Top Ten Augmented Reality Games of All Time

Augmented reality allows new possibilities to the next gaming level by adding computer generated elements into the real world view that can be interacted typically in a camera. Augmented reality is still at is early stage. Currently, there are a very few augmented reality games that were able to reach popularity; although, a majority of them are comprised of flaws. Provided, here are the top ten augmented reality games that stand out.
The Top Ten
1 Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go is perhaps one of the first augmented reality games to rise on the top, which started the hot trend of augmented app development. Since early July 2016, Pokemon Go had gained over hundred million downloads, and is still played among millions as of today although common technical issues drove considerable amounts of people off the game. It is still considered one of the best mobile games of all time.

Brings people of all ages, race, gender, station in life, and the list goes on, together for a common cause. Defeat the Raid Boss! Playing games is an important part of life. Pogo does a great job of getting people up, outside, and walking.
One of the best ways to make new friends on a neutral platform.

Footnote: Wizards Unite might be another great game but I spend too much on Pogo as it is to start another AR game.

2 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The next Pokemon Go trend craze. Developed by the same company, the gameplay follows similar concepts to Pokemon Go, but with the ability to cast spells and battle fantasy creatures; it's a Harry Potter themed game (hence the title of the game). Since it's release, the game had reached over 5 million downloads this year.

3 Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! Is a zombie themed augmented reality game whose goal of the player is to survive from a zombie apocalypse by running while following missions and listening to audio narrations throughout the game. The player is also able to pick up various supplies such as food and other items important for supporting bases as you run. This can be the perfect game for strenuous exercising purposes.

4 Ingress

Developed by the same company Niantic. It was released a few years ago before Pokemon Go was introduced, and is still actively played as of today. Comprises of interesting but dynamic plots; an unusual material was discovered in the game and was named Exotic Matter XM. This resulted in two factions being created; The Resistance and The Enlightened. The main goal of the Resistance is to defend human society from the exotic material, while the other side's goal is practically the opposite of The Resistance, using the XM matter to evolve society. The user can choose one faction what they most believe in. There are lots of clues yet to be uncovered in this game.

5 Minecraft Earth

An upcoming game seldomly released. Minecraft Earth shares very similar concepts and mechanics to its original game. The game is still on its beta stage able to be played in certain platforms and locations. Since minecraft is considered one of the most popular games, the game is expected to reach immense popularity on public release.

6 Zombie Gunship Renevant AR

Shooting game with very impressive gameplay and outstanding concept, you'll fly a helicopter capable of bombarding multiple zombies using various weapons; paired with satisfactory gameplay, graphics and user friendly controls, this game makes the addiction, although can get tedious later in the game.

7 Night Terrors

Horror based game not for the easily startled. Night Terrors comes best if you want to experience virtual paranormal gameplay; scary but realistic creatures lurk around obstacles. Overall a interesting but scary concept.

8 Stack

The concept of the game is really simple, stack bricks to the highest as possible; the bricks get smaller overtime each placing. The game can be optionally played in AR.

9 Temple Treasure Hunt

Location based and augmented reality game extremely overlooked, discover Indian based myths and treasure trails both indoors and outdoors.

10 AR Sports Basketball

Has typical basic gameplay elements of basketball. The gameplay is extremely simple, shoot balls/hoops on this game. For sports lovers, it's a satisfactory game in the short term.

The Contenders
11 Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs
12 Jurassic World Alive

It's actually pretty fun

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