Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in The World Ends With You

What a good game Square made. Massive spoilers for "The Game"
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1 Joshua defeats Megumi Kitaniji

Major spoilers, but Joshua is the Composer, the guy who's trying to wipe out Shibuya, and Megumi Kitaniji is the Conductor, the guy who's saving Shibuya but also brainwashing it. Megumi's plan was to use Neku's partners to defeat him. Unknown to Neku, he was on a timer himself, and Joshua's whole plan worked, resulting in Megumi being erased.

2 Neku plays the Game a second time

While the Game in The World Ends With You sounds confusing, the characters are technically dead and must pay an entry fee to win a game that could bring them back to life. However, only one can return, and after the first week, Neku's partner Shiki scores the highest. This allows her to return, but not Neku, who actually opts to play a second time. The problem is that his entry fee for the second round is Shiki, meaning she never returns to life anyway.

3 Neku plays the Game a third time

For the third week, Neku's entry fee is all the other Players, meaning he's without a partner. Beat comes in and saves him at this point.

4 Rhyme gets erased in the first week

One of the harshest scenes occurs in the first week. As Neku and Shiki meet players Beat and Rhyme, they develop bonds. However, when Beat is in danger, Rhyme pushes him out of the way and is erased instead. This causes Beat a great deal of distress, leading him to briefly join the Reapers in the second week.

5 Neku finds out the truth about his death

His memory was his entry fee at first, and bits and pieces are eventually uncovered. Originally, he thought Joshua had killed him. The memory then becomes hazy, as it appears Sho Minamimoto (the game master of the second week) was the one attacking Joshua, with Neku caught in the middle. The final day, however, reveals that it was Joshua who killed Neku.

6 Joshua's sacrifice at the end of the second week

In a way, this gives Neku some trust in his partner for that week, especially considering that Joshua had been manipulating Neku all along and that Neku had never really trusted Joshua throughout the week.

7 Rhyme is erased in the third week

She's unlucky enough to be erased twice. The second time occurs in Noise form, which is what Beat had bargained for earlier. But when Beat becomes Neku's partner in the third week, the game master crushes Rhyme's Noise form.

8 Neku nearly kills Shiki in the second day

A small scene near the beginning shows Neku, originally an antisocial individual, on the verge of killing Shiki. Had it not been for Sanae Hanekoma, he would have killed her.

9 The entirety of Shibuya is brainwashed by Red Pins
10 Thieves steal pins in "Another Day" chapter

The Another Day chapter is a bonus chapter of sorts, separate from the game's actual plot and filled with hilarity. It all happens because of a minigame, Tin Pin Slammer, which Neku sets out to win. However, everyone's pins are stolen by thieves except for Neku's, and he gets help from familiar characters to retrieve them.

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