Top Ten Missions from the Warriors

The Top Ten
1 Mission 15: No Permits, No Parley

Not only do you beat down the Orphans at the beginning of the mission, but you (Swan) and Snow have to find the rest of the Warriors after the cops split you up. This is my personal favorite mission because I like missions where you have most of your Warriors with you and it has a lot of fighting. It's also pretty much a free mode mission because the cops continue to respawn.

2 Mission 13: All-City

You play as Rembrandt, and you have to spray all the new trains with your name (Warriors). You get to fight with cops and Moonrunners. I like this mission because, like "No Permits, No Parley," it is basically a free mode mission until you decide to stop.

3 Mission 6: Writer's Block

You play as Rembrandt and compete against the Eliminators, Panzers, and Moonrunners in a "Writer's Showdown." After you win, the Hi-Hats double cross you, and you switch to Snow and have to fight through the gang. Then you have to jump rooftops and destroy the Hi-Hat's art room. I like this mission because it is just generally fun.

4 Mission 4: Blackout

You play as Vermin in Riverside, and you rob stores and things like that. This level is basically another free mode mission, which is why it is one of my favorites.

5 Flashback Mission B: The Best

You play as Swan before you have joined the Warriors. You and Cowboy compete in a King of the Hill contest. After winning, Cleon and Vermin request you join the Warriors. After receiving your vest, you trash the stores of Coney and then beat down some Destroyers to get your hangout. I like this mission because of the King of the Hill part.

6 Mission 10: Destroyed

You finally kill Virgil and end the Destroyers. You play as Cleon, and you lead three other Warriors to destroy the Destroyers' stores and kill some Destroyers. Eventually, you make your way to their hangout with the rest of your Warriors, and you beat them down until you track down Virgil, so you and Vermin have to kill him.

7 Mission 5: Real Heavy Rep

In this mission, you play as Cleon and lead some "New Bloods" to fight the Orphans, who claimed they beat up the Warriors.

8 Flashback Mission A: Roots

You play as Cleon, who, along with Vermin, is still with the Destroyers. You have to break laws and cause trouble to receive a package and make a deal with the Satan's Mothers. After Virgil doesn't meet you, it turns out to be a double cross, and the Satan's Mothers think you ripped them off. So you have to fight their leaders. When you return, you call out Virgil and create your own gang.

9 Mission 12: Set Up

You play as Cowboy. You and Cochise help the Saracens set up the Jones Street Boys and some crooked cops.

I absolutely love this mission.

10 Mission 11: Boys in Blue

You play as Cochise. You have to find Snow and Fox when a curfew is set up for gangs after a cop is killed. So you fight Turnbull ACs and Jones Street Boys and cops until you find Snow and Fox. They had been jumped by the Turnbull AC's crippled leader, so you kill him.

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