolve into Milotic if its beauty is high enough. Really? Who has that kind of time? And Generation 6 introduced us to Inkay which evolved into Malamar at level 30 while holding the 3DS upside down. Enough with the ridiculous methods. Can we just go back to basics please?

8 No more disposable TMs

One of the most frustrating things about Pokémon until Generation 5 was that TMs could only be used once. While you could buy some TMs at department stores, there were some TMs you only found once, such as those you get from beating gym leaders. I thought that disposable TMs were gone until Sword and Shield introduced Technical Records which were basically disposable TMs of yore. You really needed to be careful how you used your TMs because once they were used, that's it. You better hope you used the right TM on the right Pokémon. Can we please make these precious resources renewable again? Thank you.

9 More evolutions for Eevee

Eevee is one of the most mysterious Pokemon in the franchise. When it was introduced in Red and Blue, you could use a Thunder Stone, Fire Stone or Water Stone to evolve it into Jolteon, Flareon or Vaporeon respectively. Gold and Silver gave it two new forms; Espeon and Umbreon if you level it up with high enough friendship in either the daytime or at night. Diamond and Pearl gave us Glaceon and Leafeon if you leveled it up near an ice rock or moss rock respectively. And finally X and Y gave us Silveon if you evolved it with high enough affection while it knows a fairy-type move. This makes Eevee a very versatile Pokémon. However, it would still be awesome if Eevee had an evolution form for all types currently available.

10 Revisit previous regions

As of this list, Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal as well as the Heartgold and Souldsilver remakes, are the only Pokémon games that let you visit past regions. Some players were disappointed that we haven't had a Pokémon game where players could explore past regions after becoming champion since Generation 2 lets you explore Kanto from Red and Blue after becoming champion. If Game Freak is looking for ideas for Post Game content, this could be an idea.

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11 Mega evolutions

It is evident that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl totally flopped due to a lack of decent features. Will Scarlet and Violet bring back the Megas?

My favorite phenomenon. Please give it back to me

12 Ability to battle gym leaders a second time and have them be more challenging the second time

After defeating the elite four and the champion the game can allow players tp face off with all the gym leaders a second time and make them much more challenging then when you faced them the first time.

13 Shiny Pokemon being in the overworld before fighting them

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee and Legends Arceus has this feature, now I want to see this feature be added to Scarlet and Violet and future Pokemon Games afterwards.

14 Interesting rivals
15 Add the Mass Outbreaks from Legends Arceus

The Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Legends Arceus are one of the easiest ways to get your hands on Shiny Pokemon aside from Ultra Space Wilds from Ultra Sun/Moon and Max Lair from Sword/Shield Crown Tundra DLC. Mainly since there's around 14 - 15 Pokemon of the same species with each of them having a 1/158 chance of spawning as a Shiny and the chances increase if they have a Pokedex Entry Level of 10. Also, the Pokemon appear as Shinies in the Overworld before being fought with a sparkle sound to indicate that you found a Shiny Pokemon. I want to see Mass Outbreaks and their Shiny Odds be added in Scarlet and Violet.

16 Bringing back Greninja

Greninja wasn't added in Sword and Shield yet Gamefreak allowed these Stupid Santa Claus looking Birds that do nothing but throw useless presents at opponents in Sword and Shield. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! Greninja is my favorite Water-Type Pokemon and I hope it gets added in Scarlet and Violet!

17 Making sure Sprigatito stays on all fours

I'm hoping that if Sprigatito's evolution would be bipedal it would stand like Typhlosion at least. We already have enough starters that stand on two legs and having a few quadrupled ones wouldn't hurt.

I mean, it's not really that complicated. Make it a lion like in Spain's flag. Now THAT would be cool.

18 An open world

Just like how they executed it in Pokemon Legends Arceus. With pokemon roaming and doing their own things it would make the game feel much more alive.

19 More branched evolutions

Male Salandit can evolve if it has never been affected by the pheromones produced by Female Salandit / Salazzle. It evolves via a Dusk Stone while holding a Smoke Ball.

20 A male evolution for Salandit

Male Salandit can Evolve if it was never affected by the Pheromones by Salazzle. It evolves via dusk stone while holding a smoke ball. It will evolve into a massive lizard monster with a massive sack on its back, it prefers solitude and robs anyone who crosses it, and it will have a unique ability that allows it to hold multiple items at once.

21 Adding a Rock/Ghost type Pseudo-Legendary
22 No more Dynamax
23 Z-Moves
24 More Pokemon

Well, it speaks for itself. Compliments with the geography and what the culture and the ecosystem of the region is like.

25 Multiple ways to interact with Pokemon
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