Best Mario Party 7 Boards

Now we're in the 12th week since I started the Mario Party list series, which started with the best boards and bosses from Mario Party 9. Now we will be looking at the best boards and songs in Mario Party 7. But we start with boards. One thing I really liked about the boards in this game is that each board is based on both a setting and a country which is a nice touch in my opinion. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Windmillville

This board is a close second. In fact it's pretty muh tied with Pagoda Peak. I just have a certain nostalgia for that board that prevents me from putting this board ahead. This board has the best gimmicks and gameplay though by far. This board also brings a certain nostalgia to me because there is a certain board in Mario Party 8 that has the same type of gameplay and I played Mario Party 8 before this game which adds some nostalgia as well.

This is a sorta plains themed board with windmills all over the place and flowers decorating it. Yes this is a dutch-themed board. That's just one awesome plus point right of the bat. The windmills are also actually the point of the board in way. There are seven windmills, four red, two green and one yellow / gold. You have to buy these windmills by investing a certain amount of coins and depending on which windmill you bought, you will earn one, two or three stars respectively. But if someone invests more coins in a windmill you've already bought, they will recieve your star.

This is just such an awesome and interesting game mechanic because it's always exciting to invest as much coins as possible in every windmill you pass by and recieve stars. It's so satisfying and a certainly awesome gimmick. The music is quite good. It's a bit fast-paced but it sorta fits the board. So this plains / dutch board is my second favourite board in the game.

2 Pyramid Park

This is a unique one definitely. It's a desert and egyptian themed board with lots of egyptian stuff like pyraminds, Bowser sphinx, an oasis, etc. I have a pretty unpopular opinion when it comes to desert themes because unlike lots of people I like desert themes in mario games.

However the purpose and gameplay of the board is what really stands out. Unlike other boards where you look for stars, in this board, everyone already has a few stars. You must steal stars from your opponents by bribing Chain Chomps with money. Bribing a standard Chain Chomp costs 10 for one dice block, or 20 for two coins. You can also bribe a red chomp which offers you three dice blocks for 10 coins. When you hit the dice number after bribing the chomps, you ride them hopefully meeting an opponent to get their star. This is such a fun gameplay mechanic that reminds me a bit of a certain board in Mario Party 8 with a similar mechanic in which you steal stars from your opponents. I love this mechanic.

The music is very good as well. It can get annoying after a while but I love the egyptian desert vibe it has certainly. So overall this is my third favourite board in the game.

3 Neon Heights

The most futuristic and "modern" board in the game, goes to Neon Heights. This board is loosely based on the USA, New York specifically as in this board you are on the roof of a skyscraper with different sections. Skyscrapers is a thing New York is known for so yeah.

However it also has some Los Angeles vibes to it because there are lots of mario celebrities found here and one of the sections of the skyscraper roof with a wild west theme, even has a movie scene where you can play in a movie for coins for frick's sake. So it kinda blends the east coast and west coast and we get this board (although it's definitely more New York based than Los Angeles). Speaking of these sections, the skyscraper roof is divided on a few sections. There's the start which is basically just a starting point. To the left of it a floor higher is the wild west section I already talked about. Uppwards is a bit space-like and very shiny (the whole board is shiny with all these lights coming out of everywhere on the board)

This board certainly has an interesting gimmick. Instead of racing to the stars like most boards in Mario Party, there are three treasure chests in the board. One of them has a star, the other two has bob-ombs that send you to the start of the board. When the chest with the star has been opened, three new chests spawn and so on. This is quite an interesting gimmick that's right between the original-tier boards and unoriginal-tier boards. The music is pretty cool. Not amazing and can get old after a time but it fits the board in way still with the futuristic theme. The board is overall pretty good.

4 Grand Canal

I think this is the smallest board in the game. It's also the first board in the game you play if you play solo mode. It's a bit of a harbour/coastal themed board with bridges over water, boards, etc. It's definitely based on Venice, a city in north Italy (Veneto) located on the coast of the adriatic sea, most famous for having lods and loads of water, in fact cars are non-existent here. You use boats for transportation, and Grand Canal is a board that most resembles this. There's water everywhere although in this board you can cross bridges and stuff instead of having to use a boat.

This board is definitely a bit simple though. You just get to the star located somewhere on the map and when it's taken a new star spawns elsewhere. There are some other gimmicks and events to this board that makes it stand out from the rest but due to it being more basic than other boards it's a lot lower on the list but it's overall a pretty good board. Even the music sounds italian which is an ice touch.

5 Pagoda Peak

This is my personal favourite board in Mario Party 7. Before I got Mario Party 7 I used to only watch videos on Mario Party 7 and there was something about this board that just catched my interests a lot. It was the first one I saw a gameplay on youtube back when I first discovered this game.

I immediately loved the aestethics and look of this board. Even though I'm a bigger fan of south american and say african culture, the chinese setting is pretty good. Chinese buildings, bamboos, chinese architecture, the dragons, everything about this board is quite chinese and it fits so well. And everything is set on a high mountain above the clouds. Mountain settings are pretty cool in my opinion so this is basically a mountain / chinese board. Awesome is it certainly.

When I first got Mario Party 7, the first board I went to play was definitely this board because on youtube this board just looked so fun and it was just as fun playing this board. This is the most linear board of the game as well as you climb up to the top of the mountain to get your star although you must also pay a certain amount of coins to achieve one. After you've recieved the star you go all the way back to the start of the board (which is actually above the clouds as well). I'm generally a fan of linear boards as it's a bit reminding of modern mario party. But it's not the linearity that makes the board it's the beautiful mountain setting and awesome chinese touch to it.

The music is pretty awesome as well and helps the board feel better than it otherwise would've been. It sounds so chinese and motivating. Definitely the best board in the game.

6 Bowser's Enchanted Inferno!

This is the worst board in the game by a long shot. In my honest opinion, the Bowser boards are usually the least interesting boards in each game, and that is certainly true for Mario Party 7.

Looking at pictures of this board, it's supposedly set in a castle filled with lava as the floor, and then there's all the stuff on the lava that you walk on. But honestly, it looks a lot more like Corona Mountain from Super Mario Sunshine if we exclude the walls surrounding the lava. Actually, it could be inside a volcano altogether. The point is, it looks so boring and cliché. It's your typical lava Bowser board with no really interesting theme at all.

This board could've been better if it had an interesting board gimmick or a unique purpose from the other boards, but nope, it's just about finding the star in a big area. And when someone has gotten it, it'll spawn in another location. It's like they didn't try at all. The music is alright, I suppose. It's incredibly similar to the standard Bowser theme on the board, which was, to begin with, an alright tune. But that's all it has going for it, and overall, it's a pretty bad board in my opinion.