Top 10 Best Versions of Wordle

Recently, a new global trend has arrived in the form of Wordle. Wordle is a type of word solving game where you start by putting in any five letter word. For each letter, it will give you one of three colors. Gray means that the letter doesn't appear in the word that you're trying to get, yellow means it's in the word, but not in the spot you put it, and green means the letter goes exactly where you put it. You have six tries to get the word. It's gotten super popular due to the fact that it's easy and fun to play, and it only takes 1-5 minutes out of your day. Inevitably, many copycats have spawned from the original game, and while some of them are ridiculously awful, others are also very fun and popular, which is why we're making this list of the 10 Best Versions of Wordle.
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1 Wordle

Of course, the original Wordle, which united millions of people around the world and brightens every day, had to be on here. If you haven't tried any of the Wordle games on the internet yet, it's probably best to start here, because it's one of the most simple and fun word games you can find. Every day, there is a randomly chosen five-letter word, and you have six tries to solve it. When you put in a word, it will tell you how close you are by making letters that are in the mystery word and in the right place green, letters that are in the word but not in the right place yellow, and letters that aren't in the word at all gray. Usually, with some simple logic and a good strategy, you can solve the Wordle before using up your six tries, but some of the words are exceptionally tricky, which is part of the fun of it!

2 Absurdle

The funny thing about Absurdle is that it has an algorithm which makes it so that, instead of having a typical secret word, the answer to Absurdle depends entirely on your choices. This is because it responds to each of your guesses by keeping the most number of possibilities for the secret word, so usually, the first few times you guess a word, it will be completely gray, with no yellow or green letters. The point of the game is to trap the AI into only having a single option left, which is when you win. The smartest strategy here is to get as many letters out of the way as possible so that when it finally relents and gives you a green or yellow letter, then there won't be many different letters left for you to choose from. It's one of the most creative versions of Wordle, and one of my personal favourites.

3 Quordle

One of the earliest copycats created after the original became popular was Quordle, which, as you can probably already guess, involves solving four words at once. When you type in one word, that one word goes into four different columns, with four different mystery words, one in each column, that you have to solve. Make sure you don't spend too much time on one of the four words, though, as you only have nine guesses, four of which have to be dedicated to guessing a word. Since Quordle came out, there have been countless other ones following similar premises, such as Dordle (two words), Octordle (eight words) Sedecordle (sixteen words) and kilordle (a thousand words!). If wordle becomes too easy for you, move on to Quordle!

4 Worldle

Any geography buff's dream is Worldle, a game where it shows you the shape of a country, and then you must guess which country it is. The interesting twist about this is, instead of letters, the hints it gives you are on distance. Say you type in "Mexico", and the answer is "Egypt", it will tell you exactly how far away the country is in kilometers, with an arrow pointing in the general direction from the country you just guessed. The arrow system isn't always reliable as there are only 8 arrows (the four directions and then the diagonals between them), and often you can look directly right at the prompt of a right arrow and not find the country. One faulty thing about this is that, since it gives you the shape of the mystery country, it can sometimes be so instantly recognizable that you can finish the game in one quick guess, but that's part of the fun of it!

5 Heardle

One of the newest variants of Wordle is very different from all the others. Instead of using sight and logic, like almost all the others do, this one uses sound and memory! If you think yourself to be a music aficionado, try Heardle, which is a daily game for musical intros. When you go into the website, the intro to a song will play, and you have six guesses to get it. Only a tiny snippet of the start of the song will play, which makes it quite tough for people who don't initially recognize it. However, the search through your memory and Spotify playlists to find it is pretty fun, and when you solve it, you are rewarded by getting to listen to the whole song.

6 Kilordle

One of the craziest versions of Wordle, Kilordle is like regular Wordle, except with a thousand different words that you have to solve, simultaneously. One might think that it's pretty much impossible to even play this version of Wordle, let alone finish it, but, there are a couple factors that make this doable. Thanks to the fact that there can be multiple of the same word, you can put just one word in and get a bunch of the thousand words, though many other words are only in there once or twice, or even not at all. Also, it will automatically put the words you're closest to getting at the top of the page, and the ones you're farthest from getting at the bottom, which makes it much easier to do. If you have a lot of time to kill, this is the one for you.

7 Canuckle

There are an incredible amount of Wordle copycats with words only from one topic, from one about BTS songs to one about Australian slang. However, Canuckle, which is Wordle except with Canadian words (they don't have to be solely Canadian, there can also be words that apply to multiple countries, such as "Crown"), has become one of the most popular of these types of variations, likely because, while many of the other variants run out of words to use very quickly, there are enough five-letter words that apply to Canada to keep the game interesting. If you're a Canadian, then this is the game for you!

8 Octordle

Although it's pretty much a direct copy of Quordle, Octordle is perhaps even better, as it's more of a challenge than ones like Wordle and Quordle, but not too extreme, like Kilordle. For octordle, there are 8 different words that you have to solve simultaneously, with only 13 guesses to get all of them. This means that you can only guess a word wrong 5 times, making it a fun challenge for more seasoned Wordle players. The one thing you have to watch out for is spending too much time on one of the eight, because you only have so many guesses. If you're having trouble with one, come back to it later after going for the easier options.

This is my favorite. Difficult, but not too ridiculous.

9 Sweardle

It was inevitable, when Wordle became popular, that someone would create a version of the game with swear words, and that's exactly what Sweardle is. As there are only so many swear words out there, it's a game with only four letters, instead of the typical five, presumably because there are more swear words made of four letters than ones made of five. Also due to the limited amount of options, you only have four guesses, which actually makes it slightly difficult. For people without a good amount of swear words up your sleeve, this will be tough, because often the swear word is less known than the first few that would come to mind.

10 Globle

Much like Worldle, Globle involves geography, with a new country every day. However, instead of the way Worldle is formatted, Globle is more visual, with an actual globe that you can move around. When you put in a country, it will appear on the globe, with a certain color. The redder it is, the closer you are to the mystery country (the mystery country itself will appear green). Unlike other versions of wordle, you have unlimited guesses, the goal being to get it in as little guesses as possible. It's fun and one of the most unique versions of Wordle.

The Contenders
11 Sedecordle
12 Nerdle

Basically the numbers version of Wordle, if you're into math and numbers I advise you to check it out.

13 Adverswordle
14 Semantle
15 Evil Wordle
16 Luckle
17 Weddle

Named for Eric Weddle an American football player, you have to guess an NFL player based on experience, height, weight, and team.

18 WARdle
19 Rolldle
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