Top Ten Most Memorable Moments in SaGa Frontier

A solid Squaresoft game in the SaGa series and an underrated gem among PS1 classics, SaGa Frontier delves into seven completely different stories so there's bound to be memorable moments here. Obvious spoilers ahead.
The Top Ten
1 Red becomes Alkaiser

My first memory of the game was starting out playing as Red, who loses his family and nearly his life to a terrorist organization known as Black X. When he nearly loses his life, he is saved by a mysterious hero who transforms him into his superhero form called Alkaiser. Yes, he's a superhero now. He lives that life but can only change into his Alkaiser form when he won't be seen by others.

2 Riki fights the Master Ring

In a shocking twist at the end of Riki's quest, Riki finds out the truth behind his goal to save his homeland, in that his buddies are disappearing, and he apparently got exactly what he wanted. Worse yet is when Meiling reveals she has the last ring and transforms into the Master Ring, the final boss of his quest.

3 Emilia confronts Joker

This scene is where the Gradius organization gives Emilia her wedding dress as they decide to trap Joker (not the one people are familiar with, mind you) but the one who basically murdered Emilia's boyfriend, Ren. The final confrontation actually has two different endings to her quest, and both are surprisingly memorable.

4 Asellus confronts Orlouge

The circumstances of this one involve Asellus and White Rose escaping the regal castle but never managing to fully escape all of Orlouge's henchmen. The turning point comes when White Rose stays behind in the alternate realm so that Asellus can fight off Orlouge once and for all. Again, this character has multiple endings after the final fight, depending on your actions prior to this event.

5 The duel between Blue and Rouge

Blue has a rivalry with Rouge, his twin brother, and the battle between them is one of magic proportions. Depending on winning or losing, you keep Blue, or you actually get to control Rouge for the remainder of his quest, although the scenario does end poorly.

6 T260's mission is revealed

It's a robot without memory, and gets the help of those around him to get his memory banks restored. Turns out, this robot was supposed to destroy a major doomsday machine just in time.

7 The final boss rush in Red's scenario
8 Magic Kingdom gets overrun by demons from Hell (Blue's scenario)

The Magic Kingdom, which can easily be forgotten since it's not required by anyone to explore, is Blue's homeland. After his fateful battle against Rouge, the place is overrun by demons who are literally from Hell. Despite the ending being bad for his scenario, at least they made the demon part memorable enough.

9 The eight trials in Mosperiburg

Why is this memorable? Because it's downright annoying! Only Riki has this in his quest, and there are several different trials, many of which are really hard or nearly impossible to complete. And then you fight Virgil at the end, and his boss fight is a complete gimmick.

10 Lute discovers the truth about Mondo

While Lute is the least memorable character with the least memorable scenario, his finding of a job has him realizing that he was almost in cahoots with an actual bad guy. That's quite relatable in some real-world situations when you think about it.

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