Top 10 Worst Video Game Reviewers

Let's say there is this game you wanna try out but are afraid it might turn out bad. So you listen to a review and you believe them until you find out it was a good game after all. Here are reviewers that suck at reviewing.
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1 IGN IGN is a San Francisco-based games and entertainment media company. It is operated by IGN Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of J2 Global, and is wholly owned by Ziff Davis. IGN is known for its controversial reviews, where it gives questionable ratings to certain games using hit-or-miss logic.

Pokémon HG/SS got a lower score because "it's a remake".
The only con of Majora's Mask 3D according to IGN? The water temple. That one con lowered the score to 8.7/10.
What do they think is bad about Pokken Tournament - a fighting game? Is it the sub par voice acting? Nah, of course it's the "overwhelming mechanics".
Now let's look at what they said about Assassin's Creed Unity. Towards the end, the reviewer described it as "revolutionary". Really? The buggy mess that is Unity is revolutionary?
They are the worst reviewers because they'll come up with a bunch of excuses to lower the final score of a game they don't personally like while rating games like Call of Duty and Evolve highly despite them being mediocre for them partnership deals.
If you want a non biased review of a video game, you don't go to IGN. Enough said.

2 Gligar13vids

This guy just takes good games and just say they are bad. He is obviously one of those first person shooter retarts. He mostly bash Sonic and Nintendo games and only say their music is good.

3 mariotehplumber

This guy is completely AWFUL at reviewing video games. He screams like a idiot and say things that's in the game but it really isn't. He mostly bash Sonic the most which is no surprise to me what so ever.

I go to watch my favorite YouTubers, Sykoh, play Sonic Heroes (he's great maybe watch him sometime) and Sonic Adventure 2 by Mariotehidiot pops up. I decide to click on it. I hear swearing and just ugh. He is the worst YouTuber ever. Racist, sexist, and just horrible.

He complained about a buckle on sonic I don't see the buckle anywhere

4 GameSpot GameSpot is a video gaming website that provides news, reviews, previews, downloads, and other information on certain video games.

If any game comes in a blue case, you bet your ass it's getting a free pass.

5 The Game Theorists (MatPat) The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel that centers around gaming. They have shows such as Game Theory, The Science of, Sidequesting and Digressing, Crossover, Game Change, Culture Shock, and A Brief History... read more

Whereas I dunno about opinions, his game theories are pretty crappy. He made a theory that Dr. Light from Mega Man is evil, while using Non Canon evidence (the Archie Comics). He tried to use math to claim that Majora's Moon is not a threat, even though Legend of Zelda is a FANTASY series. Finally, I honestly don't know if I wanna take the opinion of a guy who used to make videos theorizing the boob width of game characters, so...

Wikipedia said he was a game critic and if Mr. Enter got on here, MatPat gets on here too.

6 Metacritic

Fairly harsh for an uninformed opinion. Whilst it is true that metacritic gathers the average opinion on games, they use a system using a significant amount of weighing where the values involved aren't published. As a delightful example reviews submitted by kotaku has a significantly (SIGNIFICANTLY) higher impact on the score (in fact the common belief is kotaku has one of the highest) then other smaller sources.

Which is why I'm also voting metacritic, not only is it widely used as a source of critic score without being properly understood, their business model is incredibly shady and the honestly vast corruption involved in the systems they use cause a much much higher amount of damage then the average reviewer will ever have the ability to do.

7 ScrewAttack!

They barely review games but that doesn't stop me from putting them here. They are also the same people that called the Wii U Nintendo's biggest mistake, make Goku lose TWICE against Superman in Death battle, and called Sonic Boom worster than (I'm not even kidding) Superman 64 and Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis. No wonder Screw Attack is now getting a little bit of hate. Screw them.

Everything older went downhill, and so ScrewAttack!

The only reason I watch is for death battles.

8 ProJared Jared Knabenbauer (born August 28, 1985), better known online as ProJared, is an American YouTube personality. He is best known for his video game reviews and videos related to Dungeons & Dragons. Knabenbauer also worked extensively with various YouTubers outside of his own channel.

His early reviews were short, but informed discussions of interesting games, but the last year or two his output has ceased to be worth watching. It seems like he is chasing YouTube metrics at the expense of quality

9 Mixedfan8643

You take everything (including Archie sonic) too seriously then Mr. Enter. Archie sonic doesn't deserve to be cancelled. The games went down hill after colors. you should read meltingman234's review of sonic colors in the description of his anti sonic colours stamp & watch his 3 part sonic retrospective so you can find out why he still read the comics before the cancellation. I know him more than you do.

When I read his Archie Sonic reviews, there was just something about this guy that rubbed me the wrong way. I think it was his unnecessary vitriol where it may not be warranted and lack of ability to handle disagreement.. Mixedfan just does not seem like a erson you would want to talk to.. at all.

10 The Irate Gamer

Truly the worst reviewer of all time, as he decides which games are good or bad and mostly most of them suck. He has been a rip off of the AVGN for a long time and should be number one.

How on earth was this guy not on here to begin with?

