Top 10 Most Nostalgic Video Games for Gen Z

Looking back, a lot of us have grown up with rather spicy stuff during our childhood. If you belong to Gen Z (late 1990s-2010s), prepare for a ride. This list will introduce you some of the most nostalgic games among Gen Z, and possibly unlock some of your obscure childhood memories.
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1 Wii Sports

When it comes to Gen Z nostalgia, the Wii is one of the first things that comes to mind along with Minecraft. An iconic family-friendly game alongside its other versions such as Wii Sports Resort and Wii Play.

Sleeping on the couch after a long bout of sword fighting was a very cozy childhood.

One of the first video games I've ever played. I had a blast playing this game with my family, friends, and neighbors.

The average kid of that generation has played Wii Sports at least once in their life, at home or at a friend's.

2 Mario Kart Wii

My God, when I play this game, I have this pleasant feeling inside my chest. Seriously, it's like a separate emotion. Sometimes I feel Mario Kart Wii.

The contender of Wii Sports and its other versions. Very nostalgic regardless.

If you didn't play this, did you even grow up in 2008?

3 Angry Birds

Some of you may have played the first Angry Birds version and its other versions too (Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Rio). Remember that Angry Birds also had a cartoon? (Angry Birds Toons)

I remember playing countless hours of the original Angry Birds game. I may be in the minority, but this was the most memorable. The other spin-off games like Space, Star Wars, and whatever else just don't capture the same magic this game did.

Yeah, I remember when I used to really love the Angry Birds games as a kid, along with the spinoff Bad Piggies.

4 Minecraft

Almost everyone who played Minecraft around 2011-2016 remembers the old textures, the old website, the iconic rose, the old launchers, the creeper hoodie skins, playing the demo version, building a diamond house, and fearing Herobrine.

For those who played Pocket Edition, you may remember the old nether reactor core, stonecutter, and the cyan rose. It's surreal to think the majority of their fanbase are either in their late teens or in their adulthood now.

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time. It has 238 million sales and counting. That's more than all Wii games combined, as well as many others. It has become a meme in itself, and you can create almost anything and face different levels.

It's the ultimate Gen-Z game. It was fully conquered by the mighty king Alex (known as Technoblade). R.I.P. to the G.O.A.T. (1999-2003).

5 Flappy Bird

Ah yes, that one addictive game that made everyone rage around 2014. For those who didn't play the game, you had to help the bird fly while avoiding the pipes. It was simple but very hard, as the pipes left little space, making timing your jumps difficult for most people.

Sadly, the app was removed shortly after its popularity spiked, but there is a website based on the game with the same features that you can still play.

Flappy Bird was such a sensation a few years back.

6 Poptropica
7 New Super Mario Bros.
8 Plants vs Zombies

As much as the sequel, this one really takes the cherry on top of a sundae when it comes to nostalgia. Although it's pretty sad thinking about your old plants you've raised in the garden years ago, don't forget that "There's a Zombie on Your Lawn" song.

9 Jetpack Joyride

This was as popular as Temple Run and Subway Surfers. A solid action-packed game where you can dodge lasers, shoot mad scientists, and stuff.

10 Fruit Ninja

That game your friend or cousin introduced you to back in your 3rd-grade classroom. No doubt it's one of the first mobile games that pop up when your mind flashes back to childhood memories.

Fun times competing with each other on who gets the most points.

The Contenders
11 MySims

Very similar to Animal Crossing, but it's a more overlooked game compared to the majority of the games on this list. I think a few of you may remember playing this in your childhood years. Personally, it was one of the first video games I've played.

12 Mario Kart DS
13 Akinator

I wouldn't consider this really nostalgic as it's still a recently released game.

15 Temple Run

This, along with Temple Run 2, dominated the app store back in 2012-2015. Basically Subway Surfers but jungle-themed.

I feel the nostalgia of this game. I just remember a guy being chased by those three beasts.

16 Subway Surfers

We can't forget this one. Almost every classmate in school had this app along with Fruit Ninja and Temple Run. Some of us even had that one kid who bragged about getting over one million points in this game.

Played so much of this game back then. I remember back when they only had the original music. When they changed it, I played it in silence ever since because I didn't like it.

Same as Temple Run but with an inspector.

17 Undertale

My sister Fay used to play it and beat it!

18 Club Penguin

This is my personal favorite. I played this game almost every day when I was a kid. Boy, I feel nostalgic just looking at this picture.

19 Clash of Clans

This app peaked in popularity in the years 2013-2015. Let's admit it, most of us made the big mistake of rushing our town halls up to level 9 or 10.

20 DragonFable

Basically the single-player version of Adventure Quest Worlds.

21 Wizard101

OMG, I remember playing this game when I was just a little kid! I had an account that reached level 30-something before forgetting the password for my old account, then I completely forgot the game. Ugh, the memories.

Ah, curse me for not adding this the day I published this list. This is one of those games that I have strong memories of playing since 2013. Unfortunately, I didn't have premium and was only able to level up to 20, but the minigames were something I enjoyed the most.

22 Fate (2005)

A rather obscure hack-and-slash dungeon crawler game. Pretty addicting overall, along with its sequels. Even with its simplistic gameplay mechanics similar to Diablo and its graphics, it really stands the test of time.

23 had a massive upsurge just a few months after it was released. If you are an old player, you may be familiar with prominent clans such as TYT, Hero, NBK, ArcadeGo, etc. These clans used to dominate servers back in the early days.

You may also remember the old cartoony versions of skins before they were revamped into more realistic skins. The game declined a bit but is still among the most popular, along with The game hasn't changed much except for more cosmetics being added.

I still play this game very occasionally, and I'd say the animated cosmetics are arguably some of the best things they've added.

24 Cut the Rope

This was another classic in the golden years of 2012-2015, which also had its own show like Angry Birds (Om Nom Stories). Finally getting the candy to Om Nom after hundreds of failed attempts was probably one of the biggest satisfactions in the game.

I remember this very well, and I'd play the game just to stare at the monster all day.

25 Super Mario Galaxy

Phenomenal game, in my opinion, the best 3D Mario, although 64 is really good too. I managed to finally beat it earlier this year. The last Bowser fight is so good!

One of the staple games for Gen Z childhood nostalgia. I still have very strong memories of playing it.

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