Top 10 Mistakes Most People Make in Clash of Clans

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1 Rush their base

Going without a plan, rushing your base is like giving a free way for most good clans to not include you in their member list. Not to mention the chances of unfair match-ups in wars and the grueling effort to catch up to your peers, depending on the town hall. At least max most buildings and offenses in your base and make sure you master your strategies before moving up.

2 Neglect their heroes

By the time you reach town hall 9, you should realize that having your heroes' levels up to 30 significantly helps on both offense and defense. I've seen many members ranging from TH9 to TH12 whose bases are in almost good progress, but their heroes are under level 30.

3 Leave a gap in their base

You know the bases that leave one tile of troop space in their layout? Some niche strategies have a gross advantage over bases with open gaps. You know what's most satisfactory to destroying these bases? Battle Blimp with balloons, plus 3 Clone Spells plus Warden Ability equals total destruction.

4 Promote everyone to co-leader

Let's be honest, if you're young, most of us were naive enough to promote everyone to co-leader. That was until someone abused their powers and everything blew out of proportion.

5 Put all troops in one place

Yeah, the disappointing feeling when your troops circle around the outskirts pretty much gets us all occasionally. This is pretty acceptable when you're in the lower TH group, but once you reach TH9, you should really learn the basics of funneling by now.

6 Place air defenses too close to each other

You know what I'm talking about. Placing air defenses too close gives the enemy a free advantage of zapping your two defenses at one go. This also applies to inferno towers and scattershots, or putting most of your important defenses in a compact area.

7 Have an army of the same troops or spells

This goes more for people who are in the mid-late game, excluding e-drags. Talk about people who dump all their hogs in one spot, only for all of them to die from a series of traps. E-drags are fine, but the game expects you to have multiple strategies as you advance further.

8 Forget a poison spell

Clan castle troops should never be underestimated since a good selection of troops can ruin a complex strategy. A poison spell is one of the most crucial things to have, especially in clan wars and clan war leagues. Not even a freeze spell can do the trick to enemy CC troops occasionally.

9 Rely on the automatic hero ability feature only

It's a very useful feature when your heroes are close to dying, but a very good attack sometimes requires timing. It's not worth getting your king knocked out by a fully charged inferno tower, unable to completely utilize his rage ability.

10 Not defending the base front
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11 Use hero abilities right after placing heroes

Especially when your heroes are already at full health. As it should be, hero abilities are most effective when used in a timely manner.

12 Placing spells on the middle of your troop squad

This is a very common mistake that players make. In order to make your spells effective at best, you should predict where your troops are going and drop the spell ahead of their path. This doesn't always work, especially with faster troops such as Valkyries, but it's a worthy skill.

13 Having one army setup only

Most players have only one setup, usually e-drags or dragons, which is fine in the early phase. However, when you're reaching the mid-late stage of the game, you'll sooner or later realize that other strategies are more effective for certain base layouts. There's a fat chance that you've never used a different troop, which can be much more effective for specific bases.

14 Wasting rare resources
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