The Contenders
11 TheCrimsonTaco
12 Chaotixhero

Yeah I put my own self on here. My reviews are pretty bad yet I still make more. I take videos off of YouTube and talk over them calling them my "reviews". I also sound so mellow and I barely edit my reviews. I also try to be funny but the jokes never works. Yeah...when I call myself a terrible reviewer, you know it's bad.

So what if he prefers Sonic over Mario that's fine, what do you have against him? He isn't a brat, either. You can't hate on someone because they dislike what you like! come on ~Gunsn'Shadowhedgehogz

13 Jim Sterling

While Jim used to be great, his ranting has gone way too far, especially from the beginning to 2021.

While I agree with his point that members of the LGBTQIA community should be treated better, the way he explains his points is downright abysmal. His research is poor at best, his rants are tiresome and repetitive, and his reaction to criticism is childish.

Again, I agree with most of his beliefs. However, at the end of the day, I cannot stand a man who constantly complains and moans, while also refusing to listen to valid criticism for his channel.

14 DSP Gaming

This guy tries to review games that he has no idea how to play, and he let's his stream chat walk him through basically the whole game. If he gets stuck and the chat can't help him, he just quits the game. Plus, he complains about people making TIHYDP videos, but if he didn't suck so much they wouldn't have to.

Worst let's player ever... He also does reviews so he can be here.

16 Darknessthecurse
17 Nathaniel Bandy Nathaniel Bandy is an American YouTuber known for making videos about Nintendo games. He was born on October 12, 1993 in Virginia.
18 Feminist Frequency

All about their videos about games are biased and talks down on games that don't deserve. Hitman Absolution is sexist because you can kill strippers and position their bodies around? You can do that for anyone regardless of sex, race and class.
But the worst is their reviews because they talk about the little, unimportant things in the games and barely talk about any of the gameplay, graphics and sound. If you want an example, watch their Rise of the TOMB RAIDER review.

The epitome of uninformed, Feminist Frequency has a tendency to make up whatever bs to get people who haven't a grasp on common gaming knowledge on their side. I may not like the death threats they recieve, but I also don't tolerate blind stupidity, so Feminist Frequency deserves a spot in the top 10 for me.

19 youngdefiant

Hey people this what I would do if I want Youngdefiant to be gone(Send a Note to YouTube."Dear YouTube, There is a Youtuber Named youngdefiant. Youngdefiant is a selfish YouTuber who calls himself the king of YouTube and thinks he is better than everyone else. You want to know why I called him selfish, it is because He makes fun of us and calls us fake gamers and called his self a real gamer he also he hated on his own subscribers for no reason. And I Think I know why he wants to call himself the king of Youtube, It's because he wants to make us to feel bad for our selfs and get rid of all our YouTube channels so he could be the only YouTuber around here. Youngdefiant blamed the people that do rants on him even if it's his fault. So YouTube can you please block his channel and sue him." From The Youtubers.

20 Synthetic Man

Legit is a right-wing version of DSP and Feminist Frequency combined. Talks about game mechanics in silly political /v/ terms like beta or alpha/chad or sigma male, but then complains a game is hard because he doesn't know how to level up and spend his skill points. Just awful.

21 Worth a Buy

Often poorly researched and offering a knee jerk reaction to the video games industry. His input is often in the same vein as the loudest person on a steam forum. Believes himself to be the voice of the people whilst showing a disdain for the people. A terrible reviewer but somewhat likeable person.

One of the most stuck up reviewers of all time, he thinks he's the only honest video game reviewer left, yet his videos have no structure and are completely biased.

A complete hypocrite, and overall moron that I don't actually think likes video games deep down.

22 Game Trailer
23 Angry Joe

How? I agree mostly with the RTS reviews even though he destroyed civilization 5 and total war 2 AND angry joe actually put battlefield the cops and robbers one as one of the worst games of 2015. So your points are invalid. Also he barely reviews Call of Duty so you cannot get so salty because of the advanced warfare review. Or the over watch review. by the way ever heard of the witcher franchise s? I would say he loves those games.

Simply biased to all hell in every single way towards anything that isn't Battlefield or an RTS. Simple as that.

24 TheMysteriousMrEnter TheMysteriousMrEnter real name: Jonathan Rozanski (born July 21, 1992) is an American Youtuber and cartoon reviewer who is best known for his popular animated attocities videos. In his most infamous video, in which he reviewed the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Pet Sitter Pat," he harshly attacked one... read more

1. He doesn't review games.
2. His reviews themselves aren't too bad. Yeah, he's not the best with his temper at times, but at least he has enough self awareness to realize if he screwed up. His reviews are also pretty good ones, since he covers a lot of flaws and information, and he doesn't show much, if any, bias.
3. To anyone who says that he's a disgrace to NC or whatever, please realize that there's more than one reviewer, and there are reviewers that came before them.

I will admit he's still doing decent now compared to the others on this list but now he's getting... A little bit boring now. He starting doing re-reviews because "his older ones ain't so good because he was so angry". Who cares?

25 X-Play

These guy are not that good at reviewing. They are almost at IGN's level of suck. Thanks to to popular reviewers like SomecallmeJohnny, X-play is going down the market.

